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FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF THE VALLEY!!! It's that time of week again, that's right SATURDAY & SUNDAY! We will be having YOUR HANFORD-FAIRGROUNDS SWAP MEET . Come out and sell some of your unwanted MONEY making things. If you have your own business, come out and set up a booth to show off your entrepreneurial skills and see how many people show interest. We can accommodate for anyone who wants to sell, buy, or just show the valley what you have to offer. If you're not ready for summer, come out, and see what our dedicated vendors have in store for you. For more info you may contact Manager PEDRO @.....1-(559)572-6585.... . It's a Flea Market, a SWAP MEET AND A WHOLE LOT MORE SEE YA OUT THERE! Thank you ...

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We would really like to invite the local companies to try out the Hanford-Tulare Swap!! Just try it, and if you love it...well I can almost guarantee you will. We always welcome new vendors and need to support our local companies...feel free to contact us! The info is in the ABOUT section....if you need more info just message THANK YOU KCM Ltd

Wednesday is our family friendly Swap Meet in Tulare. We will make sure the smiles come in and the dedication is always remarkable. The weather is promising to be fantastic so bring your change purse, but be prepared to do some shopping, our vendors always come with new merchandise and the freshest produce! We open the gates at 5:30am and the vendors will stay until 3:00-4:00pm. SEE YA' OUT THERE

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This Sunday is Mother's Day!!! What better place to buy some amazing presents for your Mother than at the Hanford-Tulare Swap Meet out at the Tulare Fairgrounds... Wednesday. Come out at 6:30-3:00 and show Momma some love. Our vendors have bargains and you know your Mom would be proud of you if you get a bargain!! Bring her out and let her pick some stuff out TOO! You might be surprised at the expression on her face when she sees how fun and awesome YOUR SWAP MEET IS! Let's make this Mother's Day a special one! SEE YA OUT THERE! KCM Ltd

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It looks like this weekend is the best time to come out to the Hanford Swap Meet! Our Vendors have everything you need and more. So come out and see what YOUR CENTRAL VALLEY SWAP MEETS Have in store for you. 6:30am-3:30pm Saturday and Sunday, Thank you KCM Ltd

Help us have a great Swap Meet!!! Come out tomorrow and see what the vendors provide. They get new stuff for the right season, and they will ALWAYS have the best deals, but you have to come out to see for yourself. Gates open at 5:30am for vendors, and 6:30am to come out and shop, so SEE YA' OUT THERE!!

Come out to Tulare today! It's Spring break and the PERFECT time to get your seasonal shopping done for a great bargain. Gates open for shoppers at 6:30am-3:00pm with a $1 fee. If you would like to sell that stuff you found during Spring cleaning, each 20x20 space is only $15. SO COME GET YOUR SWAP SHOP ON! We love to see a big crowd with smiles on their faces! Thank you, Star@ KCM Ltd.

Thank you SUNSHINE for coming out. Tomorrow our vendors are gonna be here at the HANFORD FAIRGROUNDS bringing YOUR Swap Meet. Admission is FREE, parking is FREE, and so is the FUN! You can't get excited until you come and see for yourself! Gates open at 7am for shoppers, and 6:30am for vendors. WHY HAVE A YARD SALE when you can load it up and bring it down the street where the shoppers are already coming. Spaces ARE NOT limited, we will find you a space to sell your stuff. For more information call Rick at 559-572-2301. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOURSELF! Thank you, Star@ KCM Ltd

YOUR SWAP MEET is popping!! No rain, and no sunshine, but the shoppers and vendors still got the spirit flowing... I love this job! The people are fantastic! Even though it's a small sale, you wouldn't know it. Come out and see what your missing out on!

Wednesday YOUR SWAP MEET is in Tulare at the Fairgrounds. Come join us for a lil family time. Get ready for the possibility of rain, no matter, WE WILL BE THERE, to serve your needs. If you have any questions, give our fantastic manager Rick Vanderford a call @559-572-2301. He will answer ANY questions you may have. We all thank you for coming out! Star@ KCM Ltd

Saturday is a beautiful day for the Hanford Swap Meet. Come bring your family and join our family and friends of vendors. We always have spaces available for you to sell, and we will always have a smile to serve you. SMILES ALL AROUND THE VALLEY! Located at the Kings county Fairgrounds

Bring yourself out HERE to the Tulare Swap meet and get some fun and bargains while your here.Shoppers are welcomed at 7:00am. Our vendors provide everything, from plants to grow food, to trucks that serve food, vendors that buy gold and sell it! We have vendors that sell fabric to make a blanket, or there are those huge, thick blankets that when you have one, everyone knows you got it at THE SWAP MEET! So come out here to the Tulare Swap Meet, GET YOUR SWAP SHOP ON!!! Thank you, Star @ KCM Ltd.

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Darned if we didn't even have some washers and dryers!!