Makes even more sense coming from a child. ❤ Thanks for sending this Jason.
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The Dodo
7 hrs

When this couple spotted a sick stray dog near their house, he was skin and bones — and they COMPLETELY transformed him 💕

I can't believe people are STILL this stupid.

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Dublin SPCA
9 hrs


This is Ellie a tiny female puppy that is the product of an industry that has no morals or shame.
Today Ellie was brought to our shelter by a ve...ry upset lady who had innocently bought her online the day before.
Ellie’s breeders had said she was nine weeks old and that she was fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flead and microchipped but it turned out all to be untrue as Ellie’s new owner was about to find out.
Firstly, it was arranged that the breeder would travel with the pup to Dublin where the two party’s met up. (this is a classic con that leaves the buyer with no way of seeing the parents of the pup and the conditions they are kept in).
When the lady arrived at the meeting point she was met by two men who showed Ellie to her from the car. It was clear to the lady that Ellie was a lot younger than advertised but feeling intimidated and sorry for the tiny pup she went ahead with the purchase.
When Ellie was brought home she had worms coming from her bum, she also had blood in her poo, she could not eat and did not even drink water.
The following morning Ellie’s new owner realised that she had been tricked into buying this underage sick pup and decided for Ellie’s sake to bring her to the DSPCA for help.
Ellie is only 4-5 weeks old and needs a lot of vet care, she has now been surrendered over to the DSPCA and has a new foster family waiting for her today.
This has been a horrific experience for Ellie and her new owner and this is not to mention the other pups that are out there somewhere being bred and sold for pure profit with absolutely no regard for the welfare of the dogs or the emotional cost to the buyer.
It is most likely that the sellers have many other adult dogs that they breed from and no one knows what the living conditions are like for them or their pups.

If you are thinking of getting a new family dog, please do not be conned like this and do not become the unsuspected person who is fueling this industry.

Remember adopt don’t shop!

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"A team of rescuers were able to take the dogs home Tuesday night after saving them from puppy mills all throughout the Midwest.
The dogs are all receiving medical treatment and care the Timothy Center, a new veterinary and rehabilitation clinic in Peyton."

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Twenty-two dogs now have a chance at a new life thanks to National Mill Dog Rescue!

The dogs are all receiving medical treatment and care the Timothy Center, a new veterinary and rehabilitation clinic in Peyton.
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Corpus Christi Pets Alive added 4 new photos.

Located at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services 2626 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 361-826-4601, 4606, 4630

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Early this month we distributed "Love Like Harley" child-friendly Puppy Mill Awareness supplies to teachers at 105 schools (in 33 states) across the country. kit included activity sheets, stickers, bracelets, temporary tattoos, and mini-flyers. We've been receiving WONDERFUL FEEDBACK! Children are proud of their rescue dogs, they are learning to avoid pet stores that sell puppies, and they are educating their parents!

This fun campaign had the ability to educate at least 32,000 children and adults about the pet store/puppy mill connection. Kids are like sponges... they learn and retain information better than most adults. They love animals and they love sharing with their families what they have learned. If you're an educator, stay tuned for our next campaign to educate children.

Your tax-deductible donation of only $30 will allow us to send supplies to 100 elementary school students. Donate here:

#HarleysKids #HarleysDream #ENDpuppymills #LoveLikeHarley

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"I feel like it would be a good idea to share this with all of you. First off: I am a breeder. Or I guess I used to be one. I grew up in Belgium, and we always had German Shepherds. I had no siblings growing up so the dogs meant the world to me. We moved to the States when I was 19 and in my mid twenties I started looking for the right dogs to breed. I went back to Europe and brought two champion GSDs back for breeding. I have bred quite a few dogs over the past 20... years. I was always picky who I would give my dogs to and I know some of them were used for breeding as well. Now I would like to tell you that I just didn't know better back then, or that I had best intentions in mind. But truth is I made a big mistake. I never knew how full shelters are I never even knew that unwanted dogs are being killed. I did however slow down before I knew, my job wouldn't allow me to put as much time into the dogs as I wanted to. Yes I admit, I made good money with breeding, but I also had a real job to attend. It was when I went on facebook and joined a GSD fan page, that someone posted an urgent dog, a stunning purebred GSD, and he was scheduled to be killed. I couldn't believe it! Why? I contacted the person who left the post and she referred me to the shelter. I went the next day. I had to see with my own eyes that a purebred dog ends up in a shelter and that they would kill him for no reason. Fasting forward a little bid, I adopted him. There was just no way I would leave this amazing animal to such a fate. Everything changed that day. Everything. I researched shelters, statistics and came across countless breed specific rescues. Was I living on a different planet this whole time? How did I not know this was happening? Needless to say, my days as a breeder are over. I could never let my dogs have another litter without feeling that I contribute to this. How can anyone keep breeding dogs while the breed that you love so much gets killed every day? I love German Shepherds too much to watch them die. I regret that I didn't see this sooner, and I feel guilty. But I promised my dogs I will make up for it I am donating as much money as I can to rescues, and I try to sponsor every GSD I see that needs out of the shelter."

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Update: RESCUED! 😁

Please share to save their lives

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South Texas Shelter Dogs
23 hrs


LIGHTS OUT for these two smalls



These poor dogs are much too scared of the shelter to be handled by volunteers at this time. We do not have much information but are hoping to save them!
Chihuahua & Terrier mixes, about 15 pounds

--- WILL BE KILLED--they are scared, staff deemed them unadoptable---NEED IMMEDIATE RESCUE.

Located: Kingsville, TX outside Corpus Christi
FMI: (410) 608-2195

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WTF is wrong with breeders? Disgusting pieces of greedy $hit!
"Remmington cannot breathe, eat, sleep, see or do much of anything properly. He is in desperate need of multiple surgeries just to live a normal life, please help Remmy today."

BC SPCA Medical Emergencies are animals with urgent and often life threatening injuries. Donate today to save a life.
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Project Pets - Spay, Neuter, Love

This cage meets the standards of the USDA . The AKC supports commercial breeders who stack these cages one on top of the other like chicken crates. We can not understand why "responsible" breeders, or anyone else, would allow the AKC to support such misery.

I love doing this! 😁

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Spay and Neuter Awareness is in Sri Lanka.

When breeders and pet shops are so pathetic, that they sell puppies and kittens from Facebook profiles, not pages (to keep the costs even lower).., you can use ...your power to report them!

Go to the profile.
Report this profile
This profile represents a business or organisation
Submit to Facebook for Review

Thank you for reporting and being an amazing animal rescuer.

(Below is an account of a pet shop that keeps puppies and kittens and their mothers and fathers caged all day to be sold off to owners including irresponsible ones. In a country with no laws yet to protect these innocent purebred animals, we are glad that Facebook can stop them to a certain extent)

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Breeding more dogs in times like this is not just wrong, it's selfish and immoral.
#DontBuyFromBreeders #DoTheRightThing #AdoptDontShop #SaveALife

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Marina Tarashevska

4 Months old they cling to each other for comfort that is nowhere to be found. Hard concrete and cold steel walls are their entire world, no one is coming for ...them except a kill cart that rolls out 100 just like them DAILY to be murdered mercilessly.. they will’s just a matter of time.
The life of a stray is no life at all and they both realize the end is near. Non related, siblings either dead or still on the streets, barely old enough to be separated, they have given up.

Fosters are their only chance of survival, they are not alone. So many good dogs, beautiful dogs will never be given a chance without somewhere to go - Black plastic bags will separate them in death.

Apply to foster at:
Or donate to help pay for medical costs at:

Please help these two and many others that do not stand a chance.


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Dolores Menchaka


SADIE WAS DUMPED AFTER SHE HAD PUPPIES. SHE IS VERY URGENT. She has been there for 3 months now. She gets along with other dogs. NO cats.
She is available for rescues as well

Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age (approximate): 2 years
Sex Female
Available on:
(Subject to change) Nov 21, 2017
Rescue Date:
(Subject to change) Nov 30, 2017
Control Number: #I1285092

The shelter does not disclose updates to me after the dogs are no longer in their care. Please contact them for any INFORMATION and/or UPDATES. Adoptions have to be made in person. Potential adopters have to bring their other dogs (if any) for a meet and greet. Im only a net-worker therefore, i do not have pulling rights. I name the dogs for personal references, the shelter doesn't know those names so always make sure to ask for a dog by their control number not by their name to avoid confusion.

909 623-9777 —


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To breeders "animal rights" and "terrorism" is the same thing. Ever wonder why? 🤔

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Alice Chow added 10 photos and 4 videos — with Sarah Elrod and 6 others.

BIG thank yous to Mike Levitt, crew, Hallmark Channel USA, Petco Foundation, Linda Blair, Rick Springfield, Ross Mathews, Brandon McMillan, all the amazing resc...ues and dogs, our DTAR - Dream Team Angels Rescue amazing adopters Gabriela Levy, Jillian Eanniello, the DTAR fosters and supporters for attending the show, Betty, Maya, and everyone who supported the show and cause! This was such a successful celebration for dogs in rescue. Biggest thanks to my DTAR sisters Kari Lee, Mary P. Bell, Suzanna Ruiz, and Arnold Cozze for sacrificing so much for our rescue pups! Betty, Maya, and our pups represented shelter dogs so well! We are so proud of you pups!
💗 I hope it touches the hearts of those who have not adopted or fostered a shelter/rescue dog or cat yet.
Lots of laughing and crying...thank you again Mike and crew for working so hard to put on such a well made, creative, educational and celebration show about rescue dogs 💗 ALL rescued animals are winners ❤️💜💛💚💙🧡

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Urgent Dogs of Palm Valley

There are SO many puppies that rescues can’t keep up. This shelter is so overcrowded that dogs are euthanized by the dozens daily, puppies included.

Begging to ...find more rescues to assist.

Rescue only facility, where dozens are killed daily due to high intakes rates (125 per day). Please share to find rescue!

Location: Edinburg, TX
Weekly transport available to San Antonio

To become a partnered rescue with rights to pull, please visit and email the partnership application to

If inquiring about a specific dog, please include the animal ID.

It is very difficult to see these dogs in peril, but the workers at this shelter are doing everything possible to cooperate with us within the constraints they are under. If the shelter (and the people that work there) are being targeted for negative comments, we will no longer be able to help. Please do not attack this shelter on this page, or on any of our posts.

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California recently did and let's make sure New York is next! Sen. Michael Gianari introduced legislation last week that would not allow retail pet stores to se...ll animals that come from puppy mills. “With thousands of good animals in need of homes, there is no need for notorious puppy mills to supply pet stores,” Gianaris said in a statement.

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New York pet stores might have to stop selling animals that come from so-called puppy mills.