Hey gais! I need your help!

Can anyone find a rave going on in New Orleans or Panama City soon?

Just reply with a link to the info!

CTA has been passed..
ACTA does the following:

Allows cencorship of the internet
They can search your iPod or computer with giving a reason...
They can confiscate your iPod or computer with giving a reason
They can monitor what you do online
They can block websites deemed "unacceptable" without limit
It will block p2p technology, like uTorrent
It will allow ISPs to PERMANENTLY ban you from the internet without trail
It will allow arrests based on things you search.

Well Everyone I guess I'll see a lot of you in jail hey maybe we can be cell buddies?? XD we'll party all the time together♥ -Bree

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Just found this on tumblr:
Ashley was sick and didn’t go to the concert tonight.
At the first song, some fucking stupid idiots grabed Andy’s foot and he fell in the crowd. (He went out of the stage pissed off, throwing the microphone away)

He came back to the second song, but passed out in the middle of it.


The show was cancelled. Aparently Andy has a pneumonia but he went away in the van, not the ambulance.

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Thanks to all the fangirls out there Jake also deleted his twitter>.< thanks a lot fangirls...-Bree

My friend is in the hospital x'( I dunno if I'll lose him or not.....x'( he loves BVB a lot though, he is a HUGE BVB fan. I don't wanna lose my friend, I love him, he's like a family member to me x'( </3 -Bree

We lost another BVB Army member to suicide yesterday... Write "Live for Damian" somewhere on your body tomorrow to show that we will NEVER GIVE IN! -Bree

If you're against bullying and feel strongly about it, please watch this video and share it please Gabbi says so many true things and more poeple need to hear about it -Bree

This is a topic I feel very strongly about and have wanted to make a video about for a while. This is my view on the bullying and suicide rate of teenagers a...

Hey Family!(x come like this awesome band please! they're amazing show em some love x) pretty please come like their page -Bree

We know it's spelt wrong.

OMFG THIS MAKES ME CRY D; btw how did the rev died i serously don't know Dx ~Amanda♥

© 2011 WMG "So Far Away" by Avenged Sevenfold from 'Nightmare,' available now. This video is a raw and emotional tribute to Avenged Sevenfold's late drummer ...

#foREVer he will be missed ;-; what sucks about all this i don't even listen to A7x but i shall start listening to them TODAY!!! SOOOOOOOO Which song should be the first song i ever hear from A7x??? =w= ~Aamanda♥

So to all the A7x fans out there tomorrow we should all post on "Avenged Sevenfolds" wall in memory of Jimmy.... Post on their wall saying how much we love and miss Jimmy, and are appreciation for the band. Can everyone do that?? -Bree

Today is the day one of THE most amazing men was born, and that man is none other than Andrew Biersack. Happyyyy Birthdayyyy Andy!!! x) -Bree

Happy Christmas!! I hope you all have an amazing day x) you're all amazing, love you x) -Bree

5 likes and I shall do this -Bree
200: my middle name is:
199: i was born in:
198: i am really:
197: my cellphone company is:...

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Listening back, a song like “Coffin“ for me is a true indicator of how our writing has grown & the direction I see BVB records going in. I’m feeling inspired by my perception of life a lot these days&how all of us interact in chaos. Finding beauty where there was once darkness. It would be disingenuous for BVB to only write and release songs about having a rough plight in life…though the message of the band will always remain as one of hope and rebellion against conventions…w...e have to continue to push forward and create our own reality wherein we are no longer the lonely ones but rather strong and insightful, aware of the hatred but defiant. This will make the message of the “outcasts” that much stronger. We love each and every one of you BVB Army, we swear to always remain true to what we feel in our hearts and therefore strong for you in the battle that we all face in this life Life is fucked up, and then we die. Find something, someone, somewhere you love and let it inspire you to create a change in the world - Andy Biersack

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too much sexiness
if you scrolled down, that means you really care
about Andy.
'LIKE' if you did -Bree

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Happy Birthday to the amazing Ronnie Radke and Max Green x) -Bree