We wonder what a camera in Teton Valley would record?

Elf Ellefsen

So beautifully enjoyable.

The forest comes alive around this one "special" tree.


JACKSON HOLE, WYO – It’s an everyday kind of call in the line of duty around this valley. The Sheriff’s Office assisted Game Warden Kyle Lash with reuniting a calf moose and its mother Thursday evening.
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Connie Kirby
· January 21, 2015
Love these guys! Great customer service, a willingness to try to help you no matter what that may be. I've had to have emergency fills, scheduled fills, and even fills when I'm not home. Every time... they have come through for me. Teton Valley is a fairly small community, it is nice to have a propane company that understands what that means. I have never had them tell me they could not deliver to me because I was short on $$$, empty tank, not their tank (customer owned), or any other reason. The other propane companies I have had to use in the past, before Holiday started their business, have been difficult to work with. If you can, use Holiday propane. You won't be sorry. See More
Alexis Pappas-Rushing
· May 11, 2016
I am so happy with Holiday Propane! They are attentive, always follow through and have great, kind customer service! We are a happy, warm family!!!
Lee Ellis
· June 19, 2016
Wonderful sense of humor !!!
Loved it.
Excellent ad for a great company and excellent service.
Jo Lene Mogensen-Lenhart
· January 11, 2017
Can't believe they came out in this horrible weather. Thanks for helping everybody.
Having fun making little video for the Spud.