Super Chuck Norris
Magician of the Year
United States' Economy in a Nutshell

Me know now we in gud hand. #politics #trump #science

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OMG this looks terrifying! #movies #cinema #lol

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This is why I've been thinking of applying for Mensa. #lego

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Dibs on "Satanic Toast" for a band name!

Originally run on the "Today" show, in May, 1984, this is my favorite thing ever shown on television. Enjoy. I send a shout-out to Richard Dominick, the inte...
Local SoundCloud Rapper, T-Iddy, shares his story growing up and becoming an MC in one of the suburb's most dangerous cul-de-sacs. Written and Created by SAH...

Stranger Things Ketchup.

#funny #wtf #strangerthings

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My girl says, "You never listen to me!"
I say, "It's hard to hear your voice over the TV!"
So pipe it down, babe
And grab me another brew
I know this one here ain't done,...
But I got enough hands for two.


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Got some fond memories of this place. Good times. #lol #funny #wtf

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When you leave the house never forget to tell your family you love them, because you never know when you might decide to just keep on driving... #lifetips