I Do. Do I? Interview on Bollywood Blvd.
I Do Do I (high res)
I Do. Do I? part 2 of 2 (Full Movie)

Please like our reddit post and help us bring it up so more people can see our film!. we really appreciate the support!

Check out our latest project. A serious drama about a boy who falls into the wrong life from unfortunate incidences that he faces growing up.

We are really proud of this project and won a Remy at the Houston World fest With this movie.

Hey guys.. The Street Soldiers Team wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! May this New Year bring you good health, wealth and happiness! Pursue your dreams,... work on what's passionate to you and remember nothing is impossible!!!

The Street Soldiers team is extremely proud of the success the movie has had in 2017 and now we want to share our work with all of you... Street Soldiers is now available on YouTube.

Street Soldiers Movie Link (Movie has not been Rated - Viewer Discretion is advised)

Check it out, let us know what you think and thanks for supporting Canadian independent film making.

We wish you all the best for 2018!!!

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