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Milo, weed patches, cricklines are holding incredible number of birds. Neighbors corn on Pukwana farm and neighbors milo to the east by the west farm are being harvested. More birds moving over. Really something to see. Using IKam. Rookie situations where I don't do it right but getting some really nice footage.

Wow, big day on Monday. The Grand Kochia Palace just keeps on producing pheasants and excitement.


Second day is finished. We have sooooo many birds. Our group, the GWH, have the execution of the hunt plans so well figured out it makes my job easy. Ryan helped me this weekend and will also help tomorrow. Great to have him on board as he really knows what he is doing and Molly does a great job finding birds and retrieving.

Wow! What an opener. Limit down in 25 acres. Hundreds of birds. Clear blue skies and low 60's. Brisket and beans for lunch in the field after the hunt. Great days afield.

Season Opener today. Chamberlain is a busy little town. Family and old friends reuniting for maybe the largest social event in South Dakota. Our group arrived about 3. Ryan, Carrie, Miles and andy are here as Ryan will help me in the field. exciting times with what appears to be a very large bunch of pheasants.

Finished mowing driving strips today on Pukwana farm. Lots of birds and tremendous cover. Corn up there is still green and looks great. Skunk under the mower when I kicked it in gear. One less skunk. Wild plum bushes have plums on them for the first time this year.

Replacing a set bearings on the combine out west parked overhanging the dirt road by the spray unit. About 6 in the evening the road just loads up with birds coming out to play and loaf on the road. Lots of birds.

Game department surveys are in and, as we already knew, pheasant counts are high. Early morning driving along the west place requires very slow driving due to the number of birds on the roads. Incredible to see.