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Lisa Stevenson
· March 5, 2018
Hot Springs clinic is HORRIBLE. Tried to go to appt today. Showed up 15-20 min early. After waiting over 45 min we started talking to a woman sitting beside us. Her appt with the same dr was over an h...our past time. I asked the receptionist if something was wrong. Nothing. The drs were just fully booked and they had a lot of walk ins this morning. We canceled and won’t be going back. I’m not keeping my 7 month old in a waiting room that is standing room only bc they are so backed up due to taking walk ins. (The appts were at 9 and ours was at 10. You can’t be backed up over an hour the first hr you are open if you aren’t adding in walk ins. I tried to call the nurse manager number listed on a letter outside the receptionist’s window but it won’t go through.) See More
Haley Tugwell
· March 15, 2018
My daughter, Kenley, was seen at the Healthy Connections in Malvern and we had the best experience. From the time we arrived to the time we left everyone was very kind and had smiles on their faces. K...enley was very congested and had a chest X-ray and breathing treatment while in the office. It was nice not having to leave to go to a hospital to get the X-ray . It was done and read in the office and we were out in no time. Kenley really enjoyed the educational health cartoons in the rooms and the interactive screens on the wall too. She was seen by nurse practitioner, Rachel Scrimshire. She was wonderful and fun and made Kenley feel comfortable. If you’ve been searching for a good family clinic, call to schedule an appointment. You won’t be disappointed! See More
Katie Jo Webb
· February 2, 2018
I love my visits here with my hygienist Sydney. She is always very thorough, professional, and sweet. I never knew I could look forward to dental cleanings. And I know I am in good hands with Dr. Beasley.
Angela Gunn
· October 3, 2017
Please don't see Dr. Beasley for dental work or dental checkup ... He purposely ruined my molar tooth 3 weeks ago that he excessively filed down most of filling till the side of my molar tooth is .(he supposed to smooth out the edge of filling that stick out a bit too much).. That was right after gum surgery i had to remove bone/tooth fragment... that shitty jerk... i went to see different dentist a different dental new dentist said if the senstivity in that tooth haven't decrease in that tooth in 2 weeks, i might need a crown put gonna to be costly for me... that fucking dentist Dr. Beasley See More
Michael Barrett
· December 12, 2017
Rude office staff in dental department. Refused to even give the name of another dentist in town when I had an emergency and they couldn't get me in. You get what you pay for and since I paid nothing,... that is exactly what I got - nothing. See More
Kris Thomas
· May 28, 2017
My Grandmother attended Free Dental Friday for extraction. They pulled a few and set up an appointment to pull more...after being approved by finance office for sliding scale work.
She returned and ha...d more extractions. As she was leaving, they presented her with follow up information, which included the following:
Next visit, bring $400 for pulling your remaining 4 teeth.
Follow up appointment will be 30 days later for'll need to bring $800 with you to that appointment and when your new teeth arrive bring $1100.

Maybe I'm missing the whole point of Free Dental Friday?

What kind of health care "provider" pulls all but 4 teeth and THEN tells their elderly patient...
"the rest of the work will cost over $ until you save that up we've left 4 teeth in your mouth to use for chewing your food. Oh! And don't worry, your jack o'lantern smile is hideous! But your friends will love it!"
Yeah...great marketing skills here people.
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Cody Vance
· September 7, 2017
Dr. Julie Williams is amazing as well as the rest of the staff. Funny, caring and thorough! Never have I felt uncomfortable or displeased! Thank you guys!
Jack Schultz
· July 14, 2017
Went in for a deep cleaning in preparation for my partials. I didn't know what to expect beforehand, which made me nervous. But, once I got there, everything went great, without much discomfort at all.... I wish I had some info ahead of time, but it all turned out well. Not concerned at all about the next appointment! See More
Sowell Mu
· May 13, 2017
Everyone was great except for ARIELLE SCHULMAN, DMD. I've never had a dentist that was so disrespectful. It felt as if she was torturing me. She attempted to pull my tooth several times even though I ...wasn't numb, cut my tooth in half, then attempted to pull it more times and she couldn't do it. I was in severe pain and all she said was take some ibuprofen and drive to van buren to see a dentist. Seriously?! Luckily Dr. Beasley came to the rescue and took care of me!! Thank you so much Dr. Beasley!!!! See More
Crystal Reed
· July 21, 2016
Took my son for a cleaning. They told me he had no cavities but he had a space in his tooth that didn't grow right and they needed to fill it. They said they wouldn't even have to drill it to fill it.... Day comes for the appointment and when he is done they tell me they drilled the cavity out and filled. My question is, did he have a cavity? Because I was told he had no cavities. I was told they would not drill but yet they did. I walked away feeling like I let my child down because no one apparently knew what they were doing. Will never be back. See More
Tammy Rhea Williams
· September 27, 2015
Adore Dr. Kelly! Perfect "bedside" manner by taking time to LISTEN and explain. Only complaint I have, after taking both grandchildren 2 days in a row, is waiting time toooo long when they call you to the small room. I personally would rather wait in lobby longer than go back and then still wait 30-1hr. Or at least have magazines for adults to look at and paper and crayons for kiddo's. See More
Courtney Lyn Woods
· December 10, 2015
they take forever and take there time u r ell the Dr's n nurses u are in a hurry n have other places to be and they take even longer will.not be coming back here for medical at all
Nell Bennett
· August 4, 2015
Been a patient there for years! Dr. Sessler is the best doctor I ever had. Debbie at front desk is very helpful too!
Julie Bagwell
· July 31, 2014
The free school supply's thing was a joke my kids were having fun and some lady came up being very rude I don't think we will be back
Tonya Pennington
· April 24, 2014
Michelle is awesome! The only reason I quit going was my new insurance didn't cover them...
Aimee Greene
· July 18, 2014
I wish I could give ya'll 10 Stars!!! EVERYONE was EXCELLENT!! Turned an otherwise unpleasant experience into a JOY!!! Made me smile and I am STILL SMILING!!!!!
Justin Richardson
· December 17, 2013
Day 3 HCIs walking trail completed......
This is baby Wyatt! Yep this one is a boy...8 more wks to go!

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