Commission finished
Got abit crafty and carved a stamp for today's #inktober
My wife did the 'Iv always loved ur character work' so this is just to try and impress her!!

😊everything got there safe, news to share soon, hobo Johnson

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Fun on our snow day

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Iv worked with and along some brilliant artist in my career but this is defo a box I wanted to tick, pleasured to show this as the vid to this piece will be shown for advertising the event later today, "Craig Davison x Ellie Bates" Craig's line work coloured in by my 2 year old daughter with final rendering of the colour work 'rubbing out, layer arrangement only' by myself
1no exclusive print made at a3 and frame it will be going up along side 14 other collaboration artist ...2,1,9 opening 2nd feb
�@knd_ldn brings you this exciting new show of collaborative works between Kindred family original Pauli @hmmmbates, our youngest artist Ellie Bates and some of the UKs finest talents. �Confirmed artists include:�phi1b�,stina_jones�,annatomix�,theskeletoncardboard�,spzero76�,bil_thorpe�,iseestuff�,si_mitchell�,craigdavison_art�,hombre_suk_trs�,lochnessart�,lil_wah�,lazyobit�,thisisidiom��Knd

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Heading down in awhile to set up for the show,,, Tomorrow night from 8pm come have a look Knd_ldn

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Ellie's been busy colouring in some brilliant artwork
Off the back of getting ellie involved in colouring in my artwork I sent out the strangest messages to a select few "would u collaborate with my 2year old?" Thankfully nearly all said yes and ur get to see them all over this week long show ��PREVIEW FRI 2nd FEB: 8:00pm�AT THE KND GALLERY. �DM or email for guest list. �Printed, framed and ready to hang. Countdown begins!��@knd_ldn brings you this exciting new show of collaborative works between Kindred family original Pauli @hmmmbates, our youngest artist Ellie Bates and some of the UKs finest talents. �Confirmed artists include:�@phi1b�@stina_jones�@annatomix�@theskeletoncardboard�@spzero76�@bil_thorpe�@iseestuff�@si_mitchell�@craigdavison_art�@hombre_suk_trs�@lochnessart�@lil_wah�@lazyobit�@thisisidiom��

Feb 2 - Feb 10KNDLondon, United Kingdom
24 people interested

So close nearly everything ready! 2nd-10th Feb at knd gallery 153-155 HIGH ROAD, SOUTH WOODFORD, LONDON, E18 2PA

Happy new year u lovely lot

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So it's time to spill the beans!! 2years 1month 9days will be Ellie's age on the 2nd of Feb 2018 and that mark the opening of her very first show lol I know it's mad but it's happening everything coloured by my little girl, The beautiful people @ offer their gallery to show case the work we have been doing over the last year, which got me thinking would people collaborate with my 2 year old and the answer 'nearly' all round has been yes, I'm super happy that there are some honestly wonderful people out there, so over the next few weeks I'll be posting about the collab artists "if ur free on Friday 2nd come down and say hi"

Image may contain: text hello lovely people so at the weekend went for a paint and interview with graffikcontent here's the first part 😁

My good friend Pauli Bates (a.k.a HmmmBates) allowed me to come along, camera in hand, to film his progress on his art piece for Kindred Tattoo in Woodford, ...

Weekend with the little one

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So started a new little project of scribble collabs with my 19 month old daughter, so I put down the line work and let her colour over the piece layer by layer then I clean them up to get these, this is turning into a lot of fun and a lovely way to see her develop!

Don't normally do this but "Wanta buy my stuff?" Ap a3 framed prints 240gsm super Matt paper 1/1 (one offs at this size) signed £70 not including p+p, if ur interested pm me, once gone there gone! Lol

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So Kat literally let the cat out of the bag (see what I did there!) and shared her and Laurens website a month before they were meant to, so let's go crazy, here's some of the images Iv been working on for the guys! Go check it out xxxx #comingsoon #scallywags #hmmmbates

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A few more pieces done with procreate