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Dona Mihlfeld
· June 16, 2015
Thank you for all the information and pictures. Brings back a lot of memories. I went to high school in the old Marvin College building from 1946 to 1949.
Do you have any pictures of the old element...ary building that was behind and south of the college? I went to school there from 1943 to 1946. See More
Sandra E. Asher
· August 31, 2015
It will always b home. No matter where I am...I love that Little oldest Brother was on the fire dept. For 35 yrs. n was the FIRECHIEF FOR 45 YRS. Til He Died..DARRYL W. ASHER...I m his sister ( Sandra E. ASHER ) and we were raised behind the Sale Barn on N. Mine La Motte Ave. I wish somehow it would grow like Farmington. The saddist part of growing up there is the fact that even tho there are a few nice places to almost have to leave to b able to make a decent living n raise ur family.... See More
Charles Dunn
· August 29, 2016
Too many Meth Heads. -xxxxxccccccxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our original town cemetery monument has been installed on Franklin Street.
This was a long and expensive project started years ago by many volunteers and donors.
Thanks especially to Dwayne Ellis and Renee Sargent-Harrison for staying on task and completing this important historical project.

Join us at the museum Tuesday morning!

Tue 7:30 AM CSTHistoric Madison County Museum, 122 N Main St, Fredericktown MO

Stop by the Museum on North Main Street!

Tue 7:30 AM CSTHistoric Madison County Museum, 122 N Main St, Fredericktown MO

We have a fundraiser going for the historical society. Please consider donating before the end of the year. We have an opportunity to double your donations!…/giving-tuesday-facebook-and-bill-…

Are you planning a fundraiser or to make donations to ME/CFS non-profits between now and the end of the year? Double your impact with the Facebook and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation #GivingTuesday match by making your donations on November 28 using Facebook's fundraiser tools. Take advantage of...

We have many publications available to purchase. Every purchase supports our continued efforts to preserve Madison County history.

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Josie is my best helper on the newsletter!

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Pam Lewis Berlin shared these photos. Her father, Dick Lewis, owned the Western Auto business on East Main Street.
Probably taken in the Kate 1950's.

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So sorry that the newsletter is late this month 😰
But I did have a really cute helper!

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Cyrus Russell's son, Theodore Pease Russell, operated a little water powered saw mill at the confluence of Brewers and Wachita Creek's in Madison County in the 1840's. They sawed up the timber from clearing land for lumber and shingles. The residue was reduced to charcoal. The Russell family pioneered the village of Arcadia and founded Russellville. Their residences still remain.

FREDERICKTOWN PROMINENT CITIZENS (Circa 1949): Top Row - Left to Right: Carl Schwaner (83 y/o), George Spiva (77 y/o), J.L. DeGuire (78 y/o). Seated - Left to Right: Allen DeGuire ( 93 y/o), John R. Casey (89 y/o), William Casey (82 y/o)

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This is good opportunity!

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The St. Louis Conference Methodist Episcopal Church School has been located in three different towns. First in Arcadia, Missouri where it was known as "Arcadia College" and later it was transferred to Caledonia, Missouri as "Bellevue Collegiate Institute". In 1893, Bishop Duncan proposed that the school be moved to a more convenient location for easier access (Railroad?). The Conference put the new school out for bid and appointed a committee to review the bids. 5 towns put in a bid, those towns are : Arcadia, Bismarck, Caledonia, DeSoto, and Fredericktown. It was decided by an almost unanimous vote by the Conference for the new school to be located in Fredericktown, Missouri. And the new school was to be named after Bishop Enoch Marvin (Marvin Collegiate Institute). The new school opened its doors on September 12, 1895 on College Hill.

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Posted by Alan Atwood:
Meet my great uncle James Jefferson Hawn.He was born at or near Millcreek. See the photo for details.

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Posted by Alan Atwood:
I appreciate the help with my family history, thank you all very much! Here is my family that lived in the home from my post a few minutes ago. My grandmother Minnie Elmina and grand uncle James were profoundly deaf and attended the Missouri School for the Deaf. Most of these folks are interred at the Christian Church Cemetery, as well as my grandparents Joell and parents Atwood.

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Posted by Alan Atwood:
Hi all. My maternal side has a long history in SE MO. This is my greatgrandparent's home in Fredericktown. I imagine it's long gone. Anyone recognize it and/or know where it would've been? I put additional information on the photo itself. The 1910 Census shows the area to be West Main near Sloss Lane. Thanks!

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