Our Whaler Watching Campaign 2015 is coming to an end. Despite the noticable lack of sleep, we tried to give you one last video update from Iceland before we head home.If you want to learn more about our young organisation and our approach to end commercial whaling, please visit our website at . Thank you!
Our new video update is online. To everyone who has just recently heard of us, this should give you a good short overview about our intentions and work here in Iceland. If you want to help us get the word out about our #whalerwatching campaign, pls. share this video through your social media networks. Thanks !
Here is our final #update from the 2nd #WhalerWatching campaign in #Iceland with more information on the Minke whale hunt and the growing opposition. #saynotowhalemeat #stopwhishingstartdoing
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Uncertainty about the future of minke whaling in Iceland 💪

As a result of the action taken by the former Minister of Fisheries Þor­gerður Katrín Gunn­ars­dótt­ir to expand the no-hunting zone in Faxaflói Bay (also the main hunting ground for Iceland's minke whalers) it is uncertain if this year's hunt will go ahead according to this article.

The decision to close this particular area, where 82,3% of minke whales have been killed during the past 10 years, has been her last act... in office in late 2017.

The former Minister of Fisheries visited Hard To Port's historic 46 h anti-whaling protest infront of her ministry last summer and stated that she partly agrees with our efforts.

You can translate the article below with Google Translate (if you happen to not speak Icelandic )…/frett…/2018/03/20/issa_um_hrefnuveidar/

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Ekki liggur fyrir hvort hrefnuveiðar verða stundaðar í sumar af hálfu IP-útgerðar. Fyrirtækið hefur rætt ákvörðun um lokun veiðisvæða í Faxaflóa við Kristján Þór Júlíusson sjávarútvegsráðherra og skrifað ráðuneytinu vegna málsins.

There should be no place for the cruel killing of endangered wildlife in a progressive nation like Iceland. Whales should be celebrated, not killed.

Image: Hard To Port, Iceland 2015.

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