King Of The Road
Despite rumors to the contrary, the date of April 3, 2004, wasn't the day that the music died in Tempe. It was, however, when the plug was pulled on fabled Mill Avenue rock club Long Wong's, a tragic event that may have signaled the end of an era but wasn't...
Honey Bucket added 3 new photos to the album: Honey Swag — with Dan Frost.
August 15, 2014

Some HB tees.

Tis the season for costumery, and we mustn't forget the damned clowns!

Honey Bucket | Experimental | Tempe, AZ

When was the last time you listened to some delicious Honey Bucket tracks? No better time than now .. Stream it baby!

The Format: Well, the funk lives in the house of Honey Bucket. But so does hip-hop, trash lounge, and high-octane rock.

So many great experiences at Hollywood-Alley Arizona! What's your favorite memory?

The proprietors of Hollywood Alley dropped an atomic bombshell on Facebook page this afternoon, and its devastating news: The venerated...

Check out Justin's current luscious sonic casserole, Beat Panther .. it's so sick, the doctor wrote a referral to see a specialist.. yeah, way sick!

Dangerous 2pc fusing Ghettotech with French Electronic, House & DubStep.

From the "About" page, the bio (in case you have nothing better to do): Honey Bucket was formed in 1993 by Justin (Vocals), Bryan Stratman (Keyboards), Matt Vosburgh (Bass Guitar), and Jason Marlowe (Drums). In 1997 the group added Mike Durica (Turntables) and in 2001, added Ibo Rodriguez (Electric Guitar) to the line-up. Over the years, the band would professionally record 3 full length albums, 2 E.P. releases, 2 music videos and would complete numerous road tours throughout... the western U.S., in addition to feature performances in the cities of San Felipe and Rocky Point, Mexico and Vancouver, B.C. Over a span of 14+ years, the group enjoyed a vibrant and steady fan base, several corporate sponsors and a variety of media publicity, promotions and events. Honey Bucket defined a highly unique and energized form of music which would take many shapes of influence in a wide variety of genres over the years. By 2003, the band began to experience core changes in personnel, which would continue over the next 4 years; to include the addition of Jason Harding (Bass Guitar) as well as other artists filling openings for drummer and electric guitar. By 2007, the group would come to be disbanded after many exceptional final efforts by Justin and Bryan Stratman to exemplify the legacy that they were so integral a part in beginning the many years before. Today, Honey Bucket is widely revered as one of the most unique and diversely talented musical acts to have come out of the southwestern U.S. (most specifically Tempe, AZ and San Diego, CA) in the 1990's. No plans for the band to reunite are currently under consideration.

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Honey Bucket's "King Of The Road" music video (cut short and LOW quality)

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Honey Bucket at the Whiskey a Go Go in 2003 (cut short and LOW quality)

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"D gotta run gotta welcome to tha show, gotta thank all my friends from above and below" .. who can name the tune!

Honey Bucket added 5 new photos — with Matt Vosburgh.
Honey Bucket added 7 new photos to the album: HB @ Belly Up — with Matt Vosburgh and 2 others.

September 7th 2002

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September 8th 2002

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September 12th 2002