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Yarrow Magdalena
· January 25, 2016
I absolutely love Shawn`s work with all my heart! Having a whole bunch of her creations in my bedroom brings a sense of joy, peace and comfort. One of my favorites is the Plumera oil - it feels like a...pplying sunshine to my skin ♥ Her balms are truly wonderful too - I am a "heavy user" of creams and lotions and I have never felt as texture as soft and beautiful! See More
Amy Sebastian Rupp
· August 18, 2016
I received a few items as a gift and I loved them. The thoughtful message that was sent in my package really stirred my heart into action. I love the hair conditioning spray the best. It helped my dry... skin. Thank you for this! See More
Maile Melcher
· May 20, 2016
Certainly one of the greatest concoctions to have ever touched me physically. I am in love with Shawn's craft, and as an herbalist myself I can tell quality, and Shawn's EVERY craft is quality.

She the embodiment of an Ancient Kahuna with tales from the Heavens and knowledge of the deepest roots. Not to mention, she is such a humble, sweet, and gentle being to work with. I HIGHLY suggest everything is the shop, although what I keep coming back to are her Plant Spirit Ally Bundles. I am in love with her flower essences, as well as her body sprays and oh my goodness, her Love My Honey lip balm!! Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in Shawn's unique healing! See More
Fern Bird
· June 28, 2016
Absolutely amazing! From the packaging to the formulations of earth particles swirled with the magick alchemy of intent captured within scent! The visual aesthetics bring to mind my sweet memories of ...Hawaii & Shawns gorgeous spirit is a treasured connection beyond realms See More
Sandra Crawford
· July 6, 2016
Such beautiful products! I ordered a customs kit as a gift and Shawn worked with me to create something perfect for my someone special. Crafted with so much love and care! Thank you!!!
Malia Holmes
· March 23, 2017
My experience with Shawn's reading was truly magical. Her presence is clear, humble, honest, loving and balanced.�such a gift�
Cindi Westendorf
· June 8, 2015
Best service. Quick delivery and fabulous products. I'm a forever customer!
How do we renew and replenish our bodies and spirits, when so much outside of us has the power to deplete us? With life on social media, TV, movies, etc., we are exposed to various projections of what is expected of Womankind. Our views about a Woman’s role in society, home, the bedroom, in relationship, at work, and with herself are rapidly changing. Hibiscus Flower Spirit helps us to drop into our center, our heart, and connect authentically with ourselves, without the noise and distraction of the world projected outside of us. Our breath deepening, we shed the labels and break free from the standards, allowing a new wave of clarity to fill our sacred feminine space with vibrant and colorful light. With clarity, we understand our own essence, our own desires, and set forth on our own unique path. {Excerpt from Committing to Self Love~ Flower Spirit Blog } 👉🏼link in comments for more on this soft and generous flower and how to connect with a fun visualization👁✨🌺🆒🙌🏻
I felt inspired to smudge these pieces of petrified wood with Birch Tree Toner, so I went with it! . . . Petrified Wood, with quartz living inside rings of connection, ushers the light and grounds it into the body>>> awakening the wisdom of the ancestors living within the being 🔹⚡️(via Gem mystic @artsyfartz ) . . . Birch has been a new ally for me, grounds and uplifts spirits, and connects us to the wisdom of nature + stillness. (Tree Song Plant Spirit Magic via @heartgrownwild ) . . . The flame of the candle catches the little bits of rose and lavender, making this a really beautiful moment! (Stress Relief candle via @olivias.organics, let me tell ya, it works!, already halfway through!) Thanks for sharing your magic, Earth and Her Goddesses 💚
Tap for sound! To hear about some items that are for sale in my shop right now 󾬔. Also, look out later today for a special offering for today. Its kind of weird hearing what my voice sounds like. Anyone else find the sound of their voice on a recording slightly bizarre?! Lol! 󾁎✨󾁎. Wishing you a beautiful sunday! #plantlove #canna #rose #breastmassage #oils #nervepainrelief #goldenoil #turmeric #bodypowder #honestowl #herbalism 󾬍󾮗🏻

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