Hey my dear maaneetians...Good evening...wats ur opinion abt this latest pic of our dear maanu...our GC in Wajah Tum Ho...our Dhak Dhak DD...hehe...comment now my dear maaneetian students...its my order...come on

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Hey my dear maaneetians.. how r u all? Lets just go back into maaneet flashback coz we all always miss them, right? Anyone remember this scene?

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Hey my dear maaneetians...Good r u all? So who really miss good old maaneet times n maanu is this avatar?

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Maanu... really missing old times...

*@dmin m@ddy*

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Missing maaneet n u is everyone?

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Hey my dear Maaneetians...TODAY IS A VERY BIG DAY...any guesses? I m very happy to see that some of u even remembered this day which changed our lives completely...coz of this day i got many friends, brothers n sisters n a maneet family like u...i really dont have words right now to say anything about it...will not create more suspense...m happy to announce that today (August 3st) is the 6th birthday of our dear Maaneet School/Page...yes my dears...its been whole 6 years sinc...e this page came into being...which is not just a page but my little baby which I have seen grow in front of my eyes...its like a tree growing bit by bit in front of u...n u all r like leaves n flowers of this tree...when new members keep joining this page it seems that this tree has given birth to more leaves n flowers...past few months I have not been able to post anything here...nor was up-to date with u all due to some unpredictable circumstances...n still today i dont have anything to has changed a lot...gone were the days when we used to enjoy a lot n i used to write such long I m out of words as if I forgot how to type...i want to say loads of things to u my friends but i dont think I will be able to write anything...m just missing all of u n will just wish my dear Maaneet School a very happy birthday...n pray that may this school goes on forever n ever n ever...n want to thank Allah Almighty for giving me this platform where I found some really true friends, brothers n sisters who are still with me means a lot to me...n most of all, would like to thank my dear MAANEET...coz of them we all r here...we all met n made some really beautiful memories...I will never ever forget Maan n Geet n still today I watch Geet-Hui Sab se Paraayi...n when I watch the episodes, I find nothing but tears in my eyes...each n every scene brings back all the memories that we all made...the times we spend together...the moments that are now nothing but a memory but are a very important part of my life...
Happy Birthday Maaneet School once again...
My dear maaneetian students, if at any point of ur life this school/page meant anything to u, kindly please wish this school n pray for its forever existence coz it really needs ur prayers...will end here...always keep smiling everyone...
Those who remembered this big day: Maya Murdeshwar, Kashish Msk, Ankita Malhotra, Fairooz Anika

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Hey my dear friends...posting here after a very very long time...really missing u all n our Maaneet School...n missing old days more than here I am to wish my dearest, nearest n closest friend, Preet, a very very happy birthday...I just cant tell how special she is for me...special than any friend I guess...she is the one who has been with me at all it good times or bad...she never ever left my side...instead she always support me no matter what...i wonder that in this world, people like her really exist who are just down-to-earth n so caring n supportive...she always think about others n never bother about herself...I wonder how she manage to do that...I am so lucky to have her in my life...dont know what good deed I did in the past that God Almighty gifted her to I can proudly say that I have a friend like Preet without whom I cannot imagine my life now...she is my best companion...always there to talk...always there to give some of her busy time for a little chat...we make fun of each other...have loads of masti...throw taunts at each other...pull each others' leg...n most of all, we are partners in crime...hehe...she is the best part of my life...I really mean it Preet...maddy loves u alot..n today on this special day when u came in this world, I pray for your long, healthy n happy life...n I also pray that we remain friends forever n ever n best wishes n prayers are always there with you...Happy happy birthday my dear partner...many many happy returns of the day...just keep smiling always...coz ur happiness means alot to me...really...Happy birthday once again...enjoy ur day Love u alot
Come on friends, take out some of ur time to wish my dear friend n ur fellow maaneet student a very happy birthday n make her day as special as she is


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Hey my dear maaneetians! Longgg time...really missing our maaneet school n my dear maaneet students Today here I m to wish my dearest friend n sis, Maya coz its her why not wish her n make this day as special as she is What to say about maya...she is not just my friend but my jaanu sis too...I love her alot...she has been with me since the very start of this page n u wont believe it, she never ever forgets to msg me...I dont know why but she always update m...e about herself even if i dont msg her...I can never ever forget that she always comment on all the pics I tag her...n above all, she has always supported me on this page...I always know that whether anyone else is with me or not, Maya will always be there to encourage me, support me, motivate me...really she is sweet, caring n very loving...further she is friendly too...always ready to make friends...she is very very very important for me n it feels great to see that there is someone in my life who always cares to msg me even in this busy life...really words will not be enough to describe her...I will just keep going on and on and on... really now I cant imagine my life without her...Maya, maddy loves u alot n this Maaneet School is the place where we met so esp. wishing u here with my edit...a token of my love for u hope u will like it...just always be the same coz I love the way u r...I m very happy to see that u always take a positive approach to lead this life n thats the best thing about u...never ever stop thinking positive coz this is the only thing that makes us keep going...I always want to see a smile on ur face so always, always n always keep smiling...
Wishing u a very very happy birthday...hope u r enjoying ur day...n its not ur day only...but my day too coz u came in this world n I got a great friend like u
May all ur dreams come true...may u get happiness in every walk of ur life...n may u be blessed with a long, healthy n happy life...Ameen My dear students, please wish my dear friend A very happy birthday

~Admin M@ddy~

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Good afternoon friends...really missing maanu n good old maaneet times...n missing some of my friends too...missing them badly..just love this pic

~Admin maddy~

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Hey my dear maaneetians! Good afternoon…how r u all? I want to make an announcement…I don’t know how to say this…this news itself came as a shock to me….surprise or shock…I myself don’t know n at that time I didn’t know how to react…that’s why I didn’t post earlier…but now I think its time to tell this news here…some of you know my dear little sis, who is also like a daughter to me, Saumya Angle…two years back I announced here that she left us…that’s what we all were but on December 31st, 2015…last day of 2015..I just came to know that she has not actually left us…she was in coma since two years and is still with us…yesss my dear maaneetian students, my dear little choti is still in this world and is now conscious n now here with me…Yes, my Choti, my superstar, my SS is back! IT’S A MIRACLE…A BIG MIRACLE…VERY VERY HARD TO BELIEVE BUT ITS TRUE I don’t know how to write all this..wat to say…I have no words to express my surprise, my happiness, my joy…in fact reading this u all must be thinking that I am not happy but how can a person express happiness if suddenly out of nowhere someone u love comes in front of u? I always thought that my choti will come back but this will happen in real I never ever imagined that…this is just like a dream…a dream which I am afraid will break when I will wake up. God Almighty gave me the best new year gift in the form of choti…my dream was to see all my 3 daughters standing together in front of me n whoa…really this dream will come true that’s just unimaginable…I mean…what to say…really I have no words…right now too my hands are shivering...I guess u all will understand how is it when u get such news…:) Dreams can really become true…now I believe it…
I am very very thankful to God Almighty...I just dont know how to thank Him enough...He is simply great
So I am here to announce that our sweet member of this page, Saumya Angle, is once again here with us…N I welcome her with my open arms…with all my dearest choti! Welcome back, my dear little sis! you were missed…alotttttttt…I still cant believe it dear…just cant say how much I have missed u…ur badi loves u sooooooo much…u actually never left me coz u r a part of me but its sooo good to see u amongst us once again. Hope you recover very soon and enter this maaneet school once again with a huge smile on ur face The gates of this school have always been open for u…n its waiting for its dearest student to come back Come soon dear
My dear students, lets give our dear Saumya a warm welcome and make her feel at home

~Admin M@ddy~

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Hey my dear friends...wat to say of my sweet little fb sis passed away...her name is Arifa...this news came as a shock to me..was not expecting at all...dont know how to react...dont know wat to say...I never ever thought that I will be seeing people going like such an early age...its terrible n its more than I can bear...Its God's wish I know but now its too much for me to handle...I love u all so much...I cant even imagine any one of u leaving like thi...s...we all used to be so happy but now it seems that one after another sadness keeps on coming...happiness doesnt really stay for long...
Arifa was and is still a great person...she was nice to everyone n always talked to me in a polite manner...I know she suffered alot but she never showed it to anyone..n tried to enjoy life as much as she can...we met on this page n she was with me since the very start..I miss u my dear little one can take ur place...ur elder sis loves u n u will always be in my heart...please everyone pray for her forgiveness..n that she gets a special place in is really short...just try to be nice to others n live u all alot

May my dear Arifa get a very special in Heaven...may all her sins are forgiven...Ameen...please please pray for her..


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Missing maaneet alot...was just searching for good old maaneet scenes and came across this VM made on our favorite 'MAHI' u all remember this background tune of our dear maaneet? Just check it out..its short n sweet... Really really missing them...are you?…

Hey my dear maaneetians...posting here after a long time n feeling great...daily I come here but not able to say anything...I just move into a flashback of sweet n happy is my sweet little sis's birthday so automatically I came here n was encouraged to post...
My dear friends wish my dear little sis, Alisha Singh, birthday...just want to make her day as special as she is...she is my sweet n loving sis...n had been with me since a long time...a very kind pe...rson she is...I m very lucky to have her in my life...cant thank God Almighty enough...He has filled my life with so many amazing n wonderful people n one of them is my dear little sis Alisha...words are just not enough to describe wat great person she is..I love her alot n today is a very special day coz she entered this world...n I got a sis in the form of her... No matter how long was the gap between us when we were not talking but still u have a special place in my heart dear..n never think that our relationship was affected a bit by this gap...ur dii will always love u

A very happy birthday my dear Alisha...may all ur dreams come true..may u get whatever u wish for..n may u be blessed with a happy, healthy n longggg life..Ameen...always be happy dear n keep smiling coz ur happiness matters me alot Love u dear for being a part of my life...u dont know how much u mean to me....Enjoy ur day to the fullest!
So everyone wish her...u all know that its my order!

~Admin m@ddy~

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Hey my dear namoonooooooooooo!!! dear dear maaneetian students! Guddy guddy afternoon:)) Today is a very very very special day for me so here I am to announce this special day Any guesses? Come on students...u can do it:)4 of my sweet members remember this day and I am very happy to know that..ok now I will disclose is our dear GC PAGE, means our MAANEET SCHOOL'S BIRTHDAYYYY!!! Yes my dear students, today on 31st August this page came into being exac...

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Hey my dear Maaneetians! Good afternoon...hope u all are doing great as today is Rakhi, which according to me is the most beautiful festival in this whole world as it shows true love between brothers and sisters So Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my dear brothers n sisters N today its not only rakhi but also birthdays of two members of this is my sister's, Navjot, and other is my brother's, Naveen's birthday...three in one...hehe so lets wish them on this s...pecial occasion...

Happy birthday to my most sweetest n cutest sister, Navjot, whom I love alottttttt...many many happy returns of the day my cutie sis...u dont know wat u r to me...since the start of this page she has been with me...n we used to have loads of fun together..then in between we lose contact but now again we are together N thats the most beautiful have my dear Navi back and above all, still our relationship is the same She is the most loving creature on this planet...very caring...very jolly...n truly awesome ur dida loves u alott dear...n today is not only ur birthday but birthday of our relationship too..coz when u came in this world God already wrote in our fate that one day we will be sisters Really really lucky to have u Its ur celebrate it to the fullest!

Happy birthday to my dear little bro, Naveen...who has also been with me since 4 to 5 years now..n having him as a brother is the most wonderful feeling I cant express...he is sweet n caring..for u also, I will say the same that today is not only ur birthday but birthday of our relationship too..coz when u came in this world God already wrote in our fate that one day we will be brother n sister Lucky to have u my little bro...enjoy ur day

So my dears wish them and make their day as special as they are n Happy Raksha Bandhan once again

~~~Admin M@ddy~~~

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Gurmeet Choudhary is at Maaneet Land.

Hey my dear maaneetians...missing maaneet sooooooooo much What abt u all?
My edit

Admin maddy


Manno Kaur Sapra Manisha Sharma Øñe Īn Ā Mīllīoñ Mosume Khatun Kashish Msk Muneera Ghazanfar Sanjukta Mukhopadhyay Misbah Tanveer Maya Murdeshwar Mahi Khan Eza Mallik Maaneet lovers Mansii Bhatt Dilshad Majeed Seema Mann Navjot Kaur Sodhi Sheeba Khan Sheza Khan Sia Jain Sharmila Zubair Säñjîdâ Ãlâm Priya Shahi Saran Sasmi Hajra Sayyad Khan Lakshmi Sankar Jyoti Saxena Samaira Jain Harshita Vyas Akhtar Husain Arifa Jamil Ruhi Jahan Kameshwari Josyula Jasmit Kaur Meenakshi Jatyan-jatain Amarpreet Kaur Chawla Kiran Khan Prena KC Nida Khan Tara Khadka Mehtab Khan Gurpreet Kaur Moqaddas Khan Afsha Khanam Tina Khan Rida Kazmi Kainat Balouch Shaan Karani Dua Khan Klamek Awamer Klamek Awamer Kajjal Khan Möhämmãd Kâûsår Ûddiñ Krishna Dutta Kapil Choudhary Greeshma Gopisetti Monisha Goswami Naveen Goswami Puspa Raj Ghimire Rishta Gupta Nazia Afroz Nazmun Layel Mithy Faima Naz Chomon Er Prima Nanavati Keerthi Naidu Mona Tasnim Tabrin Karim Shimu Yuvika Choudhari Yaqoota Badruddin Yashoda Robert Deepika Pandey Subika Danish Princess Durdana Jia Raichand Areej Fatima

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Hey my dear maaneetians Today is my friend, Sia's birthday...she is my dearest friend...a very sweet person she is...a friend who has been with me since the very start of this page n has always supported me...n has also made me feel special at many times...she is a friend in need...a friend with whom I made many memories that are still in my heart...miss u alot dear Sia...I always pray that we remain friends forever...n that not only ur bday but every day of ur life become...s as special as u r...I am very thankful to God Almighty n our dear Maaneet..coz becoz of them I found a friend like a very very Happy birthday to u...may u always get what u wish for....may there always be happiness in ur life...n may u always be surrounded by the love of ur loved ones...just enjoy ur day..n always keep smiling
My dear friends please wish my dear friend a very happy birthday n make her day special for her
Sia, here is Maaneet's smile coming ur way to wish u birthday Hav a blast..

~Admin M@ddy~

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