Shout out to my buddy and brother Toby Northen AKA Old Glory Freedom Runner running the Army Ten Miler this morning with Old Glory! Way to go Toby! Proud of you on the west coast and the Sky Valley!
Special thanks to Shar and Rhonda for this video of the UW Husky's sharing their American PRIDE in the Sky Valley at Friday nights football game at MHS. Gotta love it!!!!!
American pride in the Sky Valley - Stars and Stripes
HWY 2 Freedom Runner updated their cover photo.
14 hrs
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Awesome run today.

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A killer run on an awesome sunny day with Old Glory. Spreading American pride one mile at a time

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The Sky Valley’s support of Jayme Biendl remains just as strong more than half a decade after she was killed while on duty at the Monroe Correctional Comp

HWY 2 Freedom Runner and Old Glory are on the road home to Sultan after the Jayme Biendl Memorial 5K Walk/Run

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HWY 2 Freedom Runner updated their cover photo.
January 27
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Broke 4400 miles today with Old Glory!

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Nothing like starting the morning with a run with Old Glory. Happy Freedom Friday!

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Good Morning Sky Valley!!

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This was taken by Matt Koehler. Pretty awesome!!!

Today we honor a great man, Martin Luther King. Let us not forget his determination and the strives he made when it came to civil rights for all.

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Merry Christmas from Christina and I May you enjoy this day of love, family and friends.

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Remembering and honoring those who lost their lives 76 years ago during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor began at 7:55 am on December 7, 1941. Japanese naval forces compiled for the raid included 4 heavy aircraft carriers, 2 heavy cruisers, 35 submarines, 2 light cruisers, 9 oilers, 2 battleships and 11 destroyers.
The attacking forces came in two waves, the first consisting of 183 aircraft which included 40 torpedo planes, 49 level bombers, 51 ...dive bombers and 43 fighters. The second wave included 170 planes, 54 of them level bombers, 80 dive-bombers and 36 fighters. Over 350 Japanese planes were involved in overall attack, which surprised the United States. At the end of the day, over 2,000 men lost their lives. Please take a moment to honor and remember our service men who fought that day and those who lost their lives.
Summary of U.S. Ship Damage
Arizona sunk, total loss
California sunk, raised, repaired May 1944
Maryland damaged, repaired Feb. 1942
Nevada heavily damaged, repaired Dec. 1942
Oklahoma capsized, total loss
Tennessee damaged, repaired Mar. 1942
West Virginia sunk, raised, repaired July 1944
Pennsylvania slightly damaged, repaired Aug. 1942
Cassin heavily damaged, rebuilt Feb. 1944
Downes heavily damaged, rebuilt Nov. 1943
Helm damaged, repaired Jan. 1942
Helena heavily damaged, repaired June 1942
Honolulu damaged, repaired Jan. 1942
Raleigh heavily damaged, repaired July 1942
Oglala sunk, raised, repaired Feb. 1944
Curtis damaged, repaired Jan. 1942
Sotoyomo sunk, raised, repaired Aug.1942
Utah capsized, sunk
Vestal heavily damaged, repaired Feb. 1942
YFD-2 sunk, raised, repaired May 1942
U.S. Aircraft Damage Summary: Lost and Damaged Aircraft
Navy 92 lost 31 damaged
Army Air Corps 77 lost 128 damaged

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