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Congrats to many of our state’s hammers who wrapped up their Folkstyle seasons @ USAW Folkstyle Nationals in Cedar Falls this weekend! As we head into Freestyle & Greco season I am sharing this interview I was lucky enough to get with Hanover Central grad & 3X IHSAA State Champ, Stevan Micic. Stevan just finished his sophomore year @ The University of Michigan where he picked up his first Big Ten Championship and 2nd All-American honors by placing 2nd at the NCAA Championships in Cleveland. In this vid he explains why he loves Freestyle and how it’s helped him become a better Folkstyle wrestler.
While many are taking the day off, our ISWA volunteers are putting in work to build a better organization. Here’s a video of who’s still plugged in after 2 hours.
Some Greco today.....
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Tracey Campbell
· March 11, 2018
Wondering why with over 90 girls participating why we have ONE mat... ONE. We paid to enter the same as the boys yet are being treated as less than. If you want to attract girls to this sport, this ce...rtainly is not the way. You have 20+ mats for the boys. And with ONE mat, all the parents of the girls are crammed in one spot trying to watch. Hopefully this is an oversight and will be rectified. Also, as a nurse, I find it upsetting you let any joe scmoe walk in the mat circle with street shoes. This will spread skin diseases and should not be allowed. I know it can be hard to control people but it should be well known and enforced not to walk anywhere in the circle. Just my two cents. See More
Sara Hylton
· March 12, 2018
This was our first experience at the ISWA tournament. The tournament itself ran smoothly. Yes there are always issues with referee calls but that is every sport. Another issue was people inside the... ropes talking to each other or their children blocking the view of others in the bleachers or standing in front of bkeachers. One referee was diligent at the beginning of making sure only wrestlers were in the area. Then he moved mats. I was able to ask people to sit or move but not without mean mugs or comments under their breath. Even if our children weren’t wrestling I would have liked to watch the other matches without so much attitude. Maybe signs on the poles to remind family they are obstructing view of others?
The part that could use work is the weigh in process. I know this must be difficult with so many competitors. However, Saturday’s weigh ins were over the top. The two female workers who screamed at the parents and children for “breaking into the building” were over the top. We were let inside at about 4:30. There were other people in line already. We followed the signs that were set up. And sat and waited for weigh ins to open up. No one was being rowdy or causing any problems. Then one of the female volunteer’s told the “crowd” to get outside and she was calling the police for backup. First, of all she induced mass chaos and panick. I understand they must have had a process setup in which weigh ins were to be conducted and it was messed up. The system needs to be able to improvise for things like this. You had a lot of angry parents that could have went south fast.
Thank you to all the volunteers and police that were on site and helpful to keep the matches moving.
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Kristi Reinhardt Moe
· March 12, 2018
My daughter wrestled Co-Ed and Girls this weekend and I want to let everyone know what a great experience we had on Sunday. The head table was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful. We were... on Mat 19 in the morning and the volunteers/ISWA officials in that section were so very helpful and fun! My daughter did not have a hair cover and each person around us helped her to find one in a short amount of time. They all were very supportive and encouraging to me-as a new wrestler mom-and to my daughter and those around us. The other parents were great! When my daughter didn't have a coach in her corner, other coaches and parents stepped up to help. When another girl was on the mat without a hair cover-we helped her out. The group of girls in our bracket were so fun and conversant! By the end of the girls tournament we had made new friends and had an experience like none other. It really made my daughter and I hopeful and excited for the future of girls wrestling in Indiana and for us, personally! I can't say enough positive things about the ISWA staff at this tournament. Great job! See More
Charady Danes Greene
· March 11, 2018
As I have read some of the reviews..... I would like to thank the volunteers for their time. It is appreciated. This was our first time at Nationals I did expect it to be way more organized tha...n it was. If you are going to combine everyone, it would have been much better to take care of that the night before and get it on track wrestling. That would have saved us at least 2 hours on Sunday morning... thus far!!!! We were here at 7:00am for an 8am match and he has yet to see the mat. His meet has been changed AT LEAST 4 times this am. I am not mad. I just wish you would have had it organized last night instead of waiting til EVERYONE Was here and then doing it. See More
Jason DeLois
· February 6, 2018
What a great organization full of volunteers and caring people throughout Indiana who sincerely care about the future of Indiana Wrestling!
Jeremy D Hines
· March 15, 2016
I don't understand all the negative on here. My sons have been ISWA members for years. The tournaments take a lot of time and effort for little to no reward. The ISWA is made up mostly of volunteers a...nd I think they do an outstanding job. We have never left a tournament wishing it would have been ran better. Sometimes my boys have done very well, and sometimes they have went 0-2. I wouldn't trade these opportunities for anything though. See More
Justin Josiah Ratliff
· March 10, 2015
We had a great experience at Kid's Folkstyle State this weekend. My son was excited to meet Jimmy Kennedy. I thought it was great that Jimmy, Chad Red, and Drew Lydy were there to hand out awards. ...This was like a reunion for our great wrestling community in Indiana. Thanks for all that you do for the wrestling community. Now on to Freestyle/Greco! See More
Dawn M. Sibo
· March 8, 2015
So very sad that so many refs are being hired by your organization that are so lacking in intelligence! One actually told a coach wrestling is a boys sport not for girls Discrimination for sure but h...e is still getting paid! See More