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In My Veins

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All music releases (1994 – 2016) in one convenient download
Including music videos, never released tracks, many never seen photos, album info and more.
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-MackoFlack – EP “Face In Dust” – Never before released, from War-Time Sarajevo
-AXA – Therion Confidential (album)
-AXA – Good Girl (7 song EP)
-INGRAY – “Away” – 11 songs+4 bonus tracks
-Haris Cizmic – One Last Call (single)
-Haris Cizmic – One Last Call (26 tracks film score)
-Haris Cizmic – “In My Veins” (single)
-Haris Cizmic – “Graveland” (2 track single)
-Haris Cizmic – “First 20 Years” (2CD – 23 tracks)
-including – “Breathe In Water” (single) – BONUS
-including “Live In Detroit” (11 tracks) – BONUS

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Haris Cizmic - Music of Haris C. - Discography, videos, store. Featuring projects AXA, Ingray, OLC, H.C. New 2CD set "First 20 Years" is available NOW.

My whole discography is available at a discount price on my official website - Including bonuses - music videos, posters, extra songs, live versions, album artwork, photos and more.

Doing a lot of creative design lately. Lots of animation, graphics and some videos featuring original music soundtracks. Also getting ready to do few tunes for a video game (mobile). Laying down some tracks for a sound library accessed by TV / film people in search for that perfect score. It's the future of music writing for media. Only the best survive (and get picked). Being already in, I am getting lots of requests, but being very selective, because time is a commodity now. My personal music is pushed back for a moment, but the ideas keep coming for some better (read:slower) days. No complains though...

After a few months long break, our music video for "Breathe In Water" (feat. Alexandra Cizmic) is back in production (Blindspot / Scarab13). We shot it in Detroit and it will showcase the city the best way it can. Of course, as always, there will be secret messages, hidden things and easter eggs. Credits to Alex, Dave, Scott and the 69Eyes.

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Winter adventures...

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Awesome. Dedicated to Lemmy.

From the album "Hardwired...To Self-Destruct" available everywhere on November 18. Directed by Robert Valley © 2016 Blackened Recordings Follow Metallica: ht...

I don't usually share other band's links, but I have a huge respect for a German band Dommin. Watch this simple but great video...

The official music video for Falling Into Ashes by Dommin. Directed by Konstantine X.

For a limited time only! Get all of my 10 releases (albums, EP's and singles), including some never before published music for only $14.99! (1994-2016)

Haris Cizmic - Music of Haris C. - Discography, videos, store. Featuring projects AXA, Ingray, OLC, H.C. New 2CD set "First 20 Years" is available NOW.

My friends from The Armed released their live album today. Check it out, they are awesome. If you're into old Voivod stuff you'll love it!

13 track album

The new single "Breathe In Water" featuring Aleksandra is coming out soon, filled by it's music video shot in the streets of Detroit. Produced and mixed at Metro37 studio

Discography (all Albums released on Scarab13 © all rights reserved)

Haris Cizmic project AXA - “Therion Confidential”
Haris Cizmic - AXA - “the Other Side” - EP - 2000
Haris Cizmic - “Good Girl” - EP - 2005 ...
Haris Cizmic project INGRAY - “Away”- 2009
Haris Cizmic - “One Last Call” - single (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2011
Haris Cizmic - “In My Veins” - single (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2011
Haris Cizmic - “One Last Call”; Full Movie Soundtrack -2012
Haris Cizmic - “HoneyThief” - single - 2013
Haris Cizmic - “Graveland” - single - 2014
Haris Cizmic - “First 20 Years (The Worst of '95-'15)” - 2 CD set - 2015
Haris & Aleksandra - “Breathe in Water” - Single 2016

Appearance on:
“Forte” - International Music Festival - 2 CD set - 1998
“Closer Away” from Away - on Ford Fusion SYNC widget - 2005 - online media
“Still I’m Waiting” from EP “Good Girl” - Official Chevy Camaro website Intro - 2007
“Kill The King” - Spyderbaby - 2006 (from Let Us Pray CD)

URLs and websites:


-…/therion-confid…/id538272117itunes in gray away






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