sorry for not posting latley ive been busy with my other project, but ill be making new shit soon:) in the mean time, check out my rap group DbC, were bout to drop a FREE MIXTAPE


off the green man ep but if u havent heard it, heres a new song haha

off the greenman EP click the link to download the whole EP for free ---->

just remixed Little Dragon's "Twice". Check it out and download it for free on soundcloud!…/little-dragon-twice-iglo0

My remix of Little Dragon's "Twice" FREE DOWNLOAD [:
by far my best song
DOWNLOAD IT BITCH Swag.Swag.Swag. Swag.Swag.Swag.

Check out this hot track from the RabbEye

my first song dont hate

new song featuring RaBBeye

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Free Album Tonight

according to john leal im on pandora?