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The writing workshop at Holland Lake Lodge is on hiatus until further notice. If you'd like more information about Elizabeth Rosner's books, workshops, and retreats, please visit:

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Elizabeth Rosner

Next stop: I'll be at Book Passage Bookstore & Cafe on Monday October 16th, 7 pm. #SurvivorCafe. We have so much to talk about.

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My Favorite Part: Galleys!

Elizabeth Rosner's first book of nonfiction, coming in September from Counterpoint Press!

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Elizabeth Rosner

My first book of nonfiction, coming to a bookstore near you in September 2017. Counterpoint Press.

Elizabeth Rosner

It's not just that he speaks in blatantly misogynistic, racist, extremist, dehumanizing, and inflammatory language. It's not just that he behaves in dishonest a...nd yes, deplorable ways on a daily, hourly basis. It's not just that he has become famous for his grandiosity and greed, his deliberate ignorance and denial of facts, his obscenely power-hungry distortions. It's not just that his entire life is a symbol of self-centered gain no matter the cost to others.


He sends an unmistakable message that immorality can win, vile narcissism can win, bullying and destructive cruelty can win, hatred can win. He stands as a promise to all those filled with just enough bitterness and self-loathing and desperation to listen, that they too can get away with whatever their disturbed hearts might desire.

Therefore, it is up to those of us who believe otherwise, who believe in compassion and generosity and justice and BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY. We must SHOUT OUT IN HONOR OF GOODNESS AND DECENCY. We must raise our gathered voices above the sounds of blaming and lying. WE MUST SET EXAMPLES OF OURSELVES.

This election is not just a test of our individual message; it's about our collective MORAL message. Please consider your precious right to vote with vast care and with deep intelligence. Please maintain an awareness that every single freedom we depend upon is at stake, including your very right to vote. IF YOU CHOOSE A THIRD PARTY YOU ARE HELPING HIM WIN. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO VOTE YOU ARE HELPING HIM WIN. If you want to fight for political reform, economic justice, and global equality, there are a myriad of ways to change the world for the better. But PLEASE don't waste this moment.


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Newly recorded for Audible, I'm reading this piece about going to visit Buchenwald with my father. It's about 17 minutes long, though The Trip itself felt in ways endless. (This took place in 1983, by the way. And the piece will be part of my first non-fiction book, SURVIVOR CAFE, coming out in Fall 2017 from Counterpoint Press.)

I have five free giveaways to offer to the first five people who comment below. Thank you for listening, and for sharing.

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Check out this great listen on In this poignant narrative, national best-selling novelist and acclaimed poet Elizabeth Rosner vividly describes a journey to Germany with her father, a survivor of the infamous Buchenwald concentration camp. Together, they navigate the complex territor...

If I can't be at Holland Lake Lodge, next best thing is teaching here... See link for details about fabulous lineup of faculty and speakers. Come join us!

Last week I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the magnificence of Missoula. Wish I could have made it out to Holland Lake Lodge too! But you will be seeing more of me there, I promise. Soon.

Very touched by this article about my father Carl H Rosner in today's news.

[...] he never felt like he was home until he arrived in the Capital Region. Because of the war, Rosner lost his opportunity to get an education and felt the loss acutely as a young adult. Rosner quickly learned Swedish and read voraciously to overcome the gaps in his formal schooling. Reading becam…
Because my bio refers to me as “novelist, poet and essayist,” I sometimes imagine you, My Inquisitive Reader, wondering how I dare to claim such vast territory. Or perhaps that’s your not-so-subtle…

If you've read ELECTRIC CITY, you will understand why I'm sharing this story ---- as if an alternative version of a scene from the novel. Life imitates art.

Elizabeth Rosner

Congrats & kudos to Karen Joy Fowler, whose brilliant novel WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES has been chosen for Seattle Reads 2016. Even if you don't live anywhere near Seattle, you are wildly encouraged to read this book. It will change your life.

Got a road trip? Gift for someone who loves being read to? Want to hear my voice in your ear? Here you go.

Upstate New York, at the confluence of the great Hudson River and its mighty tributary the Mohawk from this stunning landscape came the creation of a new world of science. In 1887, Thomas Edison moved his Edison Machine Works here and in 1892, it became the headquarters of a major manufacturing c...
Elizabeth Rosner

Holiday offerings for you, dear friends and fellow readers:
Your purchase of a new copy of ELECTRIC CITY (with receipt from your favorite bookseller) gets you ...a signed copy of either:

1. hardcover first edition of THE SPEED OF LIGHT
2. paperback of BLUE NUDE.

Please message me or email me for more details.

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