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Love never see colour size shape.
One of the best beautiful example ...

Can you solve this???

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one of part of love is freindship

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share for good .

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Love and freindship are the two power have few people in life.dont loose it. 😍😊

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its depends upon u???

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feelings cant be analyse..

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A Cancer Patient's Last Request: Marry His One True Love. Watch The One-Of-A-Kind Love Story of Rowden and Leizel Early this year, Rowden and Leizel decided ...

what is love ?
a LOVE is relation between two people
which they really care and understand each other.
one of the best power in human world is also known as LOVE .
LOVE has a power of changing the life. in love people feel happiness feeling, care sadness .memories and has a power to joined the people .love doesn't see any colors shape or size. LOVE is an art, the main thing is understanding,if u understand the person whom u love.the relation will flow happily .love... is a cure for pain.pain can fulfill bye the medicine of love. the three magical words 'I LOVE U' can make a day happy
or night.there no definition for love .but love is very beautiful feel whom U LOVE......

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When I look into your eyes,
I see all I will ever need.
The woman I behold,
Just waiting to be freed.


Your face shows a beauty,
That overwhelms my desire.
Your courage and strength,
Are the things I admire.

The way that you love me
When we lie down at night,
Releases my hidden lust,
And calms my inward fright.

The taste of your soft skin,
Is so sweet to my lips.
I love the way you love me,
And the movement of your hips.

The thing I fear the most,
Is that you will go away.
So I enjoy every moment,
That I spend with you each day.

When I look into your eyes,
I see an angel from above.
You’re everything I want,
And the one that I love.

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I'll show you the deepest extents of my love,
I'll keep you safe, so let me take you, cover you, adore you, my love,
Let me make you happy until the end of days, my love
Let me make you smile, show you happiness in many different ways,
Let me wipe away any tear you ever shed,...
Let me cuddle you close every second in bed,
Then when time goes by, and you're still safe in my arms,
Let it be forever,
Let time mean nothing,
Always together.

I want you to feel every last piece of my love,
I want my love to be your home, my love,
I want you, all for my own, my love,
I want to guide you through all of your darkest days,
I want to wake up by your side and see you in a dreamy haze,
And when I walk all alone shedding tears in the rain,
When I'm feeling hurt, sad and in deep pain,
It's always you, who's shoulder upon I can lean,
It's always you, who shows me the light when none can be seen,
You changed my life beyond all recognition,
You showed me a love stronger than any jurisdiction,

So let me take your hand, as we walk into forever,
You and me,
Always together.

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