HEY Please click this link, it will help me meet ed sheeran. I swear its not spam its legit

Please vote me, I REALLY want to meet Ed :)

Why is Ron Artest a rapper.. ahahahahah Kalanchi Abraham fab 4 needs to get a song with him #trueLaTalent

yeah i made myself a facebook fanpage #noshame

my flow between lil B and lauryn hill ahahahaa with a sprinkle of nicki. My mixtape is "South Center Hustle Volume 1" shoutout to yoni for naming the mixtape

They don't know how we do

Customs agents at Dulles airport had a strange find over the weekend.

got a mixtape coming out lolol showcasing my true talent and a ft from Kalanchi Abraham and the Fab 4 HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA i stay on my grind for #teamhshshshs

You know there's a problem when once a month your 1/2 an hour to an hour late to school

azteca w/ the cousins miss you mumu! lolz

im at 77 fans so im just going to keep sending more "suggestions" to become a fan lolz
life of a G ...get wit da movement or get lost hommie

Some of you need this

7 steps to self discovery

why would someone make the principle a fake fb than try to ad me thats so WACK

we're going on tour with some of our youtube heroes - (we're on the tour from April 12-May 1) FOLLOW the Gregory Brothers for more remixes/songifications: M

There were 2 muffins in an oven, 1 muffin says "OMG,were in an oven" and the other muffin says, "OMG a talking muffin!">> ahahhahaaha why is that so funny to me

Nicki & Drake need to just get married

now playing Here I Am- Nicki Minaj <--backward smiley face!

Eau Le Doet Cologne By Waka Flocka AHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAH Rekeik Meshesha