A clip of the end of a song I wrote with Justin Trevino called "Will Love Still Feel Like a Song" - I got brave on the Navigator of the Seas being that I am really a "writer" lol
I wrote this song with Justin Trevino- It's called "Bandera" and was recorded by my mother Mona Vary McCall - Here is a clip of me singing the first half- Momma did the 2nd but I don't have it- Thank you my Canadian friend Sara for these videos!
The McCall clan or "choir" as Pitcox would say :) Mona, Darrell Guyanne, and Cody singing "Sweet Lips" on the Navigatorof the Seas!

R.I.P. Ben Dorcy
While I sit and reflect on the conversations today with my mom and dad, I remember Ben Dorcy with so much respect and love. I have some stories in me and I will share a couple and keep a couple in my memory. The one that really stands out in my memory goes back to the Rudder Middle School . I was taking Texas History and one day they let the class watch (the original) THE ALAMO. As I was watching I remembered hearing that our friend "Ben" was in the movie 😂 I... went home and asked and my parents confirmed so I watched the second part the next day and right there in a bar room fight scene was Ben!! I had always heard his history repeated, that he worked for John Wayne before his days of being a roadie ... And there he was!! I was new in school so I didn't share this info with anyone. The next year I wasn't the " new girl " anymore so when my dad showed up to pick me up one day I couldn't believe he brought Ben... Who jumped out of the van, arms flailing, running towards me with those long legs, yelling LOVEY"!!! I swear the entire school was out there watching and for an eighth grade girl ANY attention is embarrassing !! Now I see it for the honor it was❤️ I think I can say I saw Ben at his worst as well as his best. The year before that was when the ice/snow storm happened in Texas...guess who was snowed in at my house for a week...BEN😂 as the years passed he came to Nashville after I moved away. Dad, mom, Waylon , and Jesse were honoring Ben at a big function. It was my house and my little bathroom he got ready in. I tied his tie and he was nervous❤️. He didn't understand what the big "to do" was for. I see now that in all of my years on this earth I have been surrounded by legends and greatness. Ben LIVED to serve, loved animals and even went above and beyond just to get a laugh- I will always look at my pointy toed cowboy boots and hear his voice saying " looks like you're trying to kill cockroaches in a corner!!" This picture of Ben and my mom is only a few months old but he still made a point to ask mom that night how I was and how my brother was...and if she still made venison chilli. He ALWAYS had his mind, he just didn't let everyone know. When they remember and honor Ben this week, I hope someone has the memories I have to share about such a legend. You don't know when you are in the presence of GREATNESS until it's gone ❤️ Rest Peacefully LOVEY, you deserve it 😊

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Happy Fathers Day ❤️ before I was born God saw the potential of an incredible father when he looked down at my dad and chose me to be blessed with him. He has worried and fretted over me since the day of my birth, gone out of his way to raise me as " normal" as he could ( bless his heart😉) , with God given wisdom to raise a daughter AND a son. I was a girl, a normal little girl, who loved my daddy and would only grow to adore, respect, and appreciate the man he is to me toda...y! When I was little he would put me on his bicycle by wrapping it with foam , and we went many miles on that bike. He graduated me to a pony ( yes, I was a lucky girl! ) and I rode many miles on that pony! He always let me have cats, dogs, and horses and he is the foundation of the character built in me to love animals ( so is my mom❤️) . He took me fishing and OFTEN...he drove his old Ford truck ( from the Lily Dale album) and my spot was STANDING by his side as he drove ( I survived!) my days with dad would be haulin' hay, eating beanie weanies and thick cut bologna sandwiches , fishing, and if my brother was there ALWAYS a trip to the toy store lol. He took us often to the airport hanger and we would watch planes take off and land. He spent time. Yes, I do remember when he had to go to work but if it involved a flight, he always brought me a puzzle home from the airport that I collected. Time. That's all he ever wanted and we continue to keep that tradition today...time. More important than money, expensive houses, cars etc., just TIME. There is no doubt of the qualities of musical ability that my brother and I were so lucky to inherit but I am so lucky to have inherited his need for TIME . I will spend that " time" today with him along with the other incredible father in my life, my husband Kody... His qualities are so similar to my dad that I understand his need for " time" with his children. No one would understand that more than me❤️ . Remember , all our parents really want is time...all our kids really want is time...Making Memories ...Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Darrell McCall, my husband Kody Dannheim, and my brother Cody McCall...the 3 men in my life that I just want to spend " time" with. I LOVE all of you so much 😅

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