Another productive Skype session. Twine J2D
Epic footage from the crowd thanks to my boy Toltex. This is my talons remix, everyone went off!!
Drum and Bass is alive in Orange County. ANDY C dropping the Noisia <3

*WARNING - Long announcement sappy post thing incoming*

Alright. So. Guess I'll just get right into it. After spending a lot of time deliberating on the subject, I've decided to end the I AM ROBOT project.

Ultimately, my passion for the project itself has diminished. Writing for I AM ROBOT started to become very forced, as I was putting immense pressure on myself to achieve certain goals. I ended up getting a terrific job in the music industry, and the necessity to make I A...M ROBOT a commercial success faded. With this freedom, I've been able to take a small sabbatical from writing music. I've realized my drive to continue I AM ROBOT wasn't born from a place of joy and expression as it was in the past. So... the decision became clear. Why continue? Don't get me wrong, this project has been one of the greatest experiences and growing opportunities of my life. I've met so many incredible people, and deeply fell in love with electronic music. But I'm ready for something new.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to those of you who have loved and supported this project. It's been a little over four years since I released "I Am The Robot" on HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDINGS and this little blog (at the time) posted it. Since then, you weirdos have developed into this small, awesome, dedicated, underground... dare I say "fan-base"? You've all been incredibly loving, inspiring, and receptive of my often-times eclectic music. To know I've brought a smile to even just one of your faces with my music is incredibly humbling.

Now, this does not mean I am done producing, or "retiring" so to speak. I've been writing and playing music since I was four years old, I doubt I'll ever stop. I have no idea what the new alias will be, or the kind of music it will be - but I can guarantee you that it will be fun, and something I am truly proud of.

Thanks again, robots. It's been a fucking blast.


P.S. I want to give an extra shout out and thank you to my parents, brothers, Shannon Shortee Bruno, Bobby Faust Bruno, Clark Robinson, Eduardo Nascimento, Jake Walters, PO fam (you know who you are), Aaron Fulmer, Kyle Robert, and Kevin Dresel. Thank you all for your input, investment, and the sacrifices you made to help me chase my dream.

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I Am The Robot
Plays from SoundCloud

Hey guys! My new release came out today! Big thanks to Nest HQ for the premiere. Go over to SoundCloud to stream it and support it from the links below!

Free Download:

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Back Music Treats Premiere: I AM ROBOT – Ambush Dem (rrotik Remix) 6 mins agoBy: Fan Fiction One of our favorite up and coming garage acts, the mysterious LA based rrotik, returns with a remix of I AM ROBOT‘s new “Ambush Dem” single. The new production will be rrotik’s second appearance on the Robot…

Little sneak peek of Ray Volpe's remix of Ambush Dem! Out this Monday on Robot Records. Be ready!

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Posted by Ray Volpe
Ray Volpe

Bringing back the 120 trap shit this Monday! #AmbushDem

Shouts to Lektrique for dropping Ray Volpe's remix of my new tune "Ambush Dem" in the KANNIBALEN RECORDS podcast today! Forthcoming on Robot Records September 28th! Link in the comments!

Ambush Dem EP. Available September 28th via Robot Records. Featuring remixes from rrotik and Ray Volpe. Already some crazy support on this one guys, stay tuned!

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Robot Records

New I AM ROBOT EP coming very soon. Including remixes from rrotik and Ray Volpe.

Prepare yourselves.

New EP on the way! Release date to be announced. Got some sexy remixes lined up on it too B)

Ayyyy 3k+ likes. Thanks facebook crew~

New tunage coming soon

Robots, if you haven't caught my latest remix yet, go check it out! We've garnered support from Nest HQ, EDM, wobblecraft, Daily Beat,, the list goes on and on. Oh and did I mention the release comes with a remix from Mr. Twine as well? Don't sleep on this one! Link in the comments!

My remix for rrotik is out today! Catch the new Robot Records EP for purchase or free DL. Tell me what you think robots

Free DL:
Voluntary purchase:

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Getting shouted out by Nest HQ is never a bad way to start the day.

Go sneak a listen to the new Robot Records release by rrotik. This dude is crazy good.

There’s not too much out there on emerging producer, rrotik, but let me give you the quick rundown. The shrouded producer lives in Los Angeles, gained support in the Garage/Bass/House scene for his debut (and only) production, “Woomp“, and this May 4th, will be releasing the followup EP, Want U Bad,…

Hey robots, tune into Rinse FM to hear my friend rrotik lay it down with Roska. His Robot Records EP is premiering tomorrow on Nest HQ, get ready!!

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses

Tonight 7pm LDN, 11am pdt, is Roska show on featuring a minimix from myself! I can't really describe how happy I am to be part of this. Thanks for the support err'one!!!!

New remix coming for the new Robot Records family member rrotik. You guys aren't prepared for this EP. Twine also killed his remix~

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Robot Records

We here at Robot Records are very proud to bring you our second family member's debut EP. This guy is poised to take over the scene. His music and vision are ph...enominal, and we can't wait to share this one with you on May 4th.

rrotik - Want U Bad EP, featuring remix support from I AM ROBOT and Twine.

Artwork by beeple and design by J2D

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Still holding it down in the charts after a month! I'm really grateful for all the support, I really didn't expect it considering the release was offered for free as well.

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I wonder who it is.....

Robot Records

Second release and the newest Robot Records family member being introduced soon - keep watch!