I can't believe how delicious the snow peas are. Looks like I will have a busy weekend pickin lettuce, spinach, beet greens, rocks and weeds. I'll also be cooking up another batch of strawberry rhubarb jelly. We have a few new potential family members on the way. I've included a picture.

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The garden is in excellent condition this year. I'll be picking lettuce and radishes this weekend. I found a new nest this morning with six different multi-color 1 inch eggs while pulling bittersweet out back. The nest is about a foot off the ground and I haven't seen any birds around it so I'm not sure what species. Ken thinks it might be a grouse nest. I'll be taking pictures in the morning. Stay tuned.


The rest of the plants will be going in tomorrow. Beans, swisschard, spinach, beets and radishes are up already. It looks like it will be another great year for black raspberries. I'll probably be making my first batch of Strawberry rhubarb jelly on Monday. Not only are the plants doing well but the weeds and mosquitos are doing even better.

Lettuce, eggplant, broccoli, onions and celery are in the ground. Tomatoes and cantelope have all been transplanted. Peas are up a couple of inches already. Garden looks great so far. Thanks to my nephew Jack for all his help.

the greenhouse was started up last weekend. Thanks to my nephewJack for his hard work. We are having an issue with a mouse who likes to eat our seeds. It may be time to release the cats. Peach and pear trees blossomed this week and had three really good days with lots of bees. The apples will be blossoming within the next two weeks, after this rain.

An absolutely gorgeous day today. We had lots of visitors at the orchard. Thanks Becky, Jen, Debbie and Alma for stopping by. We hope you enjoy your trees. We'll be open again next weekend and hope to see more of you then.

What a beautiful day. It is 57 degrees outside and the snow has melted off the Christmas trees. If only I could keep the dogs out of the mud.

Starting November 25th the Orchard will be open for you to stop by and check out our christmas tree selection. We have many different varieties and sizes. Wreaths will also be available. We had such a great time last year we hope to see you all again this year.

Babies flew the nest today. They made it through the storm. Lots of work to do in the garden tomorrow. I'll be pulling up the beets and picking swiss chard. I think I'll make one more batch of bread and butter pickles.

The Babies are growing up quickly but I'm concerned not quick enough. I would really like to see them gone before the storm hits. I don't think the nest will hold up.

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Very busy day today. I picked more berries, swiss chard, eggplant and peaches. Made some jelly this evening, painted trim in the kitchen and music room and baked bread. Its time for bed.

We think we've handled the yellow jacket problem. I'll be pickin peaches this week. There isn't very many but they're a good size this year and of course very yummy. I'll be making my famous Black Dog Raspberry jelly this week also. I have so many black raspberries this year. It’s too bad I need to wear my motorcycle leathers to pick them.

Ken found the yellow jacket nest along with his friend and the dogs. Its right next to the garden. Fred got stung and I think Yva did too. I found a big welt on her side. What do we do now?

Big problem with yellow jackets this year. They did a number on the blueberries and have started on the raspberries. One got me this past weekend. I have no idea where the nest is.