How the hell do I add a new admin to this page??

Loving the new Timeline!!!!



Who likes Facebook's new photo viewer?

Hi guys,

Don't like the new timeline?
Check this!…/how-to-disable-timeline-and-get-bac…/

how to get rid of your Timeline feature and get back your old Facebook back. To use this post you must have already enabled the timeline feature on your Facebook profile.

So who's enjoying the FB timeline?

Go to Google and search 'Let it snow'

Has anyone got the new FB Timeline yet? Wish they would hurry up it sounds cool...

Hey everyone. No Spamo, but free laptop giveaway!

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Good luck!

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Share this page, fuck the new chat!!

I wonder who thinks up these stupid FB changes that no one likes!?!

Facebook won't listen no matter how much we complain! Share this page and let everyone get the old chat back the way we want it!!

THE NEW FB CHAT SUCKS. Glad I got rid of it