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Nikki Danielle
· August 15, 2015
I have been using this product for several years, and I found that it is more comfortable, absorbent, and reliable than a standard pad. I am a college student and have to sit for long periods of time ...throughout classes, and I never experienced any type of leakage while wearing UndiePads and PantiePads. This is an excellent product, and I believe that all women should give these two products a try :) See More
Sara Peterson
· October 7, 2016
Love it!! The best period protection ever!! Makes that time of the month much easier!
Elena Goldstein
· June 25, 2015
The best thing for us ladies. Great protection when you need it and stylishly.
Raya Grinko-Berger
· August 15, 2015
Absolutely the best! It's about time we have a new more modern solution.
Arik Zorin
· February 22, 2017
Great idea! Women all over will appreciate a new product that actually works.
Vanessa Villarreal
· October 7, 2016
The best period protection undies ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandy Kalil
· January 17, 2014
The best product!!!!
No more Pads or Tampons. See why women are switching to UndiePads
Smart Women use UndiePads Disposable Period Panties for their protection. No leaks, No stains, No worry.
Disposable PERIOD PANTIES Best Protection Ever! No pads, No tampons, and No more ruined underwear󾍇

PantiePads is the First and Only Disposable Period Panties, named one of the best by - Allure

For every day of your flow.

Heavy Periods During Menopouse is Not Uncommon. Disposable period underwear provide 100% protection, comfort, convenience and peace of mind.

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Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period 👧🏼
Girls are often afraid of the different products they use for protection while menstruating. Pads come with the fear of not working or leaking, or just 'gross'. Tampons are terrifying to girls because they must insert something into their bodies. Period underwear is actually the least scariest and the most effective menstrual protection for a young girl experiencing her period for the first time.
It's important to teach your daughter that having a period is natural and a part of life. It's important to point out to her that all women get periods. Their friends, moms, teachers, doctors, singers, actors, women in space and women in jungles - they all get periods.
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Change happens between age 35-55 (bet you didn't know that)

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In the lead up to the menopause, known as the peri-menopause, many women experience changes to their normal menstrual cycle, including unusually heavy bleeding. This symptom is usually accompanied by irregular periods. A woman may go for several months without a period and then experience particularly heavy bleeding, or may find her periods coming thick and fast. The use of PantiePads Period Underwear during this time is extremely helpful, as it p...rovides women with superior protection and peace of mind.

Aside from the obvious inconvenience of this, heavy bleeding may also lead to further health problems, such as anaemia. This is when there is not a high enough level of iron in the body. This can lead to extreme exhaustion and weakness.

While many women suffer from heavy periods in the lead up to their menopause, it is important to remember that prolonged bleeding should be checked by your doctor. Bleeding for longer than 1 week per month is not healthy.
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If you’re heading toward menopause and you have more bleeding than usual, you are not alone. PantiePads Period Underwear make your life easier during this unpleasant time.

Visit the official North American Menopause Society (NAMS) blog, MenoPause, for the latest in menopause research, information and education on living with menopause and understanding menopause related symptoms.

🌴☀️Wearing white on vacation is a Must. Feel confident, Look beautiful, and trust UndiePads to keep you leak-free, stain-free and worry-free.

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Life has never been this easy.
Trust the Power of UndiePads!

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The Protection you need, the convenience you deserve. Reduce interruptions in your life! PantiePads Disposable Period Underwear is the smart choice for women who love life and don't want to be bothered with leaks and stains during their period. Feel Confident! Live Happy! Wear PantiePads💞

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Tired of the Leaks and Stains? See why more women are switching to PantiePads for best protection, comfort and convenience👩🏻

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Are you experiencing heavy flow during your period? UndiePads period underwear are designed to make those days of the month much easier.

All PMS wasn’t created equal.

Disposable Period Panties are the NEW ➡️ Go To for your best protection, comfort and convenience. Find out why Period Panties are taking over the feminine hygiene industry.

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UndiePads protect you from leaks and stains. To feel better during your period follow these easy 5 steps.

Treat. Yo. Self.

Do you get Cramps during your period? Yoga actually helps to relieve the pain and make you feel better.

Try this basic and gentle Hatha Yoga routine to rid the cramps, PMS, and aches that come along with your monthly cycle. Low energy routine to help you mainta...

Everyone is obsessed about PantiePads! Disposable period underwear with leak-proof protection.

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