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Donny Filkin
· February 4, 2018
Murderers. Drug dealers. Scum that profit from incarceration of their community for law they violate daily.
Mitchie Milo Lopez
· December 2, 2014
So I'm driving towards my house and a officer sees me driving towards him down the street, so he pulls towards the middle of the road and stops to were I have to have to literally squeeze my car him and a parked car. Im just pulling into my driveway and then i see him make a illegal u - turn then speeds towards my house not caring for oncoming traffic what so ever, then he sees me get out of my car then stops and asks "is there a problem?", so I kindly say "no problem here officer" then he says "ok" so then I ask him "why did you pull a u turn on me and he angrily says "that's none of your fucking business" then proceeded to speed off down the street. I can say I hate this so called "Police Department", It's a rare occurrence to come across an actual good police officer that doesn't harass the shit out of you for commuting as normal person. I'll give this department a good rating as soon as I get some respect from a officer of the law. See More
Nathaniel Ceasar Ponce
· October 16, 2015
The police are an essentail part of society, as the hall county police are hated just as all police forces are, you have to remember thier work keeps innocent people safe. Just remember as in life you...'ll find people who take advantage of thier power but remember that most of our men and women in blue respect and uphold the laws and dont hold themselves above it. so next time your given a speeding ticket, just think, "mabey i was going too fast." See More
Michaela Baker
· January 23, 2017
You all are always so kind when I would see any ofn you around town. Always so polite and helpful. Really appreciate all you guys do!
James Leo Martin IV
· October 31, 2016
My boys enjoyed the officer that stopped by to say Hi and give them snacks while we were trick or treating tonight. They thought it was really cool! Thank you!
Jason Mccomb
· October 20, 2014
You are threatened to sell some buddies property over 150 dollars and property tax when you were getting at least 10 or 20 dollar payment every week and you said that wasn't enough that it needed to b...e paid in full or you were going to sell my trailor home around the holidays so who do you serve the people or the money that the government going to give you me and my family thank you at least you got your money I guess Robin Hood wasn't just a story except we don't have somebody to protect you and your class from our own government See More
Chris N Trisha Knight
· May 4, 2017
They finally caught a dead beat mom and not for not taking care of her kids but for salein drugs
Rodney Judge Grogan
· October 31, 2016
Thank you deputy Mcduffie and the hall county sheriffs office for providing a safe environment to trick or treat in tonight, the chimneys subdivision was so much fun!! I'm thankful for your hard wo...rk! So from all the parents who knew their children were safe because of you ...... THANK YOU See More
David Warren
· February 22, 2017
They do a Great job When I call them at. Work they come by they come by and check on me
Quinton Hayley Smith
· August 17, 2017
Vary professional every time ive been stopped or needed to call them thank u
Amandi Magnani
· February 12, 2016
Any of the times the dispatch and officers helped they have been caring, down to earth, professional people. Thank You.
David Foss
· July 22, 2016
Be all you can be join hall county sheriff department be a deputy sheriff for a couple years it's even legal.
Clarissa Archer
· November 7, 2016
They work hard to protect us...they are good people
Kohl Kemerling
· November 7, 2014
It says a lot when the Police can't find someone, so they have to post on Facebook to get em
Amber Harris
· May 27, 2017
It's great to see who is out there who are criminials
Joanna Acosta
· December 23, 2016
Idiots assume shit ! Some of them need training to do they damn fucking job!�����
Harry Yavoich
· January 24, 2014
Doing a great job
Janet English O'Malley
February 8, 2012
This is very nice - a job well done
Austin Wallace
· June 22, 2015
2 faced cops
Sheriff Watson and Sgt Webb take the ice water challenge!
Hwy 11 near Cairo, plows going but still almost 0 visibility.
Here is a quick video of bike patrol officer Deputy Kier encouraging a couple of young runners competing in the Village Fitness Cornstalk Festival Fun Run held last weekend during the Cornstalk Festival in Cairo.

The NGPC provides a toll-free hotline available to report violations. You can contact Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers at 1-800-742-7627 or your local conservation officer.

Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers is a cooperative wildlife law enforcement program sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the Nebraska Wildlife Protectors Association (NWPA). It is similar to the well-known Crime Stoppers program and offers rewards for information resulting in arrest...

Happy Administrative Professional Day to our awesome support staff! They are such a huge asset to our department! Thank you for your tireless work!

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