New version of Microsoft Intune arrives this week!

Last week I already wrote a short blog about an issue I ran into, but today everything became clear. They were probably doing some last testing of the new Microsoft Intune portal, because earlier today Microsoft has announced it will release a service update (read: new Microsoft Intune version) between today (November 17th) and Wednesday (November 19th) that will bring us some cool new stuff to Intune (cloud only!). [ 197 more words. ]

New version of Microsoft Intune launched!

Tonight while I was working on the last slides of my Microsoft Intune demo tomorrow morning, Microsoft decided that it was time to launch the new version of Microsoft Intune. Microsoft already showed the new version at TechEd Europe a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like their launching it as we speak. Too bad the new interface isn’t quiet ‘working’ yet, so after a short ‘loading’ I’ll receive en error. [ 36 more words. ]

Dear Ziggo, When can we expect the Xbox and Windows (Phone) Apps?

I’m a big fan of Microsoft devices and all the phones, tablets, laptops and even our game console is made by the American software company. Back in 2012 my TV provider announced it would release a Xbox 360 App. The press release is still available on the Ziggo Corporate website. On February 26, 2013 I asked Ziggo via their Facebook page if there was any news yet. [ 270 more words. ]

Create Your Own Xbox One Background

Last week Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the availability of the XBox One November System Update for Preview Members. One of the #1 requested features by fans was the ability to create custom backgrounds for your Xbox One. This will be made possible with the November System Update, which will be release to the general public somewhere next month. The preview members call already create and configure custom backgrounds for their Xbox One. [ 137 more words. ]

New Windows 10 build brings Notification Center and Battery Saver

Today Microsoft has released a new build of their latest client operating system : Build 9860 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The new build will be installed automatically via Windows Updates, but if you can’t wait you have to press the Check now button at the Update and recovery section in the PC Settings. After that you can simply press the… [ 101 more words. ]

Congrats, you’re an Insider!

The Insider Program is live, you can register (to download Windows Technical Preview) at When you’re an Insider you can give feedback, get help….and also download the Windows Technical Preview. All three the links are still down at the moment, but you can probably access them around 9:00am PDT / 18:00 CET.

Recording of Windows 10 Announcement

Microsoft has published the video of the Windows 10 announcement presentation. Check it out below.

And it will be called : Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that the name of their new client operation system will be Windows 10. Some of the new (confirmed!) features are: Start Menu (is back!) Multiple Virtual Desktops Task View (button on the taskbar) Snap Assist Command Prompt understands CTRL+V (finally!) (developing)

Where can you watch the Windows 9 event?

On September 30th at 10am PDT (What's that in my timezone?) Microsoft will host an event where they will tell us everything about the upcoming version of Windows. Sadly enough there isn't a live stream available, but there will be some live blogs available during the event. You can follow the event at the following websites/blogs : The Verge… [ 23 more words. ]

Where to download the Windows Technical Preview bits?

NOTE : The download is NOT available yet! It’s just a few more days before Microsoft will (probably) reveal their latest version of their desktop operating system Windows. Almost nobody knows what the name will be of their latest Windows version, but can be anything between ‘just’ Windows and Windows 9. What isn’t a rumor anymore, is the download page where we can download the Technical Preview version of this Windows version.

iPhone 6 versus Lumia 930

The last few weeks I spoke to several persons who wanted to renew their smartphone. Most of them could only think of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. Since I'm a Microsoft Geek, I always asked them why they wouldn't go for a Windows Phone. They only reason they could come up with was that the Windows Phone didn't have all the nice Apps that were available on Android and iOS. [ 754 more words. ]

Windows 9 will be announced on September 30th

Today Microsoft has announced a press event for September 30th in San Francisco. It is to expect that they will announce Windows 9, currently known under the codename Windows Treshold. Microsoft will probably deliver a Windows Technical Preview during the event so that every Microsoft geen can download and check it out. The last few weeks a couple of video's and pictures leaked which showed the return of the Start Menu, a notification center and virtuel desktops. [ 7 more words. ]
MSGeek updated their profile picture.
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Some files are missing while trying to refresh your Windows 8.1 machine

Since about a year I have owned a Surface Pro, but when the Surface Pro 3 was launched I really wanted the new 12” edition of this great device. So last week I decided I wanted to sell my ‘old’ Surface Pro. Off course the new owner of the Surface wants a… [ 634 more words. ]

Byebye SkyDrive…..Welcome OneDrive

OneDrive has opened it’s doors today. The new brand is still rolling out as we speak, so when you still see the SkyDrive logo on (when loggon on) you’re not yet ‘migrated’ to the new environment. At this moment the new ‘co-owner’…

How-to force the Xbox One February Dashboard update

Earlier today Major Nelson has released the February 2014 Dashboard update for the Xbox One. The update will arrive on a Xbox One near you in the next couple of days. If you don’t want to wait…there is a way … Continue reading →

TechEd Europe 2014 will be held in Barcelona

Today Microsoft has announced that their TechEd Europe event will be held at Fira Barcelona from October 27th – 31th. Registration hasn’t opened yet, but will be in the spring. TechEd Europe is Microsoft’s premier technology conference… [ 56 more words. ]