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Below is a link to an Op Ed piece I wrote in today's Bergen Record regarding affordable housing.

" Housing isn’t affordable because residents pay property taxes... that are often as much as their mortgage payments. Onerous court mandates on towns only drive property taxes higher, creating a never-ending cycle of un-affordability."

"...we must define reasonable need. The costs associated with mandated affordable housing, like $15.25 billion more to fund education, aren’t taken into consideration by the court. The COAH should take into account current population size; infrastructure, water and sewer capacities; school class sizes and school services; and the impact of municipal services such as volunteer and staffed ambulatory services, fire departments, police departments, public transportation and traffic.

We must fix this issue before it is too late. Please join me in saving our beloved state while we still can."…/how-we-fix-affordab…/455023001/

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Holly Schepisi updated her status.

Schepisi calls out Jersey City
for playing by own rules on affordable housing

TRENTON, N.J. – Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi blasted Jersey City today for giving ...affordable housing preference to local residents when other communities across the state aren't allowed that benefit.

“Jersey City receives tax breaks subsidized by state taxpayers, receives over $400 million in school funding as a result of exempting luxury developments from paying property taxes, and yet has no state mandated obligation to build any affordable housing,” said Schepisi (R-Bergen).

“While Jersey City recently has approved over 37,500 new units of housing, very few of these units included affordable housing - resulting in surrounding suburban communities being burdened with higher numbers of affordable housing to make up the difference. Now Jersey City demands affordable housing with special preference to local residents when all other municipalities aren't allowed the same luxury.

"The towns I represent and those surrounding Jersey City are saddled with the city's affordable housing obligations piled onto to our own. We pay the nation's highest property taxes to subsidize their schools while the state underfunds our own; and Jersey City has the audacity to give tax breaks to developers and businesses with thirty-year reprieves from paying property taxes so they can continue to do as they please and still receive over $400 million in extra school aid. The gall is unconscionable," continued Schepisi.

Two weeks ago the Jersey City Council adopted an ordinance that gave local residents a preference in newly constructed affordable housing. Local preference for affordable housing is not permitted in municipalities across the state, but Jersey City is exempt because it receives urban aid from the state. The city is infamous for giving businesses tax abatements to increase state aid.

“Jersey City should not be allowed to play by their own rules while communities across the state go bankrupt fighting unjust obligations that can't possibly be satisfied without increasing property taxes. Meanwhile, the city gets state aid that affords local tax breaks for developers who build affordable housing. Everywhere else there has to be a property tax increase, not a tax cut. It's simply unfair and unjust."

Over forty municipalities in Bergen, Gloucester, Morris, Essex, Somerset, Mercer, Passaic and Hudson counties have passed a resolution urging action by the legislature on affordable housing to stop such discrepancy. The resolution also supports two Schepisi sponsored bills to ban affordable housing litigation until the end of the year, and creating a special commission to review affordable housing and find solutions to the problems.

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If you care about the State of NJ and want to understand the major issues impacting us all, take some time and watch my video.

We must find a better way to govern NJ which is currently the most densely populated state with the highest property taxes in the nation.

Holly Schepisi is an Assemblywoman for NJ 39th District, Bergen County. She addresses the group on the difficulties of implementing the NJ fair housing imper...

I am running for Senate because I want to bring the common sense of a mother and successful small business owner from Bergen County to the Statehouse in Trenton.

Republicans are planning to pour significant effort into the once-competitive district.

"Facing his strongest challenger… well, ever?… Republicans believe that they might finally have Gordon’s number." #kelly4njsenate #vote4kelly #gastaxgordon

Conventional wisdom suggests that Election 2017 is going to be a rough one for New Jersey Republicans. Chris Christie’s approval rating is in the toilet. The map sucks. Etc. and so on. But candidate recruitment...
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Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States #Inauguration. Complete video here:

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Why do we use the Electoral College to elect our presidents? Why not go with a popular vote? Here's why.
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Great candidate with a vision and a progressive professional approach for Bergen County , the real law enforcement experience with administrator skills ....not a political opportunities a public servant Manny Alfonso for Sheriff

Manuel “Manny” Alfonso is a career law enforcement professional who has dedicated his life to protecting the citizens of New Jersey and is running for Bergen

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What have Democrats done for Bergen County? PLENTY! ObamaCare premiums. Doubled! A heroin epidemic. Out of Control! County Government Riddled with Mismanagem...

I have spent my entire life -- as a professional and volunteer -- working to reduce administrative costs while simultaneously improving and enhancing community

While the others say it cannot be done, I believe that we can cut taxes and still support our veterans, young families, seniors, and students.

I am committed to cutting waste and investing in services that will move Bergen County forward. I hope you will join me on November 8.

Thank you to for covering tonight's Freeholder Debate hosted by Bergen Grassroots. Read more:

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Candidates roundly agreed that property taxation must be controlled, but traded barbs on past and recent county budgets that split along party lines.
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Robert Di Dio, Closter Council Member is in Paramus, New Jersey.

Had a great time this morning at the annual Bergen County Harvest Festival at Van Saun County Park!

Join us today and tomorrow for a weekend of carnival rides, archery, a craft fair, farmer market, face painting, pumpkin picking, and live music and entertainment.

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HASBROUCK HEIGHTS. A brisk morning in Hasbrouck Heights.