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Pat Thompson
· January 6, 2018
It was so cold tonight that people kept their costs & gloves on. They finally turned up heat about 9:00 but it really didn't help. I realize it is cold outside but it wasn't much better inside. Guess ...we won't play bingo until summer. See More
Norma Sharp
· February 9, 2018
I like going to hawkeye downs bingo the people are friendly service is great a little cool now but dress warm it's fine
Amanda Willits
· July 2, 2017
This place is falling apart service sucks takes two hours to get Ur food caller's skip over u. The owern's wife yells at everyone earth to u lady that is not Ur job it's Allen's not it's leave people ...alone it's supposed to be a fun place yeah not any's hot in there air never works See More
Robert Murphy
· January 27, 2018
It's no wonder you have NOOOOO business playing these stupid games. Not like I've never worked bingo before. This is stupid!!!!!
Kiki Kisha Nakisha
· January 6, 2017
I use to love coming to Hawkeye downs but now it is physically impossible to being that your have no heat when it's already freezing outside. Not acceptable. Then u got racoons falling from the ceilin...g and running around. With all the money that's being made something should have to give. I will no longer come until these problems are done. And I've been a valued player for many years but this is ridiculous See More
Allen Carl
· November 4, 2015
This is one good time, meet great people and have fun at the same time. Since I returned to Cedar Rapids this has been my hangout. When i first posted this review this was the way i felt. I still woul...d love to go there to play, but, do to indifferences i am unable to do so. I will not degrade the bingo hall, but, i do not condone sensorship nor favouritism nor bow to threats made by patrons. Good luck to all. See More
Jessica 'Nash' Mullenix
· August 29, 2015
Just wish the payouts were consistent. I have to pay the same regardless so in the rare event I win would expect the same payout. The staff is great!

Update-NOT a family friendly event, anymore. Chi...ldren under the age of 12 are not welcome. They do have the occassional "family night" but only on school nights. While the staff are great and the new changes make bingo more fun...It's just not welcoming to families. See More
Rick Nash
· September 5, 2015
The staff is fun. I enjoy the players back and forth. However cutting to 2 nights I don't care for that 0lus cost of concessions going up. They should consider Friday (not Thursday ) and Saturday nigh...ts. It's a fun activity but I will not go as often as I used to go due to the changes. See More
Sherry Wright-Clark
· January 6, 2017
Wish it was zero stars, no heat in this place or anything. Truly sad that there is no heat in this building at all
Sarah Crank
· March 28, 2016
I enjoyed playing Bingo here..The people were nice and the atmosphere was relaxing..Can't wait to play again!!
Deb Cooper
· May 29, 2015
Need more people to come play so the payouts are higher love it out here
Penelope Kadance Thede
· December 7, 2015
Dont pay out anymore...changed up the game style...not the same
Come play bingo with us tonight at 6:30! #55 for $550. We will see you when you get here!

Many people ask about how much it is to play, so here is a helpful graphic that explains the basic pricing for our Hawkeye Downs Bingo!

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Come join us for some fun Friday 3/16
Blackout is 55#'s for $550

The more that play the more we pay.
Doors open at 4:30. Games start at 6:30


Hope to see you there.

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Fri 4:30 PM CDTHawkeye Downs BingoCedar Rapids