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"The safer, F1-style barriers at that corner saved my life totally and there's no doubt about it, plus the HANS (head and neck support) device I was wearing stopped my neck breaking and the medical crew helped save my live. I can’t thank them enough.”

James Winslow paid tribute to safety standards that saved his life and expert medical treatment received in the UAE
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David T. Hernandez
October 9, 2011
Anton said, I feel safer with my HANS and I dont even know Im wearing it.
HANS Safety Seminar/Take 5 -- The Cape sled test sessions. We're putting the "with" a HANS Adjustable and the "without" back up as one video.
This high speed video from the CAPE facility shows a 42mph impact without a head restraint. This afternoon we will post a similar test during a live demonstration at IMIS Safety and Technical Conference with a HANS Adjustable head restraint.
Bradley Smith QM Crash
To combat the dangers of their unique profession, Formula 1 drivers benefit from a raft of equipment conceived entirely with their safety in mind. Carlos Sainz Jr. talks us through this special kit...
DALE EARNHARDT, JR., NO. 88 NATIONWIDE CHEVROLET SS, met with members of the media at Martinsville Speedway and discussed writing a book, the potential of other drivers outside of NASCAR hopping in a JR Motorsports Chevy, why he feels blessed and many other topics.

Congratulations John Patalak for this progress and interview.

Usually, drivers walk away -- thanks to the ongoing advancements in safety.

Don’t forget your HANS Device! Part of the driver’s saftey gear in the game too.

Formula One will crown its first virtual world champion at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after announcing on Monday the launch of an eSports series to run from September to November.

Thanks to Tyler Wusterbarth of Wusterbarth Racing in WI for his kind words about using his HANS Device. Here's the video he sent too. Keep the shiny side up Tyler! 😀

"This past week I was involved in a pretty nasty wreck that could've left me in some very rough shape if it was not for my HANS device. I'm pretty sore but walked away with no major injuries. I appreciate the great product your company produces and have made a point to make these mandatory for these faster classes and I'll stand by that forever!"

Crash at the end - Both drivers are okay
Kyle O’Dell just might help save another racer’s life, all because he almost lost his own. During a a sportsman feature race at Indiana’s South Bend Motor Speedway on Saturday, O&…
Safety products for race care drivers and motorcycle riders. Helmets, head and neck restraints, firesuits, harnesses, shoes, glove, and accessories

Sauber F1 driver Pascal Wehrlein wore a HANS III in this morning's practice in Hungary. As Pascal broke some bones in his neck at the ROC over the winter (whose rules do not require FHR's) we're thinking this model may be more comfortable for him in the F1 car. If you know send us a line.

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WARRENDALE, Pa. (PRWEB) July 11, 2017 -- SAE International announces it honors three with the 2016 John Melvin Motorsports Safety Award.

“They took that data to General Motors and it played a large part in engineer Robert Hubbard and driver Jim Downing’s development of the HANS, which restricts the head and neck from whipping around excessively in a crash.

Drivers were slow to embrace the HANS until the 1999 death of Gonzalo Rodriguez from a basilar skull fracture. An analysis found the HANS likely would have saved his life. Soon the HANS became mandatory in CART and Formula One.

The moment Trammell remembers a sort of breakthrough was a mandatory Formula One driver meeting to introduce the HANS in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in the early 2000s. The meeting wasn't starting, so Trammell went up to the podium and asked why.

“We’ll start when Mr. Schumacher gets here,” a man said bluntly.

Trammell sat back down and eventually Formula One surgeon Sid Watkins came in dragging driver Michael Schumacher by the ear. “You may begin,” Watkins said.

After the presentation, Schumacher stood and asked a few questions. “I’ll take three,” he said before walking out.”

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SAFER barrier, safety crew help drivers survive horrific crashes

This week marks the 75th birthday of Dr. Robert Hubbard, inventor of the HANS Device. Post your photo or story relating to Bob or his invention and I'll collect them at the end of the week and pass along to Bob. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you.

Photo of the Indy car the Holmatro Safety Team uses to practice their skills. Nice helmet and sticker. 😎 H/T Jay Braxton.

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