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Daniel Dixon
· January 25, 2018
Love this place. I walked away from my faith for a few years and in 2012 started going to heartland. Thanks to friendly people and way the share the message I returned home. Celebrate Recovery was and... is a big reason better place now. See More
Nicole Oscars
· April 19, 2015
I love this church the service and all the smiling faces that greet you every Sunday morning!!! The one thing I dislike is when i walk out of service with my family and walk into a cloud of smoke as a...ll these adults are standing outside the front doors smoking. I understand it's their choice to smoke but I would prefer for my small children not to have to inhale the smoke. Have you ever thought of making it a smoke free campus? Church is literally an hour long maybe an hour and a half these people can't wait until they get to their car? See More
Katharina Huntoon
· June 4, 2017
I came to visit today.
I was greeted cordially
I longed for someone to invite me to their home with them...
Instead I was given a catalog.
I went to the front and worshiped.
I felt God's grace and presence.
I longed for prayer and I lingered
But no one seemed to notice
Everyone was busy chatting
I waited
Everyone left
And I went away
Still longing for connecting.
I left the catalog
Because I didn't need things
I needed a friend.
I longed for someone to embrace. today.
Today everyone was too busy.
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MaryBeth Winkelpleck
· November 13, 2016
Exclusivity and rejection of open and honest dialogue concerning theology and hermeneutics are par for the course here. Multiple people have demonstrated an overarching culture of "get in line or get... out." Insider/outsider thinking is rampant. This organization isn't far removed from the definition of a cult. See More
Wendy Jensen
· July 16, 2017
I have not been to a church service in years and decided today was a new beginning for me. I am so glad that I went. I cried, laugh, and really enjoyed it.
Chris Whitehead
· January 16, 2017
A wonderful fellowship of people who love Jesus and each other. A good solid teaching of the gospel of Jesus and a great show of service to their community.
Justin Black
· August 18, 2013
This is the best church in Cedar Falls. Pastor Dan has a very strong heart for the people in this area and his message I think is one you won't find at a lot of churches around this area. If your for a church that will tell you who are in Christ and the freedom that stems from that--this is the one. See More
Liza Nelson
· December 21, 2015
The people and church are so helpful and full of love! Always there to listen or pray with you! Glad God and my best friend encouraged me to attend!
Alicia Willis
· April 22, 2016
I have never felt so much love from this church when we came to it from Louisiana I love how I feel welcome here and being blessed by the Lord I love it here and will always come to!
Ross Weatherman
· August 31, 2015
I LOVE OUR CHURCH !!! 2015 brought alot of turmoil to my family. My. Daughter lost mother recently another victum of Cancer. My daughter is devestated. She is really having a bad time of it. She alon...e has heart and back problems. I returned to the Church/God just before Mothers day. I came to pray for my Xwife, daughter and being able to see my granddaughter for 5 min.. That is the only reasonfor my return. But Church has made me a better person. I was unable to cure my Xwife by prayer it was too late. But theres no way Im turning my back on our Lord or the church. Sometimes now I entertain the thoughts of becoming a Pastor. But Im too old to start. Transportation is a big problem, I cant/dont drive. The only way I can get to Church and back is with the Van Ministry. Im SO THANKFUL that they come all the way out here to get me and then back home again. It is a blessing. For one day out of the week I am safe, and I am home....Heartland Vinyard ! See More
Katie Krempasky
· January 23, 2017
The teaching by the EAST High teacher was very easy to understand. I prefer being taught than preached at. He did an excellent job. Everyone was friendly, however I was there with one of your attenders, Margaret Grisel, so that gave me an in with her friends. See More
Becky Starkey
· December 22, 2015
Awesome church. Prayer helps alot. I am glad to be attending church there. I love the Lord and the church has taught me alot in my short time I have been attending. I have been to several other Churc...hes looking for the right one. I think I have found the right one. See More
Jodi Payne
· May 10, 2017
They are the hands and feet of Jesus! Regardless of the ugliness in your life, they let you know YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
Christina Boeck-Crew
· August 11, 2013
Great Holy Spirit-lead message today! Definitely spirit-filled delivery. Way to deliver the Christ's message, His heart! And great way of simply explaining the old testament separation from God vs the... ministry of Jesus. I wish everyone I know could have been there today! God is so awesome! Thank you for all you do for us Lance and all HVC leaders! Come and join us for a service, Sundays at 9:30 and 11 AM. See More
Amy Schutte
· December 9, 2014
I wanna say thank you to heartland vineyard church for the help I received recently and a special thank you to a wonderful lady Roshanda for listening and giving prayer for me and my family she truly a sweet person See More
Bridget Mays
· April 12, 2017
I love going to Celebrate Recovery on Tuesdays to enjoy my sisters and Brother's in Christ Jesus,, To praise God together to thank God for his Love,,
Nora Fetter
June 23, 2013
Thank you to my friends at HVC for helping to fix up our building at Vineyard Church of Cedar Rapids! Our little church is blessed to have such a beautiful big sister!
Heidi DeMaris
· December 11, 2015
This church is amazing always there to help pray or just listen.
Zachary D Finical
· April 5, 2015
Really loving people, and really awesome environment to be in! The people at this church are a family to me!
Jane Gibbons Cunningham
· January 16, 2015
This church is the real deal. Love the sermons & the uplifting messages, I consider this my church home! Love Dan Paxton! His messages are so relatable!
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