In the studio with Tom Saviano listening to some of the grooves that will be part of the next HEAT album... Here's a taste of "Climbing The Wall".
Sharing this snippet once again from the new HEAT album currently being produced by Tom Saviano... This is from a song called "Climbin' The Wall".
Here's a clip from Tom Saviano's studio where he contributed this sax solo to guitarist Peter Morgan's upcoming project.

Our friends John Zaika and Arnie Vilches Tribal Reasons project is sounding fantastic!

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Tribal Reasons is with John Zaika and Arnie Vilches.

Here's a peek behind the tune "What It Is " from the Tribal Reasons project "The Way You Roll". Commentated by : Arnie Vilches and John Zaika...#TribalReasons 2...018....Thank you for your support !!

What It Is...Written By:John Zaika/ Arnie Vilches BMI
Zaika music BMI / Vilches music BMI / JTPounder music BMI
Gliding Dove publishing Admin BMI

Produced By: John Zaika
Horn Arrangement By:Tom Saviano
Mixed By: James Linton at Soundwaves Productions AZ
Horns Tracked at Carmen Grillo's studio ( Big surprise music)

Arnie Vilches: Guitars & BG vocals
John Zaika: Lead vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Claire Wilcox: BG vocals
Joel Taylor: Drums
Mitchel Forman: Synth Bass
Tom Saviano: Saxaphone
Billy Churchville: Trumpet
Eric Jergensen: Trombone

Logo By:Tris Beezley Art & Design Las Vegas

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WEST COAST Golden Radio Loves & Supports HEAT "It's Up To You"
Written By: Tom Saviano

Lead Vocals: Jean Marie Arnold (Jeanne Ames), Joe Pizzulo
Additional Rhythm Guitar, Harn and Guitar Solo: Bruce Gaitsch

from the album HEAT REVISITED

Congratulations to Lynda Carter! She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. I did some arranging for Lynda's Portrait album in 1978. She was a very pleasant and sweet person to work with. Here's one of the tracks:…

Portrait (1978)
March 21

Here's a little something funky to get you over the hump this rainy Wednesday! I did this horn arrangement in 2012 for Donny Markowitz. Funky Old Man by BlindDog Smokin' featuring Bobby Rush. Shout out to Tony Shepperd. Chuck Findley Nick Lane RevDave Boruff

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Funky Old Man · BlindDog Smokin' Up From The Tracks ℗ 2011 Caroland Enterprises, LLC. Released on: 2011-09-23 ...
HEAT shared Chris Morris's post.
March 16

Thanks to Chris Morris!

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Chris Morris added 3 new photos.

Bonsoir à tous !

🛑📼Suite à un petit problème de santé , je ne pourrais vous diffuser demain soir votre programme habituel 😣 California Spirit Radioshow

Néanmo...ins je vous propose de revenir sur un épisode "Oldies but Goodies" exceptionnel !😃

En effet nous avions eu l'immense joie d'avoir pu interviewer Jeanne Ames & Tom Saviano pour la sortie de leur album HEAT REVISITED il y a de cela quelques années


📡🔴Une liaison qui s'est établi entre Montpellier et les hauteurs de L.A et ce grâce aux moyens techniques mis en oeuvre à l'époque !

Donc vous l'aurez compris c'est un weekend spécial HEAT !

Retrouvez nous sur Radio Campus Montpellier 102.2 FM CE SAMEDI à 19H !

et en streaming sur :

Et dès la semaine retour à la normal de vos programmes habituels !

Merci de votre compréhension et surtout de votre fidélité 😄🎧

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March 7

A shout out to Kei Hirata for this post.......

We had a lot of fun making this record!

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Kei Hirata is with James Preston and 3 others.

I remember well the day I found & purchased it at the Tower Records in Shibuya ,Tokyo, 1998.

I've listened to this CD more than any other live-albums in my lif...e.

Looking forward to going to their show in the future.

RIP James Preston (1950 - July 26, 2014) & Mic Gillette (May 7, 1951 - January 17, 2016)

●Today's Disc #866●

Sons Of Champlin / Live

Their 8th. album was released on August, 1998.

Produced by Richard Mithun with Bill Champlin & Tom Saviano.

Includes 13 amazing live tracks recorded at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

1. Fat City
2. 1982 - A
3. Rooftop
4. No Mo'
5. Black And Blue Rainbow
6. Things Are Getting Better
7. Get High
8. Time Will Bring You Love
9. Follow Your Heart
10. Misery Isn't Free
11. Tabacco Road
12. Freedom
13. Hold On

Band :
• Bill Champlin (Vocals,Organ,Guitar)
Terry Haggerty (Guitar,Vocals)
• Geoff Palmer (Keyboards,Vibes,Vocals)
• James Preston (Drums,Vocals)
• David Schallock (Bass,Vocals)
• Mic Gillette (Trumpet,Trombone,Vocals)
• Tom Saviano (Saxophones,Keyboards)

1. Loosen Up Naturally (1969)
2. The Sons (1969)
3. Follow Your Heart (1971)
4. Welcome To The Dance (1973)
5. The Sons Of Champlin (1975)
6. A Circle Filled With Love (1976)
7. Loving Is Why (1977)
8. Live (1998)
9. Secret (2002)
10. Hip Li'l Dreams (2005)

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HEAT shared a memory.
March 4

A fun horn date for Lisa Marie Panagos. Rob Chiarelli, Steven Madaio, Chuck Findley, Nick Lane and Tom Saviano

Here's a shot from a Sept. 2012 session with greats Steve Madaio, Chuck Findley, Tom Saviano & Nick Lane.

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February 12


Today marks the one-year anniversary of Al’s passing and it’s a sad day for all of us. In remembrance of Al, we are sharing a post from our friend Arno Haas. The video below was filmed during the recording of the song Lucky Chance from Arno’s album Back To You. Arno and I wrote the song. I produced this album for Arno during the summer of 2015. This may be the last pop song that Al recorded before he passed. Everyone involved in this project had a great time and many laughs were had as is apparent in the video. I particularly enjoy watching Al crack jokes toward the end of the video. We miss you Al.

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Arno Haas

One year ago 02/12/2017 one of the greatest singer of all time left us. I will never forget you Al thank you for your music your generosity and human beeing. More than proud and thankfull for your huge enrichment on my song "Lucky Chance"..


Feel the HEAT with Tom Saviano and West Coast Music Magazine!
With 10 new songs approaching final production, we would like to know just how many fans out there would be interested in a brand new HEAT album?


And by just dropping me a line (in a private message) with your name and email address, we will send you a FREE DIGITAL ISSUE of ‘West Coast’ Music Magazine, from their fantastic back catalogue, # 1/2/3/4/5 are all available to choose from.
Look forward to hearing from you,

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Some new friends asked for a link to an interview I did a few years ago for Inside MusiCast. Here it is. A shout out to Scott Gross, Rick Such and Eddy Cabello! Thanks guys!

Tom Saviano is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, arranger and producer who has enjoyed a long, distinguished career as part of the L.A. music scene. Hailing from Chicago, Toms father was a gifted trombone player who started him on woodwinds at a...

Tom Saviano : Saxophone
Jean Marie Arnold : Vocals
Joe Pizzulo : Vocals

Additional musicians :


Paul Jackson Jr., Thom Rotella & Charles Fearing : Guitars
Eddy Watkins Jr. & Neil Stubenhaus : Bass
Jaï Winding, David Foster & Victor Feldman : Piano
Steve Porcaro : Synthesizers
James Gadson, Ed Greene & Harvey Mason : Drums
Lenny Castro : Percussion
Steve Madaio, Judd Miller, Ralph Rickert, Jerry Hey & Chuck Findley : Trumpet
Dick "Slyde" Hyde, Bill Reichenbach, Doug Wintz & Phil Teele : Trombone
Arnold McCuller : Background vocals

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From the 1980 self-titled album Heat. Written by Tom Saviano & Jean Marie Arnold (Ames). Produced by Tom Saviano & David Wolfert for The Entertainement Compa...

From our wonderful friends at WEST COAST Golden Radio!❤️

WEST COAST Golden Radio Loves & SupportsHEAT "It's Up To You"
Written By: Tom Saviano
Lead Vocals: Jean Marie Arnold (Jeanne Ames), Joe Pizzulo
Additional Rhythm Guitar, Harn and Guitar Solo: Bruce Gaitsch

from the album HEAT REVISITED


本日は西海岸の超一流ミュ-ジシャンを迎え作成された白人3人組「Heat」、”Earth Wind & Fire"を彷彿とさせる爽やかサウンドを貴重な”非売品 US盤 Promo 12inc...h”だけの「Special Long Version」でお楽しみ下さい

本日の救出品 12inch
皆さん大好きシリ-ズ 第823弾

Heat / Just Like You (US Promo 12`Special Long Version) 80

LAのSax奏者”Tom Saviano”と妻”Jean Marie Arnold”、セッションシンガ-”Ed Whitingd”白人3人組で結成された「Heat」の80年、デビュ-シングル

”David Foster(k)”、”Steve Porcaro(k)”、”James Gadson(d)”、”Harvey Mason(d)”、”Eddie Watkins (b)”、”Paul Jackson,Jr.(g)”などの超一流ミュ-ジシャンを迎え、”Tom Saviano”のSaxと「Earth Wind & Fire」を思わせるコ-ラスが素敵な西海岸のスイ-トビ-トです

12inchカットはプロモ-ション用の”非売品 US盤 Promo 12inch”だけです。アルバム「4分30秒」から「5分56秒」へ中間ブレ-クとインストパ-トが強化され、ワイドレンジな高音質の「Speccial Long Version」としてプロユ-スにアレンジされています。

アナログ12inch音源は今までありませんでしたので、今回私がリッピングし「Youtube」にポストしました。LPやCDとは違うアナログ12inch特有の豪快で広大なレンジの音を聴いてみてください (曲の権利所有者に収益化されていますので著作権はクリア-しています)

Enjoy!! DJ AKI

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本日は西海岸の超一流ミュ−ジシャンを迎え作成された白人3人組「Heat」、”Earth Wind & Fire"を彷彿とさせる爽やかサウンドを貴重な”非売品 US盤 Promo 12inch”だけの「…


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from HEAT and all of us associated with the HEAT Facebook page!

In the spirit of the holiday season, we would like to share a recently completed project by recording artist Pattie Brooks. This project was produced and arranged by Vinny Scrima and includes a sax solo by Tom Saviano. There are two links below. The first link takes you to the song. The second link takes you to the Pattie Brooks fan page. Enjoy and have a safe and blessed hol...iday season.

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Well, it's been a while! I hope everyone is healthy and doing well as we approach the end of yet another year! I'm going to be posting some horn arrangements that I did for other artist as well as some that I participated on as a player. This one is from Rahsaan Patterson's first LP and if I remember correctly, was his first hit! It's called "My Sweetheart!" The horns are a bit buried for my taste but you know what they say about opinions.😁 They still had an impact on the sound of the record. Enjoy!