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Sorry if I offended you when I called you a bitch, I honestly thought you knew.. )

Ang pag ibig ko seu parang "BARIL"

Walang hang-GUN


" The BEST REVENGE is HAPPINESS, because nothing drives people crazier than seeing someone living a GOOD LIFE. "

Some people are REAL. Some people are GOOD. Some people are FAKE. And some people are REAL GOOD at being FAKE.

Ang problema ng mga taong INGGITERO AT INGGITERA, .
hindi marunong mag-appreciate kung anong meron sila.

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Shoot me with your words. Cut me with your eyes. Kill me with your hatefulness. But still, like air, I'll rise!

Before you go and criticize someone else, remember you have your own imperfections too.

My name must taste good, coz its always in somebody's mouth.

The more you HATE me. The STRONGER you make me. )))

People who like to judge and throw accusations are really trying hard to cover up their own issues and insecurities.

Dear haters, hate on this: I will continue to be happy no matter what petty things you do to try to stop me. Sincerely, still smiling.

Jealousy is ugly. Now I see where you get your looks from.