Poor Patches! The dog thinks it's a game.
A happy puppy is one with a Kong toy to chew.
A first person view of Pandora's loving gallop. As she gets bigger, it's becoming more terrifying,

I could briefly breathe through both nostrils. It was very exciting. #lifewithacold

Mental note: Don't rock in the rocking chair while on daytime cold meds. #sodizzy


On the bright side, I have some hot and sour soup coming my way.

I want to write something funny, but I'm busy thinking, "Hey, I can almost breathe from both nostrils! No, wait, false alarm." #lifewithacold

Well, I went out yesterday and partied til I dropped. Now I just have to deal with the “dropped” portion of the equation #spoonie #worthit

My brain decided to play “Hard Knock Life” on an endless loop. Send help.

Anyone else still haunted by the 3 seashells thing from Demolition Man?

When your cleaning supplies are dusty.

Did a task and realized I’d forgotten to put it on my to-do list. I immediately wrote it down just so that I could cross it off.

Hmmm I'd forgotten how much ankle weights rub.

When exercise hurts... the wallet:

Valentine's Day chocolate samplers are now 70% off. Great for the budget, terrible for the waistline.

Is FI/RE really a good goal?

Remote entry wouldn't unlock the car doors. Turns out new key fits in the ignition but not the door. Which is how I now know that I fit through the opening in the trunk behind the folding back seats.