Ruigoord Manifestival

Premiere day for the upcoming Karakter Records release. This time, my label buddy Pedro Martins takes the spotlight on the infamous Sinchi Collective blog with his addictive hypnotic remix.

PREMIERE - Switchdance - The Black Tape (Pedro Martins Remix) (Karakter)

He said he wanted to tie me up.
What? With that?!
No way girl!


Wonderful uplifting progressive house tune, this remix of Switchdance’s ‘The Black Tape’ by Amsterdam based Pedro Martins, founder of fresh new label Karakter Records.
Part of Switchdance’s The Black Tape Remixes.

Text by Kiki Toao…/

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He said he wanted to tie me up. What? With that?! No way girl! Wonderful uplifting progressive house tune, this remix of @switchdance’s ‘The Black Tape’ by Amsterdam based @pedro-martins-music, founder of fresh new label @karakter-records. Part of Switchdance’s The Black Tape Remixes. Releas...

April is sooner than you think... thankfully.

Fri 11:00 PM UTC+02Club SpockBreda, Netherlands
74 people interested
Udigo shared Crane Sessions's eventfeeling excited.

Party in a crane anyone?

Mar 17 - Mar 18Crane Hotel Faralda AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands
171 people interested

Premiere time! Yør Kultura created this fantastic remix of Base of Ace. Love playing this one out. Have a listen at 44,100Hz Social Club or wait a little while for the release in the beginning of April

FIRST LISTEN | Switchdance - Bass Of Ace (Yør Kultura Remix) | Black Tape Remixes EP | Incl Iñigo Vontier, Zombies in Miami, Olsvangèr, Pedro Martins and Uriah Klapter Remixes | OUT END OF APRIL ON Karakter Records


When reaching the heart of darkness and staring into the bassbins, feeling the low frequency soundwaves pounding rhythmically into the chest, there is only one thing you can do and that is to allow th

By the way... ...

Udigo is feeling strong.

Woooo.. I can finally announce this one. I'm playing Paradiso Amsterdam this summer, b2b with homebuddy Max Ferdinand. Expect some energy and fire, Jasper Wolff and Maarten Mittendorff are taking over afterwards. Thanks Madness CR3W for the invitation again!

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February 3


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Guido de Beer

Jeeeej vol huis vanavond! Settijd 4-6 na Spaceandtime. Heul veul zin in!

Almost home! A big, big thank you to the DCMB crew for inviting us back to play in Berlin, this time Burg Schnabel as venue of choice. So many really nice people and such a great vibe! Of course as is tradition, I didn't take out my camera during the gig, so no images to be posted here.

See you next time guys

NEW YEAR NEW ME!! 💁 Five performances confirmed for 2018 so far:
13-01-2018 - DCMB, Burg Schnabel, Berlin, with Pedro Martins
19-01-2018 - De Microclub, Het Magazijn, Den Haag
02-02-2018 - Bleyenberg rooftop streaming, Den Haag
03-02-2018 - Avondurenland #4, Amsterdam...
10-02-2018 - Het Magazijn, Den Haag

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Waarom ik nu al zin heb in De Microclub in Het Magazijn..

Twintigers en dertigers die na een drukke werkweek willen stappen in Den Haag maar ook vroeg hun bed in willen, kunnen voortaan microclubben. In het Magazijn van Bleyenberg bij de Grote Markt komen de voetjes al heel vroeg op de avond van de vloer.

**Compulsory end-of-year-thank-you-for-the-memories-post**

Musically, 2017 was amazing in so many ways. I lost count of the number of gigs (but it was already more than 2016 halfway #humblebrag), but what stuck to me more were the beautiful faces and places I've got to see along the way while doing the thing I love.

And by the looks of it, 2018 will be more of this, with fantastic things planned for both Karakter Records and Depth Over Distance. But of course a new year... calls for resolutions: I'm setting a personal goal of releasing at least one EP and fully finishing another 5 tracks in 2018 under the new alias.

For now, a big thank you to the promotors (with a special mention for BAUHAUS, Madness CR3W, Het Magazijn, Vrijmibo Utrecht and Nightwatch Bar) for the bookings, the crowds for dancing and of course team TOTEM for the great energy organizing events in Utrecht.

Lastly, a video of one of the most fun bookings of last year: b2b2b at @Het Het Ruigoord Manifestival with Florinsz Janvier and Max Ferdinand (with me waving a flag around like an idiot at the moment of this video).

See you next year!

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Posted by Udigo

Back to Berlin in January Burg Schnabel this time. Can't wait!

Karakter Records


12 Jan 18 Pedro Martins & Udigo, Burg Schnabel, Berlin 🇩🇪
19 Jan 18 Udigo, Het Magazijn, Den Haag 🇳🇱
27 Jan 18 Olsvangèr & Lee Osi, Deja Groove, Berlin 🇩...🇪

02 Feb 18 Pedro Martins & Udigo, Bleyenberg Den Haag 🇳🇱
02 Feb 18 Olsvangèr, Anna Mesha. Butas, Vilnius 🇱🇹
03 Feb 18 Olsvangèr, Anna Mesha. Kaunas, Kaunas 🇱🇹
03 Feb 18 Udigo, Avondurenland, Amsterdam 🇳🇱
10 Feb 18 Karakter Records Label Night, Het Magazijn, Den Haag 🇳🇱
w/ Switchdance, Olsvangèr, Lee Osi ..

14 Feb 18 Olsvangèr & Lee Osi, Red Light Radio, Amsterdam 🇳🇱
16 Feb Olsvangèr, Bonnefooi, Brussels 🇧🇪
17 Feb 18 T.B.A., Amsterdam 🇳🇱
21 Feb 18 Pedro Martins, Red Light Radio, Amsterdam 🇳🇱

More news, soon. Ok doei, for now ... 💥

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So..As you can see, I'm halfway through changing the name of my FB page. Yay!

And more positive news: I uploaded the mix I did at Radio Nachtlab last month! Lovely setting meant lovely mix if I may say so myself. Tracks included by Awanto 3, Tornado Wallace, Dorisburg, Amandra, Shed, Nicolas Duvoisin and Wighnomy Brothers. Have a listen!

Recording of my set at the monthly Depth over Distance show for Radio Nachtlab, Elementenstraat Amsterdam.


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Depth Over Distance @ Het Magazijn | 18 Nov 2017
Depth Over Distance is with Udigo and 2 others.

The Hague. This Saturday. Het Magazijn.

Udigo is feeling hopeful.

Still trying to change my artist name to Udigo. Facebook is being a bit of a bitch though. Stay tuned.

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Le announcement:

Ever since I started doing house and techno gigs more seriously, I have been performing under my full given name. You know, the one you find in my passport. In those years, I feel my style and tastes have slowly but certainly progressed like a river finding its flow: twisting, shaping and forming until it settles in its bed. I've been very content with using my own name in this process, as it felt closest to myself at those times and -as active as I am online...- also easy to promote.

However, this changed through time and the settling of the river became more and more complete. As my musical taste matured, I increasingly felt a need for something more strong and elegant and imaginative; a more suitable match for my style of play, and as both Karakter Records and Depth Over Distance are taking flight rapidly, I feel the ideal time to switch is now.
From now on, Udigo is the musical side of me (with the emphasis on the U, because it's always about you, isn't it you selfish bastard), encompassing my current taste in rhythmic, pulsating house. To celebrate, there are a couple of (international) gigs coming up where I will be using this new alias, which are:

27-10: TOTEM x Vrijmibo Utrecht at De Stadstuin
18-11: Depth over Distance label night at Het Magazijn
24-11: t.b.a. (@ Lisbon)

My social links are still the same for now, which are:
FB: (still under my own name; requested a name change but FB is being a bitch).

So far for the service announcement. See you soon!

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rhythm, italo, balaeric and progressive. Karakter Recordings // Depth over Distance // TOTEM Former: SEKOIA, A Track A Day Where to see: 22-09-2017: Birgit's La La Land, Birgit, Berlin 27-10-2017: