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Marcy Anderson
· December 26, 2013
So, I think I need to add to this old review of mine, because I'm so grateful for Steve's Hot Yoga. Steve has created a space that's beautiful, simple, welcoming and comforting; the community that's ...grown there is truly wonderful.

When I took my first class over a year ago, Steve gave me enough instruction so that I felt challenged; never so much that I felt intimidated. I am a person who feels nervous of new things, but I didn't at Steve's... he fosters a gentle and encouraging environment.

Steve himself is not for the faint of heart; he has no filters and he can be abrasive, BUT he is dead honest, kind, and so very knowledgeable. I, quite frankly, adore his teaching style and his wicked sense of humor, so much so that I couldn't imagine practicing anywhere else. Plus, there's the AC/DC.

That's my $.02.
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Betty Lynch
· July 17, 2014
Steve's Hot Yoga is an excellent studio in which to practice. Easy to find in a strip mall on highway 20. It's very clean compared to the carpeted studios and no funky odors. Steve is a former specialist. The heat is accurate and even ( especially compared to the local Bikram studio, which seems to run from cold to hot enough to boil your brain.) Steve is a natural at teaching hot yoga. Steve always exerts positive energy to his classes. Geez, I have to admire a guy who builds a business and studio from scratch. Always reasonably priced too. If you love hot yoga, then you'll love Steve and his studio! See More
Josh Ballou
· August 15, 2014
I have seen Steve's studio daily since it appeared on the east side and I went in with some listeners from my radio station and had my first Hot yoga experience, it was amazing. I wasn't able to do ev...erything but the environment was encouraging and positive. If you have ever been curious like me... check it out, Steve is a real down to earth guy who leads his class professionally and purposefully. See More
Lisa Clark
· July 20, 2014
I've been practicing yoga for 14 years now and I can honestly say Steve's yoga is one of my favorite. His dedication to yoga, his students and to me in particular has made my practice turn around for ...the best. His studio is clean, his teaching is accurate, precise and beyond helpful in every aspect of my life. When I'm home in Bend I always practice with him as he's fair too with pricing. Anybody needing yoga should goo there! How do I rate this 5 stars and beyond:)?Xx See More
Aaron Myhra
· August 4, 2014
I had always wanted to try hot yoga but for a blue collar mans man I wasn't sure it was the environment for me. The atmosphere here is straight forward and to the point no burning nag chompa and monks plus Steve makes it so affordable you don't have to labor over the decision to give it a try. Hot Yoga is not for the weak at heart. It is demanding both physically & mentally but the rewards are HUGE! See More
Brittaine Hunter
· September 5, 2013
I have been doing Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga since the young age of 5, thanks to my wonderful mother. This past year I was intrigued when I found out about Hot Yoga and had to try it! I had heard things about Steve’s Hot Yoga through the grapevine and was curious to see if it was for me. So, I brought a friend along for a week trial and we both loved it! Steve is very personable and a great mentor, no matter if it’s your first or 100th time. With my past involvement doing similar platforms of exercise and core training, I would absolutely say Hot Yoga has been the most beneficial. Every time I leave Steve’s Hot Yoga I feel refreshed, I can feel the endorphins upsurge along with my disposition, my skin feels super soft, blemishes clear up, water weight extracted (hello ladies, we all need this), and the list goes on and on! Your body is your temple; I encourage you to explore new involvements that will take you to a new realm of getting to know thyself. Namaste :) See More
Kimberlee Greenway Carnell
· July 16, 2014
As a student I love the yoga atmosphere Steves studio has, the air flow is the best in any studio I've ever practiced in and I've practiced across the us... He is an awesome teacher,a serious instruct...or and loving leader ......As a teacher I love the yoga atmosphere STEVE has created and the air quality is the best so guess you could say I love this studio ..... I highly recommend checking this studio out you'll be happy you did ..... See More
Rob Rastovich
· September 11, 2014
Without question Steve's Hot Yoga has transformed my life... I've gone from barely able to touch my knees to palms flat on the floor!... and the medical benefits are amazing... energy, reduced blood p...ressure, an overall general feeling of well-being, and a constant feeling of peace during the day-to-day stresses of life... don't hesitate... start today! See More
Mickey Wolfgang
· September 6, 2014
Steve is the perfect example of dedication, love, discipline and excellence to the practice. He is not only a great teacher but a great life guide. Never a dull moment with this guy. Just go and take ...his class and you will know what I am refering to. I can't wait to take his class again for fun and for also good guidance. Thanks Steve! See More
Misha Marie Knea
· December 16, 2014
Over the years I have practiced at numerous studios with amazing instructors... I moved to Bend Oregon one year ago and found Steves Hot Yoga through my best friend Terri! I have learned more from while practicing at his studio in just a year... His price is more than reasonable and he is so excited to begin his new adventure at his new location near the Old Mill!!! See More
Morgan McNamara
· August 4, 2014
This is as close as you can get to a love-hate relationship. It is horribly hot, horribly difficult, and horribly addicting... sounds like an abusive relationship, but supposedly it is good for you. S...teve, you drive me crazy. Keep up the good work! See More
Jaclyn Smith Ferguson
· August 5, 2014
Steve is a wonderful teacher. Of all the ways to try and stay fit in today's world why not do something that has been around for centuries and is good for your whole body from inside out. Thank-you ...Steve for providing such a great place to do HOT YOGA! See More
Jackie Vance
· August 3, 2014
I am getting back into yoga after having my daughter, and this class feels so good. The students are all shapes and sizes and it's a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. The heat allows me to really loo...sen up and get into those tight places. Steve's classes are an invigorating challenge. I feel more alive when I leave. See More
Sam Rottum
· September 19, 2014
OK I went to hot yoga with my beautiful wife corrina and I must admit I did not know what to expect since my girl invited me I thought why not...Firstly thanks corrina!and definitely thanks to Steve t...his was a great workout it is difficult but worth it Steve or as I think Dennis hopper runs a tight ship difficult class for the lumbering giant that is me, aside from my excesse of body hair and the occasional arm bumping because of my freakish wingspan it was awesome I think any man should challenge him self to Steve class and if you are like me and work or worked in the trades this class will make your job easier so fellas step up See More
Nancy Henriksen
· July 19, 2014
Steve's desire to help people through yoga is enough for me to support his studio. Go take a few classes. The physical health benefits are some of the side effects of the amazing mental benefits achie...ved. So go detox the body and mind at Steve's Hot Yoga! See More
Lacey Ashley
· August 5, 2013
If you've never done hot yoga, go to Steve!! If you've done Bikram, go to Steve's!!!!!! He's a great teacher and very knowledgeable in all the positions. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but don't be... afraid to be quiet, listen and accept instructions. All skill levels are accepted and assisted at Steve's Hot Yoga but paying attention and observing is key! Plus, there's no carpet!!!! Yay, no sweaty gross wet carpet!!! Bring a towel, a water bottle and a mat and enjoy! See More
Brenda Mancuso
· July 17, 2014
Thanks so much to Steve's Hot Yoga for adding the extra yardage onto my golf swing! I was having such stiff back problems that I was able to work out through Hot Yoga and now i feel amazing! Thanks much Steve!! Now, if I can find the time to get there more. I'm trying!! See More
Patricia Antoni
· July 22, 2014
I would love to visit this studio as I am sure it is awesome because Steve is awesome. I can't wait to take his class again and at his studio one day. He is dedicated and passionate and his classes ar...e enjoyable and fun. See More
Candice Harris
· August 6, 2015
Very intimate class, Steve is one passionate yogi who really believes in correct form and pushing your boundaries to the max. Definitely a one of a kind experience! Left feeling light as a feather
Vanessa MacDonald
· August 12, 2014
I'm new at yoga and Steve has taken the time to teach me and encourage me to do better each class having had back surgery I was very scared but Steve has helped me and continues to do so! Thank you!
Another short piece of the interview on KPOV 88.9 from Monday. It's called the Spine Strengthening Series. Healthy spine equals happy life, my teacher always said!
You know you want it
Still time for you to make the nine am class.

“How I got kicked out of Yoga”
In this chapter I want to share a video I recorded while on the road teaching Bikram Yoga. This is the summer of 2012, I was traveling back and forth from Napa to here in the video, Santa Barbara. I rarely went to the beach because the hippie hide out up here in the SB mountains was way nicer, I’d roll up a big joint and lay outside on that deck till the 🌟 ⭐️ surrounded me. Can you imagine the life? Work was going down to Santa Barbara Yoga to teach the likes of Billy Baldwin and the local hobnobs. Sometimes I wouldn’t have a place to stay and I would sneak into the yoga studio storage room after the Amtrak would drop me off. I would pile up old yoga mats on the floor, one time I was awoken by the Mission Linen delivery guy dropping a hundred clean towels.
I try not to think about the dirty sweat soaked ones he was hauling out of that little room, at my feet.
Shit I look hung over. . .

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A short tour of a place I've stayed while traveling and teaching


Long hair swing’n middle finger in the air. . . That’s why they call me, Cowboy.


Thanks for messaging me about what's happening.
Thanks to Oregon's Cannabis Industry I'm working for the largest indoor LED farm in Bend, just pick up the 5ths bend bulletin, we made the front page thanks to #jeffsessions
The studio should be kicking ass by the time you really got to get that paddle board body, happy new you

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If you are here you are lucky, you won’t have to go back... far

Before I became a “Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher I had to go to Teacher Training....
Unlike my teachers and directors, I attended the second largest BYTT, ever.
In the year 2011 Bikram drew nearly 900 people at $11,000 to LA to become “certified “ my class was the smaller of two, about 400 people from 40 countries, some did not speak nor understand English but after nine intensive weeks they too would have a diploma, and “certified to teach in English”??? What. Well since EVERYONE had to memorize the Dialogue in English it worked, they still did not know what they were saying but because we all did exactly the same fucking thing every time it works. They go back to Japan and teach in Japanese and all is good.

So it’s legendary. All Bikram teachers have been there at least once to participate and many return to observe.
One at a time, with Bikram perched on his little orange throne surrounded tightly by the four hundred we sat and watched all forms of pain, joy, laughter, tears, disgust, frustration and love love love.
Bikram has a magic power of being able to draw out what ever one needs made public. It works both ways unfortunately for him. He spent most of our lectures telling us how he was going to help the California Prison System, I think he is running from that system today, but he wanted to take yoga to hard time criminals and help to rebuild lives, because “a healthy spine equals a healthy life” Sweetheart can you rub your gurus neck?
We HAD to walk up introduce ourselves, state to who our studio director was, basically pay some homage to your mighty Master Director back home, he kicked me out remember?
My birthday day was to be during HELL WEEK, so I strategically planned how to deliver my on stage demonstration before Bikram of the first pose “half moon pose” one side, English everybody. And classically denied, I was next to go up and do the thing we do, give my thought about a thousand times in two days pre-statement and say the pose when Bikram called it for the afternoon.

A break to go do Bikram Yoga in the worlds largest hot room and the worlds hottest hot room, I had one more chance to do this on my birthday but all knowing Bman cancels the evening performance of to “kill yourselves” denied.

There are many reasons why I was kicked of my home studio. Most centered around the close friendships with teachers in the studio the 17 months I practiced there.
Understand I was in that hot room more than once a day, everyday for 17 straight months. There are not 600 days in that time but I was booted out on class number 601.
You can be addicted to anything.

Wait till you hear about the day I showed up to the $11,000 TEACHER TRAINING with 2g, how do you think that turned out?

Yoga Steve

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HOW I GOT KICKED OUT OF YOGA, a true story, by Steven Landry

“Good morning everyone, my name is Steven Landry and I’m going to be your yoga teacher “

There was a time I could not say that. I wasn’t a yoga teacher, yet.

...Continue Reading
Steve's Hot Yoga updated their cover photo.
January 5
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You shouldn't have let me out.
You should have let me in.



screaming for vengeance

Exposing your lies, you Hypocrites

My dog is in this fight,

Yoga Steve

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Hey the studio is getting new flooring so doing something else today. #activated #herbandcreamcheese

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We are a private, limited membership hot yoga studio for Bend area locals only and their guests.
Please call or text Steve for class times available.

REGULARS PLEASE NOTE: I'm not using the online Schedulicity app now, please text me to sign up for class.

Many good times teaching in the last four years in Bend. Nine of the best months was teaching Teri, she had her baby about two weeks after these photos were taken.

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Sign up for tomorrow's 4:20 hot yoga class today.
See you at 4:20 on Sunday, be ready to get sweaty.
The Saturday morning class is now Sunday at 4:20pm
You are invited to join
Please come ready to take class, a mat,towel and water....
Lots of free parking near the studio, then mosey on up to the hot room where we will let the crazy little Indian lead our cosmic adventure
It's not a question.
It is a Yoga class you are invited to check out!
#highonyoga #420yoga #oregonyoga
#downtownbend #visitbend #northwestcrossing #bendoregon #pnw #pnwoutdoorwomen #pdx #sanfrancisco #seattle #portland #centraloregon #bendliving #visitpnw #portlandia #oregon #dispensary #recreationalmarijuana #disturbingtheforce
#bikrambend #bikramyogabend #oldmilldistrict

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See you at 5:30 today

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No 4:20 hot yoga class on Sunday.
I'm heading to the THC Fair in Salem to represent my HVAC business.
See you Tuesday!

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Hot Yoga 4:20 today
Nice @cat_lieb and @nikkomiyatake . See you later @cathyfreyberg , @ssloan541 join us

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Willy Wonka would love being in the #420 #hotyoga and so will you $10 tomorrow but first you should stop by @highgradeorganics or @dr._jollys or @bloom_well Or or neighbor just up Wall St @oregrowninc and pick up a #recreationalmarijuana #cannabis treat and get #bikramyoga baked.

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