Putting it through a paper shredder, man this thing is indestructible!

I wish I could get it retaken next week.


Should use a sledge hammer on this thing.

This would be a better picture if it was under a pile of crap!

this would be a better picture if it were on fire.

would love to take this picture & shove it an abyss.

dog vomit looks better than my picture on my driver's licence.

the boogeyman looks better than this thing.

I hope I lose this thing so I can get another and HOPEFULLY take a better picture.

man if I get any uglier I'll need to be beaten.

I tried to shred broke the shredder.

may be I'm just fugly.

is I look like a zombie.

is I bet Betty White looks great in her photo!

it broke the shredder, this thing must be indestructible!

is not really surprised that the photo is so ugly that it actually stopped the volcano.

I wish I could drop this ID into a volcano.