We are extending our early bird special! Come on in before 11am on any weekday, (excluding holidays) for $25 Rafting and $15 tubing plus 1 free cooler tube per group. Just like us on Facebook and mention this ad (offer valid until 10/7/17).

Come on in before 11am any weekday for discounted tubing and rafting! $15 tube rentals with 1 free cooler tube per group. Rafting $25 for Adults, $15 for Kids. (Offer Valid until 6/23/17)

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Justine Cada
· March 18, 2018
Walking around Gruene on St. Pattys day in the hot weather with my SERVICE DOG! Let me say that again, MY SERVICE DOG!! We decided to head to the river so she could get a drink and and cool her paws o...ff. No sign anywhere that said no dogs or signs in general and there were other people IN the river on that side. She got in and got a drink for literally 30 SECONDS and some asshole on a bike comes up and says, "No dogs in the river sorry." Side what? No dogs in the river?! That's comical. Why? Is she going to contaminate it? Ha! Also on the other side of the bridge there were literally 2 dogs in the water!! Tell me how that's different!
So he proceeded to tell us we had a cool dog and apologize and rode off.
Lol yea thanks. Ass. This place is terrible, absolutely terrible and I will never recommend it anyone. They discriminated against us, which is against the law when there is a service animal involved.
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John Paul Patton
· June 25, 2017
This company employs disrespectful kids who believe that they are security guards who are supposed to be cussing at people and throwing them off the property. My latest client (maternity shoot) just w...anted to stand by the river and take photos. We were allowed access to do so, but went over the negotiated 15 minutes of shooting time. Entirely Our Fault. But, rather than approaching us with professionalism and stating that a fee would be required to continue shooting there, we were barked at, cussed out and thrown off the property by a couple of young men who, at the most, must have barely graduated high school. Before leaving, I had a discussion with a "manager" who probably did nothing. I told him that more than likely, they could have made customers out of us, if they had been professional with us. Missing out on some profit seemed to be the only thing that reached this guy. Hopefully, the owners will reconsider who they allow to represent them in the future. See More
Michael D. Harvey
· June 20, 2017
I've used GRC several times over the years - always great service and friendly staff. One recommendation I would make (and this is no negative reflection on them): I did the river with my kids with a ...flow of 250cfs. Although we had fun it was more work than I bargained for - lots of getting out and hiking around low spots. I'd recommend not doing the Guadalupe unless the flow is at least 350cfs. Of all the times I've done this river, 400-700cfs is the most fun, no getting stuck and safer in my opinion. See More
Anissa Walker
· July 2, 2017
Seriously cannot even go LOOK at the river to see if we would want to visit this place. We were told that "its private property" and that we'd have to find another spot to look at the river! We didn't... even have swim clothes on, we had no plans to swim in their private river (private, my A**)! See More
Robert Corkren
· August 4, 2017
I know they need to make a buck, but $10 parking, $20 river access/bus fee, plus the $10 tube rental... ��. I guess I'm just use to having two vehicles and organizing the drop off and pickup with a gr...oup of friends myself.

The access points to the river were convenient though.
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Kezia Lee Wills
· July 9, 2017
Rather than having young kids with limited customer service skill work with the public--- A nicely done sign explaining the rules of the parking lot, procedures before going to the river and how the r...ental procedure worked would be great. I wanted to take my son to the river to cool off while the rest of our crew was getting releases signed -- I was told we couldn't -it was private property-- I said well we are floating the river with your company-- HOW CAN IT BE PRIVATE PROPERTY denied to your customers ( he really did a terrible job defining who and how the river worked) - then I went to sign our release -- and the office kid told me when the whole party was ready then I could come get my yellow copy. I wasn't not trucking my kid back and forth over the parking lot after I paid my money to sit by the river and I had my own contract separate from anyone. It was confusing, short sighted and ill represented. I asked if I needed to pay parking and was told "not right now" -- WELL will I have to pay later " I don't think so" =-- UGH -- AGAIN -- a sign stating the rules would be better communication than the teens left to run the river. See More
Jill Gulash
· September 7, 2016
We had a great trip! We have some kayaking experience so they recommended a longer trip for us and it was perfect. We rented two sit on top kayaks and had a blast in the rapids along the way. Thank...s for a great time! Love the town and quaint shops, highlight of staying in Austin. See More
Niki Rains-Calloway
· April 28, 2017
The guy who helped us was trustworthy & very helpful. We saw some questionable reviews before going, but our experience was quite pleasant! Thank you for putting my purse back in the truck for me!! Yo...u went over & above in my opinion! :) See More
Capt-Jesse Castillo III
· August 13, 2017
3 times launching and floating from GRC. We've enjoyed it and we will continue to use GRC in future.
Tammy Morrow Stewart
· July 14, 2016
Had a wonderful time yesterday going down the comal river. The staff was really friendly and thorough in explaining the details of our adventure. Prompt in picking us up and we will definitely be back.... Thank you for a great experience!!!! See More
Michael Bernhardt
· June 8, 2015
Great staff! We had John as our guide for white water rafting, really cool guy!!! Highly recommend him. Canyon Dam was releasing 5000cfs and the water was moving. Adventurous, yet great places to chil...l and enjoy the view. See More
Jaysun Reed
· July 18, 2015
They are complete assholes. Paid to leave van there so when we got done with our tube run we could leave. 20 of us including 12 young children. Left vehicle keys at the original spot. While others wen...t to get the keys, they called the cops and had us leave the property. Kids had to stand on the road until they got back with the keys. Absolutely absurd, out of line and uncalled for. Will never associate with this place. DO NOT PAY TO COME HERE. THEY ARE JERKS! See More
Nina Violetti Turek
· July 18, 2017
Absolute rudest people in New Braunfels! Do not give them your business!!
Acte Deb Moore
· July 3, 2017
We had a great time!! I would use them again. Very friendly folks!
Vickie Schultz
· September 22, 2016
We picked the perfect day. Didn't have to wait and we were picked up on time
Gracie Stephenson
· June 17, 2017
Been coming for 10 years or more with my family!! Amazing!!
Cheryl Clancy Young
· September 29, 2015
Nice people!! Very good time!! Will go back to them when we do this again.
Cynthia Valdez
· April 5, 2017
Nice guys! Matt was helpful and informative. We will definitely be back!
Christina Haley
· May 5, 2015
The service was great. The equipment was in good shape. Our bus driver was helpful and friendly.
Jennifer Westbrook
· August 2, 2014
Had an awesome day! Scott was great! Can't wait to go back.