"Oh my goodness, its so cute!" You may need to view full screen to see the video of the captive hellbenders the Columbian Park Zoo is rearing as part of recovery efforts in Indiana.

Fun Fact: Hellbenders go by many names. Hellbender, Old Lasagna Sides, and Snot Otter are a few among many. The name Hellbender is thought to have originated with the early pioneers believing that they looked like something from Hell that was bent on returning. Old Lasagna Sides is a reference to the skin folds along the sides that bear some resemblance to lasagna noodles. Snot Otter plays on both the aquatic nature of the species and the fact that it feels like someone sneezed all over them.

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If you teach nature education programs (informal or in schools), there is a new publication on Conservation Biology featuring Hellbenders!!! Check it out here:

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Annual dinner focuses on a giant salamander. As the topic, not the main course!…/article_0c531da8-c9af-5f8b-b…

Want to learn about the latest research on captive rearing hellbenders? Read what Erin Kenison, Purdue University, has discovered:

Read about the latest Hellbender research from Dr. Obed Hernandez-Gomez:

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden (MPZ) and Purdue University's Help the Hellbender recently unveiled "Hellbender Havoc." This addition to the existing Hellbender exhibit at MPZ adds a fun and educational digital component to the exhibit and allows visitors to live the life of a Hellbender: feeding, growing, and avoiding threats. The exhibit can be found in the Discovery Center and is available during regular zoo hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm CT).

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Come support local hellbender conservation in Indiana!!

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O'Bannon Woods State Park

15th Annual Hellbender Hustle - Saturday, April 14th at 9am. $5 off registration fee for early registration at keyword: Hellbender using Promo code: EARLYREG18.

Help the Hellbender is with Shelly Jones Williams and Rod Nelson Williams.
February 16

How does your teenager spend their Friday night? Mine spends it with her dad helping the hellbenders!!

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The endangered eastern Hellbender is bringing people together, specifically the citizens of Harrison and Jefferson counties.A hellbender is a salamander on the Ohio endangered species list.On Wednesday, Harrison County commissioners approved a resolution o

The new stickers have just arrived. Let us know what you think of them....

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Mesker Park Zoo in the news with their hellbender captive breeding/rearing programs:…/mesker-park-zoo-habitat-ai…/

The zoo plans to release the salamanders into the wild once they're fully grown.

We had numerous requests for another festive Hellbender photo. Helpthehellbender and Mesker Park Zoo have delivered. Have a hellbendery holiday season!!

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A hellbender found its way to the provosts office at Purdue to bring some holiday cheer to the Grinch. Happy Holidays from HelptheHellbender!

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New PA state amphibian....the HELLBENDER!!!…/hellbender-gets-senate-ok-as-offic…

The state Senate is advancing legislation to make the Eastern hellbender the official amphibian of Pennsylvania, as researchers say its population is shrinking because of pollution.