Do you believe in love?

Vas happenin? Any 1D Fans here? Aha!


people and things come and go but when they go and never come back ,, remember that you will visit them in your heart where they are Buried ;'(

It really hurts when someone you really trust just betrays you ..

2009 was good, 2010 is going to be better

HAPPY NEW YEAR !! ,, a new year gotta let go of the past even if u want back ;(

What goes around come's around all the way back around :")

Live your life!

facebook's new settings SUCKS!

have you ever lost a friend just because of misunderstanding?

when life puts you in a bad situation don't say why me, say TRY ME;)

its sad when people you know become people you knew...

People change.. Things go wrong.. Shit happens.. Life goes on!

dont we all want to get back to the old good days?