Everyone is welcome. Pharmacists around the globe please come, help and unite with us to clear HAAD Pharmacy Exam. Good luck!!!

Fellow Overseas Pharmacists out there,

Reminder: You might have gotten the highest qualification in the field of Pharmacy, may it be PhD or Masters or other existing profession accompanied with Pharmacy you still need to sit for UAE exam. If you prefer to practise in ...
Dubai - pass Dubai Pharmacy exam.
Abu Dhabi - pass Abu Dhabi Health Authority Pharmacy exam.
For all other Emirates - (ministry of health).

I advise that you visit the websites above. Requirements, fees and date or schedule of exam are posted there because they are the official websites.

Pls. note further that If you pass and get licensed in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, those license are not interchangeable, meaning you can not use the license from Abu Dhabi to work in Dubai, like wise for MOH license.

For people who wants to take the exam, study first very well before coming as the questions are randomly selected worldwide mostly from Canadian and US pharmacy exam, so the difficulty is quite - well according to how you study. They do not mention which area of Pharmacy you need to concentrate. Some set of questions would sometimes come as pure dosage forms and some pharmacology, some would be 60% calculation and pharmacokinetics, so I suggest an in depth back review for all areas of pharmacy as the exam for all the uae emirates are random.

For Abu Dhabi, it was never mentioned until now how much is the passing rate out of 100 questions. So you will never know.

For western Pharmacist, well we really do not know your reasons of coming to Dubai or UAE, but salaries of pharmacists is averaging from 7000-12000 AED monthly. (2000-3500 USD monthly) including housing allowance. Well if you think about it, housing can reach as minimum of 14,000USD yearly for a very small apartment, if want lower, you may think of living in with some persons in a flat where the number reaches to 20 sometimes. And food prices are high as well. Just the salary is tax free.

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