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Melvin Mah
· March 23, 2018
I have sent my car to Honda dealer to fix since last year November (Rm5k deposit paid) , til now lack of respond and very hard to get feedback from dealer, and also tried reach out to Honda Malaysia... on early this year but also lack of followup and no firm answer on when can get the car fixed. Everytime postpone the promised time to next month. Please, anyone can advice where else I can reach out for help if Honda Malaysia cannot solve this? Perhaps Honda Japan or any government department that I can lodge a complaint? See More
Wendy Yeo
· December 29, 2017
Keep on promoting year end discount car and pay for 1% deposit for booking for car allocation. after a month waiting still can't fulfill the booking. Honda, you should know how many cars you can produ...ce or open for such year end promotion... This reflect how poor is Honda planning and system in malaysia... pls improve it to gain back your customer satisfaction and sales... See More
Azizan Khalili Abdul Khalil
· August 14, 2017
Bought a brand new C-RV 1.5 AWD on 28/07/2017. Driving home, the driver's sun visor fell off.
After one week, dashboard & driver's door starts rattling.
Today, sent it for 1000km inspection at Honda B...otanic Klang. The silver lining on the passenger door running through the window & quarter window almost came off (they call it the weather strip). Obviously it's defective, yet they have to send report/request to HQ for replacement. What's the point of having a service manager if they can't even decide on a minor item like that.
What next? God knows! I'm really keeping my fingers crossed!

The car is so nice to drive, the handling & performance is indeed very good.
The assembly quality is very poor. Quality control, anyone from honda? PDI, what PDI?

Your assembly plant in Melaka needs a total revamp. I supposed it's not too far fetched to assume that discipline & commitment of the assembly plant staff is very lacking right now.
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Weng Kit
· August 23, 2017
Service center sucks. Crowded and slow. No urgency to attend car problem with warranty. Service guy inform to leave the car for 2-3 days, that is before even checking or looking at the problem. Honda ...thinks that all the owners have extra car at home to use. Knowing that you have achieve record sales and growing, where is the plan expand and improve your service center. What is the use of offering 5 years warranty? For normal service, also need to make 1 month advance booking. How do you expect owners to estimate the mileage for such s long duration. Potential buyers, please drop by and check the Honda service center before you confirm buying a Honda car. See More
Aida Omar
· February 21, 2018
Honda service center KB is not efficient. Wait approximately 6 hours for my car to be ready, yet the aircond at the waiting area was not cooled at all plus the coffee machine is not even work (claimed... under cleaning service) seriously for 6 hours??? See More
Ken Boon
· September 12, 2017
To : Managing Director and CEO Honda Malaysia and Management team,

Dear Sir/Madam,...

I would like to raise a complaint regards to my car Honda Civic (car plate no. WJD 8883), I sent in my car on 16th August 2017 to Honda Kah Motor Selayang to repair and the service center Mr. Ong told me that the repair need 10 days to complete and shall be deliver to me within 10 days. Nevertheless however, I have not receive and update from him about my car repair and delivery status. Nonetheless, I was follow up with him several times and he told me that today 12th Sept 2017 my car is ready to deliver, but when I reached to the service center the car was not ready and the repairman told me that the car will be ready by this Friday perhaps.

I was very disappointed and upset about the services, your service center and Mr. Ong. In additionally, it was more than 10 days and if it’s done by this Friday which will take 30 days instead of 10 days which was promised.

Please do understand that I’m a consumer that should have the right to know my car repair status and delivery status unlike the service center does not bother to serve me and update me.

Please note that we reserve the right to commence legal proceedings without further notice at which time we will seek to recover our costs and interest.

Best regards,
Chou Mai Chan / Ken
010 231 2333
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G Raja Ganesan
· May 27, 2017
Do you guys noticed that there are many complaints on the new cars sold in Malaysia. I guess as a consumer we should be compensated with the transport, fuel and time spent to send our cars for fault a...nd defect rectifications. This is not fair for the consumer that spent hard earned moneys to buy new cars and then spent time and money again to send the car to dealer again few times. Although it is covered under warranties, it does not make sense that consumers have to waste the time and money for this fault rectification.

I bought a brand new Honda Accord 2.4 October 2016. After few days there is a funny sound on the driver side windscreen whenever I wind down the window. So sent the car to Honda - 1 day gone.

After few months drove the car to cameroon. There was terrible wind noise on almost all the doors. - Sent to Honda....1 More day gone.

Today, after parking my car under small rain, water leaking near front windscreen. Water is leaking into interior cabin. Got an appointment to send the car on Monday 29 May 2017. 1 more day gone.

Also noticed that the paint coating on Honda is sooo thin. A small chip can cause the pain to peel off and u can see the undercoat.

And the weird thing is when I sent my car for 5K service, the Service Advisor is asking me to take the anti-rust package for RM500+ He told me that all the new Honda cars does not come with antirust and he recommended me to do it the soonest possible.

I very seldom use the car and it is always parked under cover. Only done 5000km so far. Already have some many problems. I guess Honda is only eyeing quantity nowadays and does not care about the quality anymore

Is this the quality we get for spending RM172.000.00
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Levi's Alan
· September 9, 2017
Honda is no more selling quality now?! I got my Civic 1.8 one month ago problems as below,
1. Body Gapssss
2. Door trim rubber always jump out to welcome passengers in and out....
3. Drive shaft noise and vibrating. Free way exist.
4. Dashboard suspect got "tikus", rattling.
5. Still searching out.
Suck...wonder Japanese company is walking down trend for quality?!

Honda suck!!! Heartbreak wit RM100K quality car!!!
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Nicole Theng
· February 13, 2018
I every feeling disappointed with Honda, every time oso have something problem and service center even appointment up to 1 month. �
JS Toh
· December 1, 2016
Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd: Your Customer Service people seems to care very little about after sales services when it comes to Honda car's manufacturing faults! Here's why:

Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd has ver...y poor after sales service as well as have little or no care about their customers' safety in mind once they have made the sales to you!!!
Here's why I have come to this conclusion:

In 2013, soon after I picked up my new Honda Civic, I noted my passenger seat side of the air bag indicator lights would often come on every time I have a passenger seated next to me - it doesn't matter my passengers' size, way of seating or how fidgety or still they stay in that seat, with or without the seat cover on it, the signal would come off to announce that the passenger seat's air bag has been disengaged!??!

I have since then, as early as from the second car service, have lodged my numerous concerns about the signal coming on. Each time the service centre have failed to identify the problem and address the fault properly. I have also written in twice to Honda Malaysia last year and this year to explain my concerns, but it does seems that my letters and concerns for my passengers' safety have fallen upon deaf ears or simply that Honda does not care about their customers' safety nor their car's reputation? Or do they think that their sales and marketing people are so good at 'selling' that they don't really care about after sales service reputation? Mind you, I have also recalled a friend of mine who also had a perpertually unresolved manufacturer's fault with his Honda which to date have yet to be resolved too!

A very dis-satisfied Honda Civic owner
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Shobah Atchitha Ramaiah
· February 2, 2017
Hi, I bought a Honda Jazz in May 2016,and in Jan 2017 whilst driving in the rain, the car's undercarriage dropped. I towed my car to the nearest service centre. Honda told me no warranty since its due... to external damage. My argument is it must be some screw loose else how come its so flimsy to drop off. I lodged a report at Honda HQ. They told me it is due to external impact and no manufacturing defect and so no warranty. I argued if a lose screw is it considered manufacturing defect? The case in closed. And have to bear the cost of repair my self. I just hit 11,000km at that point. Really flimsy and I don't know what investigation took place. Its their word against mine. Totally unhappy. Not going to recommend to anyone. I have driven a myvi and it is more solid than this car. See More
Cheong Soon Mee
· December 7, 2017
A brand new car , the fourth day experience... Unable to start ... Now waiting towing to send to Honda service centre .... Is it frequent problem happen in brand Honda ??
Jheeva Subramanian
· March 12, 2016
My wife bought a brand new Honda HRV in Nov 2015. In January 2016, whilst driving, the cover for the undercarriage dropped and almost cause an accident. The car only had 2,000 km on it at that point. ...
The car was towed to Honda Glenmarie where they told us that this issue is a wear and tear issue and that it is not covered under warranty!!

They then told my wife to drive the broken down car (they tied the cover!) to the Old Klang Road Honda service centre to check if they could do it without a charge. I can't believe they would get my wife to drive a broken down car. A simple call to the centre by the Glenmarie team would have been easier.

The Old Klang Road gave my wife the same answer of "wear and tear"!! I cannot accept the wear and tear answer as t is a brand new car.

When the car was finally fixed (4 days later), I went to pick the car up. To my amazement, they gave me the car without any ID check. I could have been anyone picking up the car. This shows extreme negligence from Honda.

I asked the Honda mechanic who fixed the car to confirm the cause of the issue and he said there could be 3 possibilities: -

- we met in an accident (to which I asked him to check the car and he confirmed that we did not as there were no scratches, dents or knocks)
- the screw was loose
- one of the screws could have been missing

As we did not meet with an accident, the 2 other reasons are clearly due to Honda's negligence. I could only assume that the issue was during the manufacturing line.
Since, it wasn't our fault, I do not understand why we are having to pay to repair the car?

I raised these issues as a complaint to the HQ and received a call after a week to say that the case was closed with no further explanation.

I was furious and personally went to the HQ to demand an answer.

I asked for the investigation report and was denied. I could only assume that no investigation was made!

The fact that I raised a concern about the potential QC issue with the car seems to be irrelevant as Honda made no attempt to check my car during the investigation and came to a conclusion that it is wear and tear.

Absolutely disgusting customer service from Honda!!! Expected more from a reputable brand!

I will be seeing you in court!!
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Michael Wong
· February 2, 2018
Bad service. ..I've been told my car needs 3 months to fix! Totally ridiculous!
KerChen Cheah
· July 19, 2017
I'm currently bought a car from Ban Hoe Seng Sdn Bhd under registration date 31/03/16, AKJ xxxx, Modern Steel Metalic color.
i sent my car to ipoh Honda Ban Hoe Seng for 1000km service on 14/4/2016, ...i informed the customer service on alignment matters.
So after the service everything was fine, no alignment problem. But after few days i found that there's something wrong with the car alignment again.
Below are the date i went for service
10,000 (24/08/16)
20,000 (12/12/16)
30,000 (07/04/17)
Every time when i went to service my car 10,000, 20,000 & 30,000 i did informed customer service there's break noise & alignment problem.
While i went to service for 10k & 20k they mentioned because of the dust on brake pads, so they already clear for me. But i still heard the break noise after service, i called to Ban Hoe Seng Service Centre the operator asked me "am i using my car everyday?". Im wondering which person will buy a car, leave it at home and walk to work?
So when comes to 30k service on 7/4/2017, i mentioned the same matter again, break noise, alignment and there's some noise from rear wheels.
So after they checked, Ms Yow Yet Ling from customer service called and told me that i sent my car to 3rd party workshop for alignment service before so maybe the person didnt rotate the wheels so now one of the wheel have uneven surface, and this is where the noise comes from.
I have never send my car to 3rd party workshop for service before, so Ms Yow argue with me saying that i did mentioned to her i sent my car to 3rd party workshop for alignment service. But i claimed that i have never send my car to 3rd part workshop. So Ms Yow changed her words saying that Ban Hoe Seng workshop never help me to do the alignment. And i never complaint about alignment matter before. Ms Yeow insist saying they never do the alignment. So i wondering. So after i talked with her she get mad saying that "she dont want to argue with me anymore". So i requested to talk with the assistant manager Mr Dominic. He found out that i actually complaint about the alignment matter during the 1000km service.
So he mentioned that maybe it is Goodyear's tyre problem. They need to investigate.
So i sent my car again on 18/4/17.
More than one month but still nobody revert to me on this matter. So i make a call on 16/6/17. Ms Yow said they already got the report. Rejected by Goodyear.
I requested to talk with Mr Dominic but he is not around, so i asked the operator leave him a message to call me back while he is available.
Another 30minutes gone, i called again. The same operator changed her words saying that Mr Dominic is now a assistant manager, he will not answer my call. So she passed the call to Ms Yow, i had double check the tyre's condition and get ready to write an email.
Not long after Mr Dominic called me to explain about the report from GoodYear.
Good Year defends that there's no problem from the tyre.
Honda defends accessories are all in good condition so it is good year's tyre problem.
So one thing he could do was help me to submit a complaint to Honda Warranty Department.
But failed.
I wonder why am i buying a car but there's so much of problem and nobody want to responsible for the tyre matter. I bought a car from Honda, not Good Year. Honda & Good Year claimed that this is not their fault. I hope Honda Malaysia can give me a well explanation on this!

Please be responsible!
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Jazlynn WK DK
· February 19, 2016
I first time bought Honda car, before that I was Toyota car loyalty.. Due to certain reason I bought honda city in June 2015. Until now, I only drive not even 8000km yet..but it gave me 3 difficult ex...perience & incidents whereby I couldn't start my car..!! I called toll free number xxxx 1177.. Technician came only jump start let u can drive home only.. Nothing can do much from them to check what's the problem of the car of battery or so on..they always ask me refer back to Honda service center to check further..! What's a hell, we bought new car we got to hv same hassle like driving second car that we need to spend time to check or repair just a brand new car we bought...!

Yesterday I had the 3rd time bad experience that the car can not be started again, due to battery problem again!... I wonder what sort of battery Honda give for a brand new car?... Such fragile, giving drivers hassle & inconvenience all the times. To my observation, the problems for this car should be related to key sensor that only press button to start the car engine & battery quality!!!.....

## Wondering Honda car really can be trusted in future to be the first choice selection among consumers in the market high competition nowadays?????.......
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David Tang
· December 25, 2015
Honda malaysia. Please look more on your service. Other that do so much function. I owning a honda city 2014 july the first day i get car. I having unnormal sound dashboard, door, driver seat, seat. I send to kampung raja to do service. But did not solve after few day. Until now also not solve and keep ask me to leave the car for few week. Replace even gear box on this october for 1 month. From the 1st day i ask for replace a new car. But not allow to. But never solve my problem. Until now i feel like driving a amatuer made car. I made many complain on service center. But no respond at all. I now will complain to japan and also comsumer. I doubt tat honda is juz sell car but without warranty. Then you shoupd told us all no warranty for car. I hope tat you will respond me asap. My car no PLR 7991. Im mr tang. See More
Jason Loh
· February 20, 2018
Salesman/girls always ignored the consumer instantly looking for a car
Tan Gian-Luen
· August 27, 2015
Everyone knows the recent airbag faulty issue that killed several people already! It is a timebomb for the models affected n my 2 Hondas; Accord n CRV are affected. I'm so afraid for my wife n myself ...when we drive our cars because it's been proven a fatal hazard. My CRV i hv been sent the letter to replace the airbag issue FOC. I went to a Honda Dealer Service Ctr in JB on June 15th '15 n was told no airbag parts available for my CRV model n that the guy wd order from Honda Msia. He promised it'll take abt 1mth to come. Today as I write tis it's Aug 28th '15 n that's 2mths & 2wks already and I bet still going to wait and nothing will change!!! No one cares n no follow up also. On the same day when I sent my CRV in I checked and was told that my Accord was also affected by the airbag issue. So, I called Honda Msia asking for the official letter to be sent to me because if not they won't entertain replacing the defect. The lady who handled my case told me to submit my Car Grant copy by email (which she provided) and they will then send me my official letter. I sent the email attaching my copy of Grant and waited patiently. 1mth after still no letter. So, I emailed and called wanting to know my status. Someone emailed me saying that the email address I sent is NEVER monitored so, do resend but this time must login to official Honda website. WORST!! That website can't even send email n cannot attached my Grant copy. I resent to the previous initial email stating my displeasure because I was told to send to that email to process my airbag defects letter. Again, was told off that that email rarely anyone monitors. So, I gave the person a piece off my mind. Why initially ask me to send there when you know that email is useless to consumers!! Passing the buck from one fella to the next. My Honda experience is terrible. Never again buying Honda. From Customer Service to Service Ctr etc. Shame on you Honda. U showcase wonderful claims of best in class but ur after sales service sucks!! Mind you my family's safety is at risk. Already there's global proof that your airbag defects has caused several deaths. And you are taking tis issue lightly... Wait till you get many law suits up your ass then you will take notice. I fear for my life n my wife's lives. Let tis message be heard and proof that if something untoward happens to us because of your negligence..., we will definitely take up the case against you. As it is our lives driving your car is enough of a case as it's a timebomb waiting to occur... See More
Kenny Teoh
· April 19, 2017
I played a servis center phone no one to listen to, some phone number changed, two weeks hit when he said the second week can make an appointment to do the car, after he said my 10000km after a few da...ys, he skip me Of the 1000km, she also said johor is not he a kah motor sevis center See More
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The 2012 Honda Civic is not only the clear class-leader—-it comes with engineering and capabilities that would put more expensive cars to shame. But its omnipresence may be off-putting for some.

Today launch!

Here's a little quickie: We finally got a chance to have a go at the latest Civic in Thailand and with the addition of the ECON mode, reported weight reduction and i-MID - Intelligent Multi-Information Display - cluster, we can tell Honda is serious on cutting down fuel consumption - more than befor...

New Parts Warehouse, Official Opening today, at Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam

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New Melaka PDI. Construction in progress.

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