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What 2 do when it's 2 hot?
Insulate with paint !!
That's why we're putting our Amazon 2 gallon package on sale for 22% off for, you guessed it, 2 weeks!!…/…/ref=nav_ya_signin…

HY-TECH ceramic insulating paint additive is a fine, white powder blend of high strength ceramic "microspheres". Each single ceramic microsphere is so small that it looks to the naked eye as if it is a single grain of flour, (slightly thicker than a human hair). When mixed into paint the painted ...

Today, the first shipment for our exclusive agreement with the United Nations went out. Headed to a medical supply warehouse in Zambia. Currently they have a 37.6% loss of supplies due to spoilage caused by excess heat. It's calculated that this will drop to less than a 2% loss in the future, due to the building being insulated with our paint.
Our technology has always reduced utility bills and increased comfort. Now, it may very well help save lives.
This was the vision of our founder, and we are fortunate enough to be living that dream every day.

We love our happy customers !!
"Love this stuff! Keeps very chilly apartment at least 10 degrees warmer on the coldest day."
Lower energy more comfortable....simply by painting!

Our ceramic coatings are great for more than just buildings.
Check out this spectacular success story!!…/hy-tech-insulation-and-s…

Yes....NASA Spinoff magazine is VERY cool.…/nasas-spinoff-coolest-magazine-youv…

We're fond of the 2003 edition....because we were in it!!


We are true NASA technology.....the one and only Real Deal saving people money and making them more comfortable for 20 years!

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There's a periodical dedicated to finding space technology in everyday items, and all 40 issues are now available online for free.

Hotel had ordered 1 gallon of our Acousti-Coat to see if sound deadening paint works. Shipping them 500 gallons today. Guess it worked

Reduce sound through walls and ceilings with Acousti Coat, a sound deadening latex paint which provides inexpensive sound deadening insulation properties to Sound studios, home theater, condo walls, party walls and more. Hy-Tech Acoustical sound dampening flat latex paint coating.

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This summer is intense. We can make it better.
Barrier Coat in the attic. Roof Guard on the roof. Ceramic additive in interior and exterior paint. We have options to ease the burden on your comfort level...and your wallet.

Coming soon......our new and improved website....with enhancements for phones and tablets!

Raw video of recent burn tests on our improved fire retardant.
This product is the Real Deal !!

This is raw, unedited footage of the first burn tests with our newly improved Flame Resist formula. The results were better than we ever could have imagined!...

We are proud to announce that our products are now available on AMAZON!
To celebrate this, we are offering our Facebook friends an exclusive discount! Purchase through our website shopping cart and input the coupon LAUNCH for a 15% discount. This offer is for the next week so NOW is the time to be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and save $$$ on your utility bills.

Recent study shows 90% of houses are under insulated. Is yours one? How much is it costing you year after year?
Now is the time to save money with the stroke of a brush. Pennies per square foot can save you thousands!

Nothing like starting the day with another testimonial!
Jonathan S. of the United States Air Force ordered again today and says "I use your additive in all my paint, and have always had fantastic results".
Energy and money savings....with just the stroke of a brush.

The perfect combination for hot OR cold climates!
Stop temperature transfer where it occurs the most ----- at the ceiling.
Hy-Tech's Barrier Coat radiant barrier coating topped with our ceramic concentrated Insulating Ceiling Paint will virtually eliminate heat or cold transfer.
Save money.....improve your comfort.....with the stroke of a brush!!

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We're proud to announce that our profile is now up and running on Houzz...."The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet".
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The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. Over 1,500,000 inspiring photos and 90,000 idea books from top designers around the world. Remodeling and decorating ideas and inspiration for designing your kitchen, bath, patio and mor...

What a difference a little bit of paint can do!
Hy-Tech's durable ceramic insulating paint products are what helped turn this old house into a money and energy saving machine! In the middle of the Florida summer heat, the electric bill has dropped to just $64 a month....all with just the stroke of a brush!

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Louis A. via Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions
I have it on my roof and now we don't have to run the A/C in the house.