When Robin learns that Barney never asked her father's permission before proposing, she insists that he seek his approval before announcing their engagement....

Our review of "Splitsville" will be postd soon!

When Robin is hesitant to break up with Nick, Barney takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall are desperate for some private time on th...

Bad news... #Fox decided to cancel #TheGoodwinGames, created by Thomas and Bays before it even aired... Booo Fox!

Happy Halloween everyone! How many Slutty Pumpkins or Hanging Chads out there?? #HIMYM

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Since tonight was an unexpected rerun(due to Sandy) lets enjoy"The Yellow Umbrella" by @ericbaymusic #HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother - The Autumn of Break-Ups (Preview): #HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother - The Autumn of Break-Ups (Sneak Peek): #HIMYM

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Preparing for Halloween, HIMYM-style.
(Major props to Brittany Hester and Zach Wallace.)

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Eric Bay

Yay! YouTube finally unfroze the viewcount on 'The Yellow Umbrella' video (apparently they froze it because it was getting an unusually high amount of views compared to my other videos - can't complain about that!) Anyway, now it's unfrozen it's now had 4000 views - thanks so much!