MiniBee in its prototypical configuration.

The project's wiki :…

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Drones aren't so recent after all. The Argus As 292 was developed in 1939 as a remote controlled training target. Following to its success, reconnaissance and a bigger bomber variant were proposed.
Ultimately, the project was abandoned leaving the ground to the famous V1.

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In the 1960s, the British aerospace company BAC have studied multiple concepts of spacecraft that were as odd as it gets. Technical drawings were filled with various configurations, putting spacecrafts on top of each other on a stack or arranging them on a circular fashion like these three lifting bodies charging into space.
What is presented here is a subtle what-if, as the lifting body itself is a Hawker design in a BAC configuration.

© Hamza Fouatih Aviation Art

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Britain's air and space technology in the 1960s have witnessed an explosion of original designs meant to address the problems of supersonic flight and reusable spacecrafts.
In an effort to combine the re-entry performances of a lifting body and the stability of wings, an English Electric designer : Ken Pocock proposed a variable geometry re-entry vehicle.
With its wings retracted it would descend from space then spread them out for a stable landing.

This render and other one...s are featured in "British Secret Projects 5: Britain's Space Shuttle" by Dan Sharp :

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Here's something you don't get to see every day: The MiniBee, an electric octocopter (4 vertical fans and 4 tiltable ones) conceptualized by Technoplane aeronautical company and i got to do the artistic impression of this (i hope) future aircraft.
For the first time, i went for a car like paint job, straight out of the factory. You can also notice that there's no control surfaces on the wings, that's because it doesn't need any and rely entirely on varying the throttle on its many ducted fans.
Meant to be easy to pilot, it would be equiped with a car like cockpit interface : Steering wheel, foot pedals, central sreen.
Its expected range is 800km, with a cruise speed of 220 km/h
As facebook image compression is sometimes terrible, feel free to take a look at the full res :

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So here's something new, a 3d visualisation of my Lippisch P12 model. Have fun playing around with it!
You can check the "3D showcase" tab of the page above for another visualisation, there will be more to come and of better quality.

Use Sketchfab to publish, share and embed interactive 3D files. Discover and download thousands of 3D models from games, cultural heritage, architecture, design and more.

Blue Angels are out of this world...

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Posted by NAS Chase Field
NAS Chase Field

Up close and personal, Thanks Bull Walker

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This Henschel Hs132 is a model i worked on two years ago. I found a relatively old raw render and decided to postprocess, so and here's the result!

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Here's how a model in progress looks like, the Messerchmitt Me 328 some hours of work away from a final render.
it was designed as a parasite aircraft to protect Luftwaffe bomber formations during World War II. During its protracted development, a wide variety of other roles were suggested for it. Late in the war, the design was resurrected for consideration as a Selbstopfer (suicide weapon) aircraft, but was judged unsuitable even for this purpose. The tiny fighter was to have been propelled by pulsejets, but the unsuitability of these engines doomed the Me 328 from the start.

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Just how awesome this is!

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BBC Sussex

WE ADMIT DEFEAT. We posted our video of the Vulcan at Eastbourne on Saturday, but this one beats it hands down. Terrific footage from Wonkabar007! Two brilliant passes from the bomber right next to the cliffs. Good job Mr Wonkabar007 (and pilot Kev Rumens).

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For the first time ever a render of mine, illustrating a Lippisch P13a, is featured on Dan Sharp's newest bookazine by Mortons Media Group titled : "Luftwaffe - Secret Jets of the Third Reich" :…/luftwaffe-secret-jets-o…

The bookazine includes novel and interesting finds by Dan, along with great artworks among which the awesome cover by Ronnie Olsthoorn Aviation Art

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The Lippisch P12 was to be a liquid fuel ramjet powered high speed interceptor, it was an alternate design to the P13a. There are no accurate three views of it so i modeled it according to this genuine drawing: and used a color similar to that of a Me163 Komet.

Full res:

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After a long time, finally a new model! Here is the Lippisch P13a an experimental ramjet-powered delta wing interceptor designed in late 1944 by Dr Alexander Lippisch for Nazi Germany. The aircraft never made it past the drawing board, but testing of wind-tunnel models showed that the design had extraordinary stability into the Mach 2.6 range.

Full res:

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One of the latest visualisations of the Beeplane, very long time i didn't post anything here but soon there will be more to come.
This visualisation was also featured recently at Technoplane's stall at the Paris airshow.

Full res:

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