let's all move to Finland yall

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I gave in and bought a token
*twitch twitch*


The HughesNet decided to break on my computer, so I can get on facebook only. They won't fix it and somehow my download allowance manages to run out when no one's on the internet. Hmm.

You would think that HughesNet would try to make up for screwing me over my NOT making me wait on hold for 20 minutes...

Happy 2:49 in the morning.
Thanks HughesNet.

So according to the teenage girl in the HughesNet commercial, Gen4 is perfect for downloading music and watching videos.

Ah, the epitome of bullshit.

This page is the textbook definition of "first world problems".

Sitting on the couch watching television with the family, and suddenly a HughesNet commercial pops up.
I swear, all of us said bullshit at the same time.

HughesNet SUCKS!!! updated their cover photo.
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My entire internet has been lost because of the tiniest amount of rain. Upon calling HughesNet, they said that there was nothing they could do and that I had to wait for it to reconnect. It has been two days. I have officially lost all hope.

God I hate this.
I just feel bad for those guys that try to watch porn.

Okay, speaking of torrenting music...
Share favorite groups anyone?

I don't know how many people are aware, but from 2 a.m to 7, you have unlimited download access.
Thus torrenting a shit load of music.

The ultimate dream.

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Greetings world. Fairly new admin here. My current lack of internet (thanks to the o so great HughesNet) is preventing me from googling a cheesy admin name.
So you may call me anything.

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I would like to announce that a new admin will be taking over for me in my place. It was fun being admin of this page, but I am sure the new admin will be just fine.

Well, I've never actually "handed over" a facebook page before. I have edited admin statuses on other pages, but only a couple times. I am honestly stuck here, I'm having trouble with adding someone as admin. It seems to only want a "specific email address." I can't even remove myself yet (I understand that someone has to run it, or else delete it). I can't even find certain people in the "like" list". If anyone can help me out, that would be appreciated.