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Wendy Neuman
· February 20, 2018
We can't say enough about Jan and her staff. She was always willing to answer questions and very patient with us getting down there due to weather hold ups. We have our darling little Max now and he... has quickly become one of the family. We knew how much Jan and her staff love the animals that they have taken in from some horrible situations. God Bless you Jan and staff for all that you do for our furry little friends. ♥ See More
Trish Sullivan Taylor
· January 31, 2018
The negative reviews I see here come as a huge surprise to me. My email was answered right away, I chatted with Jan on Facebook and had my phone call answered as well! Such wonderful staff and volunte...ers that work (and work and work) there! They made my adoption process so pleasant. Our puppy is settling in nicely and is a great addition to our family. See More
Michelle Hammond
· March 10, 2018
Fabulous team of caring people who work so hard for the animals in their care! Highly recommend finding your newest family member here. They know each of the dogs personally and can assist you in fi...nding a great fit for your situation. Second hand pets make first class family ❤️ See More
Lexis Lindquist
· December 13, 2017
When i lost my dog. You guys were completely JUDGEMENTAL and RUDE to me about it. Specifically the older lady behind the desk in her office. She accused me of mistreating my dog (bc he was terrified f...rom being lost) and was very disrespectful to me.. Then, when i went down the road to what i believe is the pound? Where he was. It was absolutely disgusting! Smells like a porter potty.. They do not let the dogs outside. And they make them urinate and poop, in the kennels where they sleep! My dog did not urinate the entire time he was in there, and peed for 5 minutes straight, once we got home :( yet they were worried about ME mistreating my poor baby.. What a sick joke. Thanks for keeping him safe, but that's the only positive thing i have to say. See More
Greg Dodd
· September 21, 2017
Trying to find a red heeler you guys sent us this picture we ask for more pictures to get a better look at it explaining where five and a half hours each way to come see you guys you said you cannot p...rovide any more pictures totally ridiculous with the phones even your worker had a phone said he apologized for what happened to us today we drove all the way up there to find out it is a pitbull not there's anything wrong with the Pitbull but we are looking for a Red Heeler with red heeler attitudes even the walk and the design of that dog is a pitbull your work or even knows that the way someone's day and gas money of 11 to 12 hours in a car to come rescue a dog is totally ridiculous on you guys you give rescues a bad name shame on you See More
Jaclyn Chrzanowski
· February 24, 2018
We emailed an application about a golden at this shelter and received a prompt response. We were invited to come see him and decided to take him home. It’s very clear that the staff loves these dogs a...nd want them to find loving homes. We are so thankful for our Remi (was Larry)! See More
Autumn Rurka
· February 8, 2018
Very nice people... Got a kitty from them and took less then 24 hours for us to take her home.. Thank you! We love our new fur baby
Jacquelynn Wyant
· June 24, 2017
seriously the worst place you can attempt to adopt from. place is not well kept and is dirty, staff is ok but whoever is in charge is horrible! tried to adopt a dog I fell absolutely in love with just... to find out almost 2 months later that I got denied because they didn't agree with my vet clinic. complete BS place. I would like to add that I called at least 3 times every single week and NEVER got a call in return though I was told I would get a call back very shortly. don't adopt from here. Wish this place would get shut down personally.... or new staff. See More
Desiree Hoff
· July 30, 2017
I love this shelter. I adopted 2 of my 3 babies from here and would do it all over again. My two dogs I adopted from this shelter were better taken care of then the one I adopted from a fostering comp...any. Although she had a bad foster that other company in Coldwater is just as great. When the time comes I'll be back to adopt from here again. Everyone that truly loves animals and spends time getting to know the staff and the owner know the love they have for these animals. I know I have been blessed to know you guys. ��� See More
Roxanne Fogel Kaufman
· December 29, 2017
The employees are amazing and really care about the animals and the community ♥
Myra Kerby
· December 13, 2017
Compassionate friendly people and nice facility. I'm very grateful for my new pet! Thanks!
Annette Pfeifer
· March 6, 2018
Thank You for taking my son's puppy today. I know Duramax our 7 month old beautiful male Blue Heeler and Coon Hound Mix is in good hands ;-)
Tammy Clark Hard
· September 10, 2015
What a huge disappointment! Our dog died of cancer approximately five years ago. I am disabled and was looking for a companion. Went to the shelter, found a nice dog. Next day I went back and said tha...t I wanted to adopt that dog. She told me that he was being treated for heartworm and was already adopted. So, I asked about another dog and she was adopted too. So I asked if I could go look at them again and if any were already adopted. So, I found a third dog and asked if I could walk him. He wasn't trained but was very smart. I told the lady that I would like to adopt him. She sighed heavily and said that she has a board of commissioners meeting at 10:30. I asked if I could fill out an application. She reluctantly agreed. When I handed in my application, she told me that it would take her a day to review it. Later, my husband got home and I wanted him to meet the dog that I wanted. We went back to the shelter and he really liked the dog. We talked to the lady and she said that she had questions about the application. I had left the veterinarian blank because we didn't have any animals. She said that she needed a veterinarian so she could ask three questions. Was your dog spayed or neutered, we're they up to date with their heartworm, and did they have yearly checkups. I reiterated that our last dog passed away five years ago of cancer. I explained that she was spayed, heartwormed, and up to date with her check ups. She said, I see that you are going to keep the dog inside. I said yes. She asked what we were going to do about outside. I said he would be on a leash and that we owned 47 acres. She said that she didn't like my amswer. Well, needless to say, six days later they have never called us back. How dare you judge me. Your number one job is to keep those dogs, safe, healthy, and above all adopted out to a good home. I sit here with my new Austin - Jack puppy on my lap sleeping. Trying to be thankful that even though my experience with the shelter was sad, without it I wouldn't have this great puppy. The shelter had a lot of wonderful volunteer dog walkers and staff. Even though the facility is newer, it sure could use a thorough cleaning. See More
Sarah Hannon-Frazee
· March 26, 2016
We have been wanting a pug for quite some time, but really wanted to rescue! When we saw Holly on their Facebook page we immediately went to see her! During her stay she got a little sick and Jan stay...ed with our girl all night to make sure she was okay! Jan, and all of the staff, was great! They answered all of or questions (even when it was just us calling to check on our girl) and truly have a passion for what they do! Holly is the perfect little addition to our family! See More
Camille Marie
· February 6, 2016
Almost 3 years ago my significant other and I took our 1yr old special needs son who has Muscular Dystrophy to pick out a puppy for his birthday. This was the puppy we were going to train as a special... needs dog for my son. We picked out a black lab mix puppy, filled out the application, went home and set everything up for our newest addition. A few days later we picked up our pup and brought her home. A few days later we noticed she had a weird skin irritation around her eyes and ears and she walked a little weird so we took her to the vet and he diagnosed it as mange and said it was common for Shelter animals to get it and that she already had signs of double hip displasia. We scheduled her for a mange dip and went home with glucosamine pills for her hips. The next week we took her to the vet for her dip and she had a horrible reaction to it. By time we called the vet back they were closed so we took her to a different vet who treated her and kept her for 3 days on iv antibiotics. He also did an xray and told us her hips were way worse than the original vet thought and that she would need hip replacements soon. I called back the humane society and explained what happened and that we had already spent a great deal of money on the puppy but with our sons medical situation we couldn't afford to pay for the hip replacements. She talked and treated me like I was a criminal who neglected the dog until I brought in all the vet bills and proved it wasn't anything we did and the vet notes even stated she was a dog of poor breeding and poor genes. She apologized and said the humane society would fundraise for her surgery and then she would give us the dog back. We even came to a fundraiser and came to visit the dog at the shelter. They used my sons disability and the fact that the dog was going to a little boy with special needs to help raise funds. (You might remember the article in the paper about the puppy named Jade) after using my son's disability to raise the funds the puppy got the surgery. We went to the humane society to visit the puppy and even learned the rehab exercises for when we took the dog home. A week later the lady called us and let us know the puppy was ready to leave. I was busy in the hospital with my son so I couldn't get back to her right away. A few days later when I called back she told us the dog had been adopted out to someone else. Needless to say my son was heartbroken and we were out tons of money (including our 200 adoption fee) and we still had no dog. See More
Stacey Metzger
· August 27, 2017
This place isnt very helpful the people who run this isnt very nice and very rude they turn animals away without even trying to help or offer any other suggestions. Horrible Horrible!
Heather Faggion
· October 19, 2015
Almost two years ago, I paid a $200 adoption fee for an 8-week old puppy. When I came to pick her up two days later, the humane society had apparently "mistakenly" given that dog away to someone else.... When I was given the choice to adopt another dog that the woman was holding, I very honestly told the her that I wanted the dog I paid for, the puppy she showed me was THROWN to the other lady next to her. Something inside me said "save that puppy from this place." So, I took the sickly puppy home. After $400 of round worm, tapeworm, and intestinal parasite treatment, I now have the best dog in the world. I'm not happy with this place at all, but at least I got my little girl out of it. See More
Pamela Bushouse
· May 11, 2017
Does ANYONE there answer e-mails or return phone calls? My moms application was approved to adopt Carmel over 3 weeks ago. Some Michelle person was her foster mom and she called saying Carmel had to... have a final heart worm check and that she would call the following Saturday about meeting and adopting her. Her phone number was accidentally deleted, and Michelle never had the courtesy to call back....we waited all weekend. I have sent 2 or 3 unanswered e-mails to your shelter and left messages on your phone.....nothing. I see she is still up on Petfinder. If Michelle does not want to part with the dog, then please take her off Petfinder and have the decency to call the person who wants to give her a fantastic forever home and be straight up about it! My mom still has not found a dog that she wanted as much as Carmel, and is still waiting. What a huge disappointment the whole experience has been! See More
Betsy Scicluna-Bell
· March 27, 2017
Your hours suck. Your Google hours are different than what is posted here. In the 8 months I've been with my bf who lives there, we haven't been able to visit your animal. Also, we showed up on a Sat...urday when you are open "untill 4pm" and was told by a worker you are only open from 11am to noon? Weird. Lansing humane society all the way! See More
Jason N Angela Mayer
· February 5, 2016
We had a stray dog left at our home. They were very helpful in getting the dog to their shelter, ensuring the dog was picked up ok and kept us updated on his whole status through adoption. In the, when it is time to adopt we will come here! What a great animal shelter this small community has! See More
Penny and Frosty
Here is a video of Solomon...........He has alot of company today. He hates being in the kennel at the shelter but he sure loved it every time I got him out when someone came to visit him!!!
Sophie, Toby, Cathy, Noah ect

The Sunday story is Moe! Moe came from the cruelty case but you never saw him listed for a good reason. I wanted to adopt Moe myself. The day we rescued these dogs, all of our crates were full and we were ready to leave when i heard someone shout there were more dogs.....I got Moe and he road on the passenger side of my car. When he was first in his kennel at the shelter, he nose was in the corner. I loved him. He learned to trust and love. I got an email from this couple and i knew it was selfish of me to keep Moe. I take the sick dogs. The dogs that need a liitle extra....I'm so glad for Moe. He is an amazing boy and I'm sure he is doing well. God bless you and your new family Moe!!!

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We are so thankful for this hero!!! Brian Wrobel does the polar plunge every year to raise money for the shelter!!! Thank you to everyone that donated to help him raise over $700!!!!

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Help raise money for Humane Society of Branch County.