SHE'S AWAKE!!! She is awake everyone!! Hallelujah!!!! She will remain on the vent until tomorrow, but she is awake!! Here is the video of her finding out she got the liver!!! Prayers for no infection!!! She is making leaps and bounds!!! Love- Josey
A message from Heather.

Help get this American home. The country won't let him leave until his medical bill is paid in full and he will need to be medical evacuated from the country. He's from Wisconsin, was stalked, beaten and nearly killed. His family needs to get him home where he can receive excellent Medical Care. Please help if you can. Prayers and shares are free. Co-worker of my SiL
@Fox9kmsp @kare11 @WCCO @KSTP

UPDATE No. 2 1/10/18 from Ryan's Parents Jim & Pat: Ryan is in quarantine with a flesh eating bacteria and Jaime can only see him through a window. We are hoping to get him transfered to a different hospital soon. UPDATE 1/10/18 from Ryan's Parents Jim & Pat: We have learned that they are tryi...

Please pray for this little button.

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Jamie Davis

They said I dont know what you guys have been doing.
But just keep doing it.
I told them we have an army that is praying for her.
Carli is getting more stabl...e.
Off one BP med.
Lowest dose of the other.
We have been able to take fluids off for 2 1/2 days. They need her at 9kg.
She was just at 9.6 yesterday and shes at 9.2 KG now.

Prayers are working. Good vibes are working.
Our princess is trying!
Please keep praying.

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Hi Everyone,

We are asking for prayers for Rob! He been battling cancer and could use some uplifting. If you can donate, I know he would greatly appreciate it. If you can’t donate, prayers and shares are free! ❤️


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If you don’t already know Rob Spiczka you will come to find that he is one of the bravest, strongest, and most kind hearted people you will ever meet. Rob was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in 2009 at age 19. Since then he has had to undergo numerous surgeries and countless rounds of c.....

Please lift this family in prayer.

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Jamie Davis is with Chris Kitzler.

Carli has has had a rough day/night.
Almost everything that could happen today did.
It started with a blood pressure drop.
Her dyalisis machine went down.
Her... line in her neck needed to be re stitched.
And even now continues to give us problems.
When they suction her tube theres blood.
Theres blood coming out of her NJ.
Her lines are oozing more blood than usual.
The right side of her face has more swelling than the other. Which could mean a blood clot.

Tomorrow is the meeting. With all of this happening so fast i dont know if they will change their mind.
And as far as trying to transfer to another center i dont think is possible.
We just watched 6 nurses try to change her linen because It was covered in blood.
If shes not stable enough for a simple linen change i doubt we can get her out of here.

They want to put in another line because the one in her neck is not going to last.
Which will require her going to OR. Which is risky.
They have given her so many pain and sedation meds because shes so upset and in pain.

She is so tired.

This photo is her daddy as most of you know.
In the past 6 years i have seen him mad happy and sad.
But these last few weeks i have seen him cry. I have seen him hurt. I have seen him breakdown. I see fear.
We have both been eachothers rock. But we are both crumbling.
We feel eachothers pain. Even with just a look.

I dont wish these feelings on anyone.
We are still going to continue to fight. As long as Carli wants to. But we know her little body can only take so much.

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11-18-2014 “Lately I feel like almost nothing is good anymore. I know that’s a lie, but I feel so bad. Terrible. Lost. Alone. No one understands, and I can’t explain. I am suddenl…
Dear Mutty, Well it was time hunny. This is a weekend that I have put off since you died. The dismantling of your bedroom.
Dear Mutty, Yesterday was my birthday and I awoke to a Facebook memory from you dated Oct. 11, 2013…. Happy birthday to my mom, Karen Eckstrom, the most beautiful woman in my life.

I would die just to hear her heartbeat ... even if it was in someone else's chest. 💔

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United Network for Organ Sharing

Sharing this video could save a life.

Dear Mutty, I know its long past the birthday you dreaded. Twenty-six was the year the health insurance would have ended. We all feared it. You weren’t alone.
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Good Morning Muttty, Well the first year heaven anniversary came and went without much ado… it was easier than I thought but that’s maybe quite possibly due to the fact your Sissy-Pie g…
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Karen Eckstrom

yep... this about describes it on a day to day.

I am lost. I am broken. When it is silent, I hear the pain in my heart, and the gnawing ache in my gut. What am I gonna do on the days when I am alone? How am I gonna get thru them?
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