Torna Gomorra... ed i suoi effetti sul BJJ!

Cosa succede quando Gomorra incontra un campione del mondo di jiu-jitsu brasiliano... Braulio Estima?


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Uno dei grossi problemi che chi insegna deve affrontare è la trasmissione della conoscenza. In termini pratici, come il Maestro spiega a lezione fa una grande differenza riguardo la capacità dello studente di ricordare ed APPLICARE l'informazione.

Nei nostri sport la maggior parte delle lezioni sono in ambiente di gruppo e quindi è impossibile che l'esperienza dell'apprendimento risulti ottimale per tutti. Ci sono differenze di età (esperienza, li...

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Messina is with Andrea Maugeri and 7 others.

Anyone with a few years of experience in Bjj cannot deny that in most seminars, instructors effort is merely limited to provide student with some techniques, f...rom basic to fancy ones. If you are a little luckier, the teacher also explains the concepts and principles behind the techniques. Very often this results in the total ineffectiveness or lack of knowledge transmission or, in a nutshell, in the case that the practitioner returns to his traditional learning pattern, and thus to his strengths and weaknesses in live rolling within a week after the seminar.

Then Priit Mihkelson comes, a MASTERMIND who does not teach even a single submission or escape during a lessons week; thanks to his "scientifically driven teaching style", it explains the structure and the links between the main positions within the fight. From that point, it stimulates the progressive construction of self-supporting positions from which everyone can develop attacks, defenses, guards.
MIND-BLOWING and ENLIGHTENING lessons that radically CHANGE the way you see certain phases of the scramble.

Many principles of WRESTLING applied to Jiu Jitsu. Countless INVISIBLE details absorbed by those present and applied successfully since the first sparring. Priit himself took part in sparring at every class, demonstrating under all conditions, the effectiveness of what he had explained minutes before. In doing so, Priit proved to be a real '' Mind & Game Changer ''.

Everyone was amazed by his 'METHODOLOGY' whose applications go far beyond the martial arts sphere. Priit has developed his own teaching method, based on the most advanced education sciences and coaching theories, integrating it with the SBGi principles of Introduction-Isolation-Integration and with the 'ALIVENESS' approach (by Matt Thornton). As a matter of fact, during the lessons TIME HAS LITERALLY FLOWN and every evening many students would have liked to keep Priit on the mat, well beyond the closure time, to learn even one more detail.

It was not a big surprise for me, having known him in that unique environment called BJJ GLOBETROTTER CAMPS, but it was a huge surprise to rediscover every day the depth of his approach and how much is to be discovered yet, under such new light.
Certainly the most profitable and exciting week for us since we started this path; for sure in the future we will try more and more to embrace these methodologies and those who carry them forward.

Thank you Professor Jitsvulcan Priit Mihkelson for INFLUENCING OUR VISION OF BJJ so Deeply.

And Big Shout Out to Pontus Jörnhagen for joining us for the week and making Priit experience even more comfortable.

A big THANX to Trinacria Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Milazzo for the irreplaceable partnership in this project!

EDL, GPT Messina

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